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  Call Centre Revenue
Calling FloorThe University of Toronto's 60 station student calling centre.

The call centre is located in the basement of a hotel that the university purchased as an addition to student residences.

The hotel has about 1,000 students living in it so the call centre is in an ideal location in which recruit student callers. It was constructed in the former hotel cafeteria area.

The call centre will be in full operation 5-6 days per week and will be contacting over 300,000 alumni. It will also be used for surveys and has outbound and inbound calling capability.

Much more than just a telefund centre, it will be pivotal for contacting alumni for surveys, events and over time will also be integral to many more university outreach programs.

You can't underestimate the importance of key partnerships when setting up a call centre. The university worked closely with Bell Canada to implement the calling technology. News article.

Stay tuned! Additions to these pages in the future will include the centre in operation.

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