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ASP.Net, JavaScript, XML
For the developer, links to sites with web programming language references.

Banner Users List
A question that comes up periodically.
Thanks to Deborah Snyder for compiling.

Being an Evangelist
Strategies on being an advocate and evangelist for your system.

Blackbaud User Society
Forum for Raiser's Edge users. Peter Gulka, Database Administrator at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Blogs, Feeds, Trackbacks, Pings. Learn about these  terms. Steven Hupp.

Changing BI Economics
The changing economics of business intelligence. Robert Frances Group.

Closing the Fact Gap
The Intersection of Information, Action, and Accountability. Business Objects.

Credit Card Processing
In this article, we’ll try to demystify electronic payment technology and provide some useful guidance on avoiding pitfalls.

Data Backup Strategies
Data Backup Strategies
Strategies and how-to advice for backing up your data.

Database DenialDatabase Denial
Tips and techniques for more effective project management.

Data Warehouse
Building your advancement data warehouse, the foundation of all your reporting efforts.

Democracy and Responsibility
Security considerations given break-ins and compromises of higher-ed databases.

Brian DowlingEffective Technology Planning
As an organization develops a comprehensive and encompassing approach to technology, it is critical to understand the keys to effective strategic and operational technology planning. Brian Dowling.

Email Selection Questionnaire
Set of questions to help you decide on which email package to choose.

Events Software Selection
Two spreadsheets showing divisional needs vs. vendor offerings. Needs/desires is a result of interviews with stakeholders. The final list is a prioritised summary. Al Nausedas.

Brian DowlingFolder Structures
Good folder structure design is critical to helping you with your productivity. Brian Dowling. (WMV Video)

Brian DowlingFundraisers & Technology
Presentation from a webinar on the top 10 things that fundraisers should know about technology. Brian Dowling.

GIS and Data Mining
An experiment with results (We Hope!).
James Johannesson.

I.T. Strategic Plan
Although this IT plan is for an overall campus, there are a number of elements including the structure and format that can be utilized for more effective technology planning for advancement and development organizations.

Integrating Listserv
Integrating a listserv product into your advancement system. Mike Reopell.

iPhone Applications
The iPhone represents a “sea change” in how portable devices and applications enable an ecommerce experience in a way that has never been easier. You can download applications, iTunes and in the future, who knows….. Brian Dowling.
Keynote Podcast
Keynote speech from the AASP 2008 Summit by Sharon Burns.

Knowledge Management
Transforming advancement services through knowledge management. John Hostler.

Let's Do It - Part 1!
Successful project management, implementation and conversion strategies.

Let's Do It - Part 2!
Successful project management, implementation and conversion strategies.

Resource Assessment
Assessing information technology resources is increasingly necessary. Linda Fleit.

Mailing Lists are Best Served Fresh
It is important to remember a few things when sending out a mailing. Chris Waller.

Managing Scripts
A good strategy for managing your SQL scripts will increase your programming efficiency.

Brian DowlingNew Software, Business, Fun
Adobe recently released the next major version of its flagship products and they are now shipping. It is a suite where at the max - you’ll need to be familiar with (because of the radical cool new features) - at a minimum - you’ll need to be aware of so you can make decisions for your organizations. People will be asking questions. People will be wanting expensive upgrades.
Brian Dowling.

Bentz Whaley FlessnerPodcast
Scott Fendley talks with Brian Dowling, the Associate Vice President for Development Services at the University of Michigan, about trends in technology. From Bentz Whaley Flessner.

Pushing Technology
Presentation with some tips and tricks on moving technology forward in your shop.

Responding to RFPs
The flip side of submitting an RFP - How to respond to one. Learn how vendors work to make their responses appealing to the purchaser. Contributed by Susan Hodson-Sweeney

Sample Scripts
A number of example scripts that you can use to help build your data warehouse.

Brian DowlingSample User Training Survey
Sample of a training survey that can be sent to your user community to help prioritize training that a finance and information systems area would typically provide. Brian Dowling. More surveys.

Sample Web Forms
Tips and tricks on preparing web forms and a few sample web forms.

Data Backup Strategies
Presentation on practical approaches to securing constituent information. Cathy Spickard.

Protect your systems and  data with appropriate security procedures.

Security Survey
Questions to  evaluate your IT security infrastructure.

Seven Questions for your Data Mining EffortsSeven Questions
For your data mining efforts.
John Taylor and Jonathon Lindsey.

Shadow Databases
institutions need to be aware of shadow databases and how to resolve their use.

Brian DowlingSite Visit Checklist
Site visits are a very important component of a system replacement project. The checklist can be used to help structure these visits so time is productive. It helps to systematize the process so that you’re comparing “apples to apples” and asking the same questions at every organization you decide to visit. Brian Dowling.

Spreadsheet Tips & Tricks
Some tips and tricks for one of our most used reporting and analysis tools.

Strategic Plan
Strategic technology plan.
Susan Restad.

Brian DowlingTechnology Advisory Groups
Technology advisory groups are essential in helping to integrate people, planning and implementation for information systems and data management projects. Here’s an overview of some basic concepts, a suggested structure and a management approach for a group. Brian Dowling.

Technology CAN be Our Friend
Improving the use of technology in our
advancement operations
. John Ley

Technology in Fundraising
To keep your organization alive and in the forefront of your donors you may find yourself needing to reinvent your approach to fundraising. That’s where technology comes in to play. The Top Ten Ways Technology Can Help Your Organization. Blackbaud.

Training Newsletter
A Really Scary Hallowe'en Tale by the Librarian. Chris Waller.

Training Newsletter
The Xmas Newsletter that Wasn't.
Chris Waller.

Using a Consultant
Article with some tips and tricks on choosing a systems consultant to help with your data conversion efforts. Ron Coscia.

Vendors of software solutions supporting advancement and development.

Vendors Help Us
It's not easy to source new software. Vendors can make some simple improvements in how they work with us to help us make these decisions.
Brian Dowling. More Systems.

What's in a name?
Are donor dollars related to how long their names are? Peter B. Wylie.

Electronic Imaging

Imaging Overview

What's, how's and why's.

Document Management
Implementing document management systems.

Series on Electronic Imaging
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Ursula Shail.

Estimating space requirements for scanned documents. Thomas Tran.
Other sites with resources ...

Balanced Scorecard Institute
Metrics, key performance indicator score carding and resources.

Site for information executives with articles and other resources.

Advancing higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

Help Desk Institute
Global leader for the support industry. Surveys, papers, more ...

Dedicated to putting technology in the hands of nonprofits.

Vendors of software solutions supporting development.

Great site with many resources and good newsletter subscriptions on a variety of topics.

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