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   Free resources for those supporting fundraising. Samples, white papers, best practices, job
    board and more. Sustained by your enthusiasm, expertise and contributions of content.


Job Postings

  Home Telemarketing and Telefund home. Revenue
Telemarketing and Telefund ...
Call CentreCall Center

Focus on the University of Toronto's 60 station calling center.

Plans, photos, training videos, policies,  plus additional telefund and call center materials from other organizations.

Call Center Information
Internal advertising of call center.
Liju Mathew.

Caller NewsletterCaller Newsletter
The Dial Tone Volume 1, Issue 6.
James Hofbauer.

Caller NewsletterCaller Newsletters
Good example of a caller newsletter that's been kept up and maintained. Many times these tend to fall by the wayside. Racer-Thon Gazette Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 4, Issue 5, Issue 6, Issue 7, Issue 8, Issue 9, Issue 10.
Jim Napier.

More caller newsletters. Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5. Robert Machovsky.

Caller Training Video
Training video for telemarketing staff. (PG 13)
Tim Regan. Adam Smith.

Calling All Callers
A case for analyzing call center data by one of the experts in data analysis.
Peter Wylie.

Cold Calling
Script writing workshop for calling techniques. Amber Pirtle.

Coaching Callers
Coaching and monitoring callers.
Jim Napier and Tyrome Yamaguchi.

Developing Supervisors
Tips and tricks on developing student supervisors. Devin Mathias.

Donor Evaluation of Telefund
Carnegie Mellon University
La Salle University
Springfield College
Donor Request for Information
Lawrence University

Evolution of Telefund
The Evolution of Telefunding and Technology.
Devin Mathias.

Improving Caller Retention
Staff retention is a good indicator of program quality. Albert Melfo.

Leveraging Penetration
Leveraging penetration within the call center.
Mike Westfall.

Manage Your Phonathon
Phonathon Bingo, Phonathon Caller Contract, Phonathon Confidentiality Agreement, Phonathon T-Shirt, Phonathon Training Manual, Phonathon Training Presentation, Student Caller Job Description. Jen Castellani.

Motivating Callers
How Making a Difference ... Makes a Difference. Interesting study done at the University of Michigan looking at training telefund staff in a way that improves performance. Adam Grant, PHD and Devin Mathias.

Non Donor Plan
The Power of Giving.
Oregon State University.

Phonathon in Tough Times
Numerous schools are facing an onslaught of economy-related objections in their calls, and that their callers are having a difficult time overcoming those reasons for not giving. Here are a couple of tips to help your callers overcome this objection. Jason Fisher.
More telefund.

Phonathon Incentive Letters
Phonathon letters asking local businesses for incentives 1, 2, 3, 4.

Phonathon Survival Guide
Everything to need to know about the phonathon. Amber Asbjornsen.

Phonathon T-Shirt
Sheri Hamiter.

Phone Tips
Phone tips for volunteers for successful fundraising. Broome Community College.

Reunion Guide
For staff and volunteers calling for reunion.
Donna Ancypa Holmes.

Student Caller Supervision
Keys to the successful supervision of
students. Howard Heevner.

Supervisor's Guidelines
Supervisor's Guidelines for Handling Staff Performance. Albert Melfo.

Telemarketing Services Vendors
Can be a cost effective way to do your telemarketing program.

Warm-Up Meetings
Tips and suggestions for pre-shift warm-up meetings. Albert Melfo.

Zone Evaluation
Zone evaluation form used for call monitoring provided by J. Travis Byrd from Radford University.

Telemarketing and Telefund

More resources ...
Annual FundAnnual Fund
Young Alumni, Reasons to Give, Direct Mail, Engaging Alumni ...
Annual Fund Job Postings

The next frontier in soliciting. Compelling cases with sound, music and photos.

E-mail broadcasts, newsletters.  Additional policies,  procedures, analysis and more are available on the Web Sightings page.

Hiring materials, caller & supervisor evaluations, staff policies, training manuals, incentives ...
Matching GiftsMatching Gifts
Best practices for matching gifts, matching gifts survey, matching gifts administration and more.

Samples of materials used in fundraising and advancement. 

Appeals, direct mail, scripts, telemarketing, parents, young alumni, senior class, thank you, reminders ...

Telemarketing and Telefund
Telemarketing & Telefund
Call Center Design, Training, Telefund Games,  Managing Callers ...
Telemarketing Jobs
BloggingMore revenue ...
On the blog.

Forms on the Sample Forms Page.
     Tally sheets, donor cards ...
Jobs on the Job Board.
Questions and answers on the FAQ.
Planning and calendars.
     Pyramids, operating plans ...
     Stewardship. Class Agents.
     Working Together ...

Reporting and Data Mining.
     Analyze and increase revenue ...
     Alumni relations, giving, matching
     gifts practices, reunion ...
American Marketing Association. Articles and reports, best practices, newsletters, more ...
Association of Internet Marketing and Sales. Archives with information on doing business online.
Capital Quest, Inc. Resources on campaign from start to finish including a guide for hiring consultants.
INC.com. Free newsletters, business tools, more ...
MarketingSherpa.com Marketing articles and resources.
Seth Godin: Marketing Guru. Email updates, blog.
Web Marketing Today. Wilson Internet Services. Q&A, extensive links, searchable database.

Affinity Marketing Programs
Igive.com % of purchases to charity.
Upromise % of purchases to college savings.
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