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Mainspring Media Communications Inc.
Web Sightings
The next frontier. Samples, analysis, additional materials.

Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Elements to include in an acceptable use policy for web features.

Advancement 2.0
How Institutional Advancement Must Evolve in our Internet-Based Society.
Podcast from a Presentation at the AASP Summit presented by David Lotz, Director of Higher Education, Convio. (WMA format.)

Advancement Intranet
Advancement/development is a complex business and your Intranet is the place for all of your policies procedures and other advancement related information.

Alumni Community
Presentation that's a good example of how to explain and market a new alumni community to your internal campus groups.
Bruce Rolston.

Alumni Web Sites
Alumni and friends web sites that your organization does not control.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeAnnual Report
Annual Report from the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Brian Dowling. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

ASP.Net, JavaScript, XML
For the developer, links to sites with web programming language references.

Augmented Reality
What is an example of augmented reality, and how might this apply to fundraising? A brief tour of the Virtual Sasquatch. Brian Dowling.

Balanced Web Strategy
When you are developing an online marketing strategy, it is important that you do not put all of your focus on just one aspect of creating your online presence. However, you must also strike a balance between putting all of your time and effort into one type of advertising or development and trying to be so diverse that your resources are spread too thin. Contributed by Sam Mauzy.

Beyond the Affinity Portal
Good article about the future of advancement online by Jolanne Stanton.

Broken Links and Other Errors
Broken links and other site errors and what to do to improve the user experience.

Internet Repositions BrandBuilding a Web Site
Development of a web site is a logical process, which should work through from such basic questions as who’s in charge/who’s paying/what is the nature of the audience/how do we attract the audience to the site, to complex questions of adding some of the "tomorrow" elements of technology ... after all the ducks are neatly in their row. Canadian FundRaiser.

Building Sustainable Communities
Building sustainable network communities through network building. Valdis Krebs.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeChallenge
The Spartan Challenge from Michigan State University. Brian Dowling. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

TicketPrinting.ComCharity Badge
charity badge is a small widget often including a picture, brief description of the organization, and link to where you can make a donation.
TicketPrinting.Com. 7 Tips for Making Your Charity Badge Successful.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeClimbing
Discussion of 3rd party events and web site for a mountain climbing theme.
Brian Dowling. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

Content Management
The External Web Site vs. the Internal Intranet and Integration/synergy between the two.

Content Publishing Matrix

Good example of setting up a publishing matrix to help track and manage how your web content will be deployed online. Provided by Aspiration.

Copyright and Privacy PolicyCopyright & Privacy Policy
Value of a copyright and privacy policy  and the need to update it regularly.

Creating a Strategic Online Plan
Steps in creating a strategic online plan.
Jolanne Stanton.

CMS Rollout
10 rules to make your content management rollout a success. Hilary Marsh.

Vendor product focused paper, but interesting new application for helping leverage online relationships and giving. 6 results annual giving teams are seeing from leveraging social networks.

E-communications and relationships.
Mike Westfall.

E-Philanthropy Strategy
It's important to have an overarching e-philanthropy strategy and plan. This piece has a number of summary steps that help for the basis of an integrated overall plan.
Brian Dowling.

Empowering Communities
Using Technology to Empower Communities.
Lynne Becker.

Canadian Fundraiser
The Final Step: Choosing a Distribution System
. Canadian FundRaiser.

Internet Repositions Brand
Readers must want to look at it as well as read it
. Canadian FundRaiser.

What can we learn from the “fund and friend-raising” practices of the Obama Campaign that raised more than $500 million in 21 months. Podcast from the AASP summit by Rich Mintz, Vice President, Strategy at Blue State Digital. (WMA format.)

ePhilanthropy Strategies
Strategies, results, analysis. John Taylor.

Fundraising and SEO
Creating a website and waiting for the cash to roll in will get you nowhere. Contributed by Sampson Mauszie from QuickSprout.

Canadian Fundraiser
Fundraising Widgits
Well, we’ve had buttons, we’ve had bracelets, we’ve had car magnets. Possibly the latest gimmick in nonprofits’ endless striving to catch donors’ imaginations and win their interest (and dollars) is the charity badge. Canadian FundRaiser.
SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeGood Giving Pages
Gonzaga University's giving site is a good example of clarity and simplicity to reinforce messaging with donors and prospects.
Brian Dowling. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

Google and BeyondGoogle and Beyond
Making the most of search engines for development research. Steven Hupp.

Google Trends Analysis
Analysis of data on searches available through Google Trends. Bruce Rolston.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTube
Grind for Kids
Overview of a good example of social media activities done by BC Children's Hospital.
Brian Dowling. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

I Am Fresno State
Example of a good integration of various social media sites and internal web site to create some excitement around a video contest. (WMV Video) Brian Dowling.

