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Content Contributors

   Free resources for those supporting fundraising. Samples, white papers, best practices, job
    board and more. Sustained by your enthusiasm, expertise and contributions of content.


Job Postings

  Samples Revenue
Ongoing Appeal for Samples ...

Help grow  this library by emailing your samples. Include explanations and add a brief line 2-3 bio if you want to be listed as a contributor to the site. Thanks.

 Supportingadvancement.com Additional Gift
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff
 Supportingadvancement.com First Time Donors
 Supportingadvancement.com Gift-in-Kind
 Supportingadvancement.com In Memory
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion
 Supportingadvancement.com Standard

  Supportingadvancement.com Great Acknowledgement Swaps
     Hundreds of pages of letters compiled by
     Lynne Wester. Additional
     resources - Donor Relations Guru Website.

 Supportingadvancement.com Over 600 acknowledgement letters.

 Supportingadvancement.com The Great Acknowledgment Swap 2.
  Supportingadvancement.com Healthcare, Higher Education a-d, e-l, m-r,
     s-t, u-z, Nonprofit

 Supportingadvancement.com Advertisements. Music, Science.
    Donna Ancypa Holmes.

Supportingadvancement.com  Activities, Equipment, Technology.
    Colby-Sawyer College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Ad. Mike Westfall.
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Education Ads. Mike Westfall.

 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Ad. Tony Lee.
Berklee College
 Supportingadvancement.com Brooklyn College
 Supportingadvancement.com BYU
 Supportingadvancement.com Dordt College
 Supportingadvancement.com Earlham College
 Supportingadvancement.com University of Buffalo
 Supportingadvancement.com Wilfred Laurier University, 2.

Alumni Association
Alumni Bi-Laws. Judy Maxfield.

Annual Fund Brochures
Carleton University, 2
 Supportingadvancement.com Gamecock Good News. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Hutcheson's Grammar School
 Supportingadvancement.com Southern Nazarene University
 Supportingadvancement.com St. Leo University
Syracuse University
Supportingadvancement.com The Roots of Our Success. Steven Nicolet.
 Supportingadvancement.com Tri-fold self-mailer brochure and Infographic.
    Elizabeth McKenna Cozart

 Supportingadvancement.com University of Pennsylvania
 Supportingadvancement.com University of Texas at Austin, Web Schools
 Supportingadvancement.com Westmount College

Answering Machine
 Supportingadvancement.com Answering Machine Letter

Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Down Under.
    Krista Slade and Holly Sereni.

 Supportingadvancement.com Muskingum College Valentines Appeal

 Supportingadvancement.com Athletics. Dianne Easter.
Athletics. Athletics. Diane Easter.
 Supportingadvancement.com Athletics Appeal. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Basketball. Josh Kee.
 Supportingadvancement.com Field Hockey Darlene Gooch.
 Supportingadvancement.com Field Hockey. Diane Easter.
 Supportingadvancement.com Football. Josh Kee.
 Supportingadvancement.com Football.
   Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Football Pledge Card.
Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Lacrosse. Darlene Gooch.
 Supportingadvancement.com Lacrosse Mandy Speaker.
 Supportingadvancement.com Men's Basketball.
   Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Men's Ice Hockey.
   Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Men's Lacrosse.
   Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Card.
Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Soccer. Darlene Gooch.
 Supportingadvancement.com Softball.
Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Varsity Club. Mandy Speaker.
 Supportingadvancement.com Volleyball. Josh Kee.

 Supportingadvancement.com Volleyball.
Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Women's Golf. Darlene Gooch.
 Supportingadvancement.com Women's Lacrosse.
Coaches at Plymouth State University
 Supportingadvancement.com Women's Basketball Pledge Form.
    Meghan McGeary.

 Supportingadvancement.com Board Nomination Letter. Judy Maxfield.

Business Appeals
 Supportingadvancement.com Business Appeal. Bridgewater College.

Campaign Brochure
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Brochure. Jane Ong

Case Statement
 Supportingadvancement.com Case Statement. Madeline Melkonian.

Challenge Appeals and Gifts
 Supportingadvancement.com Berklee College of Music.
 Supportingadvancement.com Longwood University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Midwestern State University
 Supportingadvancement.com ITP Trustee Challenge.

Class Agents
Supportingadvancement.com Recruitment letter. Lindsey Ballenger.
  (More materials on the Potpourri page.)

