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  Transforming Advancement Services Potpourri

Transforming Advancement Services through Knowledge Management

Contributed by …
John Hostler Consultant, Grant Park Group
Email AddressJohn was the executive director of advancement services at Columbia College Chicago, the country’s largest and most diverse private arts and communications college, where he is currently spearheading a transformation of advancement services, research, and interdepartmental knowledge-sharing functions.

Previous to Columbia John worked at St. Bonaventure University where, as senior director of prospect research and advancement services, he rebuilt advancement support operations and led a large-scale database conversion. Prior to St. Bonaventure, John managed advancement and research support services at Jane Addams Hull House Association as director of development operations. His previous experience included development work in community radio as well as marketing and project management roles in the corporate sector. John holds an MBA from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and has completed class work toward a master’s degree in journalism at Indiana University.

Supportingadvancement.com Critical Issues in Development. Despite fundraisers’ cautious optimism, economic concerns and flat growth in gift making continue to cloud the philanthropic landscape. This stagnation presents monumental challenges to an industry grappling with accelerating change in constituent behaviour, information technology, and business practices. Over the next three to five years, strategies, tactics, and characteristics discussed herein will increasingly define and undergird successful nonprofit organizations.
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