Improving ePhilanthropy
Presentation on how to implement a plan and integrate best practices into your philanthropy strategy. Class exercise used in presentation for critiquing an ePhilanthropy plan. Associated Podcast. Brian Dowling.

Internet Repositions BrandInternet Repositions
A sample of really innovative use of the Internet – both to raise funds and to amend the organization’s brand in the public 3minds.
Canadian FundRaiser.

Internet Strategy
Podcast on creating a comprehensive Internet strategy. Hosted by Don Philabaum from the Internet Strategies Group. Brian Dowling.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeJoin the PawPawty
PawPawty, the virtual party using Twitter and other Web 2.0 technology to raise money for animal welfare.
Brian Dowling.
More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

Some tips and tricks on leveraging advancement services on your Intranet.

Leveraging Facebook
The meteoric rise of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace has excited the interest of affinity marketing professionals with the prospect of marketing products, services and causes to these rapidly growing, highly targetable user bases. However, our research indicates this opportunity should be approached with guarded enthusiasm – especially when targeting audiences outside the core 18-25 year old demographic that has epitomized the adoption of these products. Further it is by no means the panacea for engaging an audience.

Internet Repositions Brand
Marketing Mix
Your Marketing Mix Needs a Web Site These Days. Canadian FundRaiser.

Micro Sites and Campaigns
Example of a good use of a micro site for a targeted annual giving campaign. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement on YouTube.

Millennial Give Back
An alma mater that continues to show its affinity to its alumni by providing valuable resources after graduation creates an environment that an alum simply cannot ignore. MyWorkster.Com.

Mobile Matters
Whitepaper from artezinteractive on fundraising success using mobile technology.

More Than What We Do
More than alumni, more than development, more than what we do now. Trends and what's new on the Internet.

Multi Channel Campaign
Invest in VCU. Good example of a multi-channel campaign incorporating social media, web sites and other collateral materials. Contributed by Michael P. Andrews, Director of Annual Giving Strategy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Brian DowlingNon Profits & Social Media
Presentation on how nonprofits are utilizing social media. Includes history, planning and numerous examples of engaging constituents. Revised version. Brian Dowling.

Once Is Not Enough
A presentation about syndicating content. Kennedy Kipps.

Online Donors
Who are our online donors? How are they different? Are online donors better givers, more generous and reliable—than other donors? A statistical analysis provides answers. Peter Wylie.

Online Donor Profiles
Paper from Blackbaud Analytics on the demographic profile of online donors.

Online Fundraising
Online Fundraising
As the New Year progresses, many organizations and nonprofits are evaluating their recent successes and the challenges ahead. Canadian FundRaiser.

TicketPrinting.ComOnline Fundraising
By tapping into cutting-edge online resources, your organization can achieve fundraising objectives that far exceed established boundaries. But what are these mysterious online tools and how do you put them to work for your organization? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. TicketPrinting.Com.

National Online PortalOnline Portal
Canada’s free national online charitable giving portal, is bringing new services to charities and their donors. Canadian FundRaiser.

Online Strategies
Online strategies to engage the unengaged.

Online Strategies
Synergy through service. Mike Westfall.

White papers and information on social network analysis and hierarchies.

Philanthropic Best Practices
Presentation from the CASE Online Strategies conference by Mike Westfall.

Philanthropy Timeline
A philanthropy timeline is a good way to help visitors to your site understand the context of philanthropy at your organization. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement on YouTube.

Portal Development Inventory
Simple questionnaire to help you analyze
your portal development strategy.

Powerful Language
How powerful electronic communications can drive online giving. Kennedy Kipps.

Power of e-Fundraising
Presentation on some aspects of e-fundraising. Additional
handout for presentation. Kennedy Kipps.

Read the Fine Print Carefully
How do you need to re-think the “fine print” when you purchase third party hosted services to build an online community? One often assumes, especially when having worked with “traditional” software such as your own CRM or similar that you’ll have some modicum of control over your data as you build your online community. Nothing may be further from the truth.
Brian Dowling.

Reading Between the Lines
During an era when readers can spot a fundraising pitch in an instant, your school’s best development communication could the least obvious one: the journalistically sound alumni magazine. Kennedy Kipps.

Brian DowlingRegistering a Domain
Registering a domain is one of the first steps in establishing your online brand presence. A domain is your online address that can be used for a wide variety of purposes - and it's never been easier to register yours. Brian Dowling.

Replacing/Sourcing Your Online Community
Difficult decision to make because of the complexity of the choices in the software. Two spreadsheets to help you: Initial Questions to Vendors, Detailed Features List.
Bruce Rolston.

Sample Web Forms
Tips and tricks on preparing web forms and a few sample web forms.

Save Our Scholarships
Review of the Save Our Scholarships online interactive campaign from Eastern Washington University. (WMV Video) Brian Dowling.

Search Engine Wars
Brief overview discussion on how various search engines perform. (WMV Video) Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.