Data Integrity
One per Household.
   Eliminate duplicate mailings.
   University of Toronto.

Direct Mail
 Supportingadvancement.com Acquisition Letter. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Advanced Degrees. 1, 2, 3. Virginia Tech.
Annual Giving Campaign Letter, Letterhead.
Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Appeal. Christopher Short.
Supportingadvancement.com Appeal. Phyllis Cooke.
Athletics Appeal. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Blah blah letter. Lawrence University.
Campaign - Humanities Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign - Information and Computer
    Sciences, Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign - Physical Sciences, Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign - Social Ecology, Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign - Social Sciences, Jane Ong.
Combined Capital and Annual Ask.
    Adrianne Greenlees.

Current Donors. Jim Napier.
Design samples 1, 2. Radford University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Direct Mail Appeals. Jonathon L. Hawkins.
Foreign alumni solicitation and envelope.
    Lola Mauer.

 Supportingadvancement.com Former trustee. World Learning.
 Supportingadvancement.com Department Appeal. West Virginia University.
Lapsed Donors. Jim Napier.
Law Appeal 1, 2.
    Seton Hall University School of Law.
 Supportingadvancement.com Envelope and letter. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Letter. Ohio Dominican University.
Letterhead with Payment Form. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Library Mailer, Library Reply Card.
    Gretchen Gilliland.
Non Donor
. World Learning.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parent Appeal, 2, 3, 4. Terri Selby.
 Supportingadvancement.com President's Appeal.
    University of Texas at El Paso.
School eGiving Letters. Jane Ong.
Spring direct mail to multiple segments.
    Jane Ong.

 Supportingadvancement.com Spring Appeal. Pacific University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Student to Graduate. Mike Westfall.
 Supportingadvancement.com Top 10 Reasons to Give to the Wesleyan Fund.
    Texas Wesleyan University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Unparty Letter. Lawrence University.
Year End Appeal Letter. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Window Carrier. Meghan McGeary.

Do Not Contact
 Supportingadvancement.com Do not call letter. West Virginia University.
Postcard to send to "Do Not Contacts."
    Andrea Shirey

DonorDonor Cards
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Card.
    Westminster College.

 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Card. Megan Kula.
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Card. Meredith Berg.
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Card
. Trish Nagorski.
 Supportingadvancement.com Extra Gift Card. Meghan McGeary.

 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Card. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Spring Appeal Card. Meghan McGeary.

e-Campaign Letters
 Supportingadvancement.com E-Giving Letter. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com 2009-09 egiving sent to various schools.
    Jane Ong.

 Supportingadvancement.com Engineering. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Humanities. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com ICS. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Medicine. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Physical Sciences. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Social Ecology. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Social Sciences. Jane Ong.

Electronic Funds Transfer
 Supportingadvancement.com EFT Solicitation Letter. Rachel Meuser.
 Supportingadvancement.com EFT Reminder Letter. Rachel Meuser.

Email Appeals & Confirmations
 Supportingadvancement.com Email Confirmation. David Smith.
Supportingadvancement.com E-mail Confirmation for Parents Phonathon
    Travis Gray.

 Supportingadvancement.com Email Holiday Greeting. Jenny Ziegler.
 Supportingadvancement.com E-mail sent to faculty staff. Amy Phillips.
 Supportingadvancement.com Email Solicitation. Gonzaga University.
Supportingadvancement.com Email Thank You. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com International Student Email Appeal.

 Supportingadvancement.com Training, evaluations, staff policies, hiring,
    interviewing, recruitment, more ...

 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Envelope. Trish Nagorski.

 Supportingadvancement.com Reviews, links, and other information
    related to creating and sending out

 Supportingadvancement.com e-Acknowledgement. Jane Ong
 Supportingadvancement.com e-Fullfillment. Jane Ong
 Supportingadvancement.com eGiving. Jane Ong.

Faculty StaffFaculty Staff
 Supportingadvancement.com E-mail sent to faculty staff.
    Amy Phillips.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Challenge Letter. Jim Napier.
Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff FAQ. Allison Grebe.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Flier. Diane Thompson.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter. Alverno College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter. Carnegie Mellon.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter.
    Eastern Michigan University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter. Lakehead University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter - United Way Appeal.
    Lakehead University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter. Stetson University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter. University of Connecticut.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Letter. Western Maryland College.

