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  Working With Annual Fund Reporting
How Advancement Services can Work Effectively with Annual Fund.

ToolboxOther Materials Used as Part of This Discussion

Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Data Request
Supportingadvancement.com Planned Giving Overview and Glossary
Sample Script for General Mailing

Supportingadvancement.com Also on the site: Fostering Communication Between Annual Fund and I.S.

Contributed by ...
Bryan Mack, Assistant Director of Advancement Services, Colorado School of Mines
Email AddressBryan has been the Assistant Director of Advancement Services since 1992.

Supportingadvancement.com Working With Annual Fund.
John Starritt, Director of Advancement Services, Colorado School of Mines
Email AddressJohn has been the Director of Advancement Services since 1992 and previously worked in the Annual Fund.

Supportingadvancement.com Favorite reports. Contributor of some of the favorite reports.

Supportingadvancement.com Sub-Reports. Saving yourself time and effort in report development by using sub-reports.
Supportingadvancement.com Working with Annual Fund
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