TicketPrinting.ComSearch Optimization
Series on search engine optimization. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. TicketPrinting.Com.

Shifting Language
Presentation on Practical Content Strategies for the Web. MP3 of presentation. Brendan Dellandrea.

Social Networking
Presentation and podcast on creative ways of doing Social Networking and Media Sharing with many different examples and best practices of how you should be doing this. Brian Dowling.

Social Networking Part 1
Part 1 of a presentation on the use of social networking and web 2.0 to engage young alumni. Lots of examples.

Social Networking Part 2
Part 2 of a presentation on the use of social networking and web 2.0 to engage young alumni. Lots of examples.

Taming E-mail
Some tips and tricks for taming yours.

Useful Web Sites
Some sites to help you in develop your alumni and friends web presence.

New Web Technologies
Presentation on using new web technologies for both internal and external purposes to leverage both constituent engagement and internal processes. Associated Podcast. Brian Dowling.

Value Portal
Presentation on web strategies from the CASE Online Strategies Conference. Mike Westfall.

Web 2.0 Use Survey
What are you doing with web 2.0 survey results. Brian Dowling.

Web Promotion
Plan for promoting web site in alumni magazine. Annette Levitt.

Web 2.0, 3.0 and Beyond
Presentation and podcast with examples of what organizations are doing in the web 2.3, 3.0 and beyond environment. Brian Dowling.

Web 2.0, 3.0 and Social Networking
Presentation on Web 2.0, 3.0 and social networking with numerous examples.
Brian Dowling.

Web Responsibilities
Presentation on what you need to be responsible for knowing and doing on the web.
Brian Dowling.

Website Conversion Reporting
Your website is possibly your best advertising strategy for your business. Hopefully, your advertising campaigns and search engine results will bring web surfers straight to your site’s landing page. How do you know that your methods are working, though? Contributed by Sam Mauzy.

Web Strategies

mStoner's New Rules for Creating and Maintaining a Great Website. CASE Online Strategies conference. Michael Stoner.

Canadian FundRaiser - Winning Googlers'
Winning Googlers'
What every nonprofit that has stepped its  toes into the murky waters of online marketing/online fundraising wants is to be the top of mind response to every query input to Google (or Yahoo, MSN, or whatever).
Canadian FundRaiser.

Perceptions, myth and reality. Annual fund on the Internet. Mike Westfall.

Site ImprovementsSite Improvements

Alumni and Friends
Conceptual framework for improving your alumni and friends web presence.

Content Ideas
Some ideas for your web site content gleaned from visiting many other sites.

Rating Your Web Presence
What are some of the common elements that make your philanthropy web presence appropriate, effective and will help you to raise additional funds online? How do we determine what the best elements need to be and how they should work in concert with one another? This rating sheet can be used to review and score your web presence using common principles? Brian Dowling.

Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks for alumni and friends web site development.

Website Effectiveness
The role of donor relationships.
Sargeant Associates.
E-mail, broadcasts, newsletters ...
Best Practices: Compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act by Steve Hafner.

E-Broadcast PoliciesE-Broadcast Policies
Policies for broadcast email. Technical, editorial and privacy guidelines.

E-mail Use
Effective and professional email use.
Devin Mathias.

E-Mail PolicyE-mail Policy
Policy for mass e-mails to Alumni, Friends & Donors. Julie Goodlick.
E-mail Preferences
Survey results for alumni email preferences.
Julie Goodlick.

E-Mail Use PolicyE-mail Use Policy
Email your alumni - but not everybody
at once! Don Philabaum.

Canadian Fundraiser
One of the greatest challenges in eMail fundraising is poor open rates. The majority of donors who subscribe to eMail donor newsletters receive them but never open them. Canadian FundRaiser.
Canadian FundraiserE-newsletters
Get action - inspire e-mail readers to take the next step to the web site. Canadian FundRaiser.

E-newsletter Plan
Planning document for e-newsletter.
Julie Goodlick.

Value of Email
The value of collecting email addresses. Duane Jasper.
More resources @

CMS Matrix
Community service to everyone interested in managing web site content.

Higher Ed. Web Professionals
A strategic alliance of web professionals in NYS higher education.

Nonprofit Matrix
Online guide to commercial ASP and portal providers to the nonprofit community.

Pew Internet and American Life Project. Numerous reports on the Internet. Links, more ...
Salutations and Response Rates
Paper from Jerold Pearson and Roger A Levine on. Also 2001 paper.

Listserv for college and university webmasters.
  Online Communities, Social Networking Vendors
Supportingadvancement.com Affinity Circles
Supportingadvancement.com Alums Online
Supportingadvancement.com Blackbaud
Supportingadvancement.com Convio
Supportingadvancement.com DonorPerfect
Golden Parachute Inc.
Supportingadvancement.com Harris Connect
Supportingadvancement.com iModules
Supportingadvancement.com Publishing Concepts
Supportingadvancement.com YourMembership.com
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