 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Newsletter. Earlham College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Renewal Letter.
James Finkler.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Solicitation. James Finkler.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Thank You Letter. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Update.
Lin Roberts.
 Supportingadvancement.com New Employees Letter. James Finkler.
 Supportingadvancement.com Payroll Renewal Letter.
 Supportingadvancement.com Recent Retiree Letter. Abbie McCullough.
 Supportingadvancement.com Retiree Legacy Letter. Abbie McCullough.

 Supportingadvancement.com Employee giving for healthcare organization.
    Poster, Poster 2, Poster 3.

Good News Pieces
Good News Piece 1, 2. Lola Mauer.

First Time Donors
 Supportingadvancement.com First Gift Postcard.
Cindy Avery.
 Supportingadvancement.com First Time Donors. Lola Mauer.
Thank you note. Jim Napier.

 Supportingadvancement.com Call and contact reports, information request
    pledges & gifts, telemarketing, research.
    See also Sample Web Forms.

Supportingadvancement.com Letter of Inquiry.

Friend Letter
 Supportingadvancement.com Friend Annual Fund Letter. James Finkler.

Gift Receipt
 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Receipt. Scott Fendley.

Giving Clubs
Supportingadvancement.com President's Circle Brochure.
   Mary Beth Finnerty.

Supportingadvancement.com President's Circle Reply Card.
   Mary Beth Finnerty.
Supportingadvancement.com Window Decal

Holiday Greetings and Appeals
 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Appeal. Bethany Lutheran College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Appeal from a Student.
Jonathon L. Hawkins

 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Appeal Letter. Jim Napier.

 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Appeal. Charlene St. Vil.
 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Card. Jane Ong.

 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Giving. Jane Ong.
Holiday Giving Letter. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Holiday Greeting. Pam Mauldin.

Hospital Fundraising
Supportingadvancement.com Code Orange. Multi-channel campaign supporting leading trauma hospital and how hospital helped after a plane crash.
Micro-site. Letter.

Job Descriptions
 Supportingadvancement.com Job descriptions for all areas of advancement
    including volunteer descriptions and links to
    other sites with job descriptions.

Label Mailing
 Supportingadvancement.com Labels. University of Texas at El Paso.
 Supportingadvancement.com Letter, Envelope. Dori Sonntag.

Lapsed Donors
 Supportingadvancement.com Lapsed Donors. Beth Gardner Braxton.
 Supportingadvancement.com Lapsed Donors. David Smith.
 Supportingadvancement.com Lapsed Fall Donors. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Presidents Council Appeal. Alfred University.

Leadership Annual Giving
 Supportingadvancement.com Presidents Council Case Statement.
 Alfred University.
Pre Visit Letter.
    University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
President's Associates Script. Ithaca College.
 Supportingadvancement.com President's Associates Upgrade Script.
Ithaca College.
Regent Letter. Loyola Marymount University.
Trustees Letter. Loyola Marymount University.

Lybunt Letter. Mark Hanlon.

Major Gifts
Supportingadvancement.com Major Gift Proposal. Alisa Rivera.

Make a Difference
Make a difference chart. Jenny Ziegler.
Supportingadvancement.com Make a Difference Memo Sent to Campus.
   Jenny Ziegler.

Matching Gifts
Acknowledgement. Kristal Amador.
 Supportingadvancement.com Email. Dianne Easter.
 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gift Buckslip.
Trista S. Lowther.
Matching Gift Letter. Michelle Catlett.
Reminder. Kristal Amador.
Request. Kristal Amador.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Kristal Amador.
 Supportingadvancement.com More matching gifts - Matching Gifts Page
  Custom Designed Fliers/Leaflets
  for Direct  Mail Campaigns
  From HEP Development Services
 Supportingadvancement.com Charity
 Supportingadvancement.com College
 Supportingadvancement.com Cultural
 Supportingadvancement.com Hospital
 Supportingadvancement.com K 12
 Supportingadvancement.com Leaflets

 Supportingadvancement.com Membership Renewal Card. Meghan McGeary.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Card. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Mother's Day Reply Card. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Mother's Day Card Envelope. Lola Mauer.

New Donor Packets and Kits
Envelope. Meghan McGeary.
Supportingadvancement.com First Time Donor Kit. Steven Nicolet.
 Supportingadvancement.com Insert 1. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Insert 2. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Insert 3. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com New Donor Letter. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Folder. Meghan McGeary.

Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Newsletter.
   Maryellen Charbonneau.

