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  Shift Cancellation Policy Revenue
Shift cancellations don’t usually happen that often, but are always subject to your human resources policies, and in some cases a collective bargaining agreement.

Be sure you have adequate processes in place to let callers know well enough in advance of a cancellation.

You want to a policy that covers all of the organization’s policies and procedures, but at the same time, put some of the onus on your callers to check ahead to make sure the shift is still on. Your policy should also be clearly articulated and easy to understand.

Sample Policy Wording

From time to time it may become necessary for regularly scheduled shifts to be canceled.

When this happens, all callers will be notified via email at our earliest convenience.

Every attempt to contact callers at  least 2 hours prior to the regularly scheduled shift time will be made.

It is important that callers check their email prior to coming in for a  shift as it is extremely difficult to make phone contact with each person in the event of shift cancellations.

In the event that callers are not notified within 2 hours of the start of their shift they will be reimbursed for 1.5 hours of the canceled shift.
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