Shaping the Future. Shawn Briggs.
 Supportingadvancement.com World Learning. Pam Mauldin

 Supportingadvancement.com Objections Responses
. Meredith Berg.
 Supportingadvancement.com Objections Worksheet. Meredith Berg.
Supportingadvancement.com Objections. Francis W. Parker School.
 Supportingadvancement.com Objections. Michelle Kavanaugh.
Supportingadvancement.com Objections. T. Phillip Madison.
 Supportingadvancement.com Objections - September 11. Jenna Stone.
 Supportingadvancement.com Objections. University of Southern Florida.

 Supportingadvancement.com 25 Things Alumni Can Do to Help
    Mohawk Valley Community College

 Supportingadvancement.com Appeal Letters 1, 2.
    Ellen Barkenbush.

Freshman Parents Solicitation.
    Jodi Gup.
 Supportingadvancement.com Answer the Call Postcard. Rachel Meuser.
Commencement Insert. Cooper Union.
Current Parent Letter. Allison Grass.
 Supportingadvancement.com Current Parent Letter Cover. Allison Grass.
 Supportingadvancement.com E-mail Confirmation for Parents Phonathon
    Travis Gray.

General Appeal. Bellarmine University.
General Appeal. Hamilton College.
General Appeal. University of Colorado.
Leadership Parents Appeal. Rachel Meuser.
 Supportingadvancement.com Letter with Honor Roll Permission and Giving.
    Nicole Forrest Boggs.
 Supportingadvancement.com Library Mailer, Library Reply Card.
    Gretchen Gilliland.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parent Appeal, 2, 3, 4. Terri Selby.
Parent's Association Mission.
    Franklin Pierce College
Parents Contact Report. Jodi Gup.
Parent's Job Description, 2.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parent's Fund Council Job Description.
    Ohio Wes
leyan University.
Parents Fund Committee Handbook.
    Alfred University
Parents Fund Self Mailer. Lola Mauer.
Parent E-news. Katie Reifenberg.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Pre-Call Postcard. Rachel Meuser.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script. David Smith.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script. St. Michael's College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script.
    University of California, Riverside.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Prospect Script.
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Renewal Script.
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parent to Parent Script. St. Michael's College
Past Parent Letter.Allison Grass.
Shaping the Future. Newsletter.
    Shawn Briggs.

Parents Council
 Supportingadvancement.com Invitation to join.
Jodi Gup.
 Supportingadvancement.com RSVP form. Jodi Gup.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parent Council responsibilities. Jodi Gup.
 Supportingadvancement.com Results. Jodi Gup.

Supportingadvancement.com Phonathon Team Middle Semester-Survey.
    Kurstin Finch Gnehm.
Supportingadvancement.com Pre-Phonathon Postcard. Phyllis Cooke.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pre-Phonathon Postcard. David Hazeltine

Phonathon - Incentive Letters
 Supportingadvancement.com Asking businesses for incentives 1, 2, 3, 4.

Planned Giving
Supportingadvancement.com Bookmark 1, 2. UIW.
 Supportingadvancement.com Brochure. Krista Slade.
 Supportingadvancement.com Charitable Gift Annuity. Scott Warrington

 Supportingadvancement.com Planned Giving Opportunities
    Scott Warrington

 Supportingadvancement.com Teachers. Scott Warrington

Pledge Forms (Sample Forms Page)

Pledge Management
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge commitment letter. Robert Caldwell.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Confirmation Email. Kelli Hills.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Confirmation Letter
    Frostburg State University.

 Supportingadvancement.com Statement of understanding
. Robert Caldwell.

Pledge Letters
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge beginning. Sarah Barton.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge update. Sarah Barton.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge end. Sarah Barton.

PledgePledge Reminders
 Supportingadvancement.com 90 Day Pledge Reminder.
Mark Hanlon.
 Supportingadvancement.com e-Pledge Reminder. Jane Ong
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge fulfillment. Ithaca College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge reminder insert. 2.
    Vicki Stouffer.

 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge reminder letter
    Corina Lynn Coles.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reminder for Payment for Endowed Chair.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge reminder. Lanita Monroe.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Reminders via e-mail:
   One for donors who spoke to a caller.
   One for donors who pledged via other means.
   Dave Nuscher.

Pledge reminder. Jim Spencer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge reminder. Jenny Szewiel.
 Supportingadvancement.com Regular reminder

PresidentPresident's Letter
Supportingadvancement.com Presidential Ask 1. Jim Napier.
Supportingadvancement.com Presidential Ask 2. Jim Napier.
Supportingadvancement.com President's Letter Donor
   Sheri Hamiter.
Supportingadvancement.com President's Letter Non Donor
   Sheri Hamiter.
Supportingadvancement.com President's Letter FY03. Sheri Hamiter.

Prizes and Incentives
 Supportingadvancement.com Incentives Letter. West Liberty State College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Prize Letter. Pace University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Prize Letter. Shippensburg University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Prize Letter, 2. Towson University.

 Supportingadvancement.com Endowed Scholarship. Jeffrey Driggs.

Refusal Letter
Supportingadvancement.com Refusal Letter. Meghan Marsden.

Rename Annual Fund
Text for alumni magazine. Meghan McGeary.

 Supportingadvancement.com Annual giving, charts and graphs, e-analysis
   stewardship, fundraising, statistics, more ...

ReunionReunion and Homecoming
50th Gift Letter from Committee.
Lindsay P. Ballenger.
 Supportingadvancement.com 60th Gift Letter from President Emeritus.
Lindsay P. Ballenger.
 Supportingadvancement.com Additional Ask. Mandy Speaker.
Appeal Letter. Kettering University.
Appeal Letter. Mandy Speaker.
Appeal Letter. Peace College.
Class Agent Letter.
    Salve Regina University
Fall Appeal. Mandy Speaker.
Postcard 1. Diane Thompson.
Postcard 2 - Diane Thompson.
Post Reunion Letter.
    Eastern Michigan University.
Recruitment Letter with Reply Form.
Lindsay P. Ballenger.
Reunion Ask. Mandy Speaker.

Reunion (More on the Revenue Page)
Reunion Casino Night. Devin Mathias.
Reunion Chair Recruitment Letter.
    University of Pennsylvania
Reunion Gift Counting Policy. Paul Budlong.
Reunion Handbook. La Salle University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Planning Guide. Anthony D. Kapp,
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Script. Gonzaga University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Script. Lawrence University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Script. Stetson University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Date Postcard. Jonathon L. Hawkins.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Mandy Speaker.

Save the Dates Postcards
 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Date. Tammy Rich.

 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Dues. Rosalinda Olivares.
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Calling.
La Salle University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Calling.
    University of California, Riverside.
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni futures script:for non-donors.
    Kurstin Finch Gnehm.
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Prospects Script. Libby Jensen.
Annual Fund. West Virginia University.
Answering Machine. Meghan McGeary.
Combined Capital and Annual Ask.
 Supportingadvancement.com Credit card fulfillment script.
    Kimberly A. Ducharme.
 Supportingadvancement.com Credit Card Gifts. How to increase.
   Scott Jahnke.
Credit Card Gifts. Jenny Ziegler.
 Supportingadvancement.com Current Donors.
Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Fair Share. Francis W. Parker School.
 Supportingadvancement.com First Time Donor. Brigham Young University.
 Supportingadvancement.com First Time Donor. University of Dayton.
 Supportingadvancement.com General. Meghan McGeary.
Generation X Non Donor.
    Rachel Meuser.
Supportingadvancement.com Katrina Call Guide. Jenny Ziegler.
Kresge Challenge. Lin Roberts.
 Supportingadvancement.com Lapsed Donors. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Lapsed Donors. David Smith.
 Supportingadvancement.com Non Donor. Brigham Young University
Supportingadvancement.com Non-Donor Script. Nicole Rinetti.
 Supportingadvancement.com Not Yets. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script. David Smith.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script. St. Michael's College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Script.
    University of California, Riverside.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Prospect Script.
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parents Renewal Script.
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.
 Supportingadvancement.com Parent to Parent Script. St. Michael's College
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Reminder. Bellarmine University.
Pledge Reminder.
    California State University Northridge.

Pledge Reminder. Elon University.
Pledge Reminder. Longwood University.
Pledge Reminder. Saint Vincent College.
Pledge Reminder. University of Dayton.
Pledge Reminder. University of Detroit Mercy.
Pledge Reminder. University of Pennsylvania.
Pledge Reminder. University of Pittsburgh.
President's Associates. Ithaca College.
President's Associates Upgrade.
Ithaca College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Putting it All Together. Amber Pirtle.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reminder Script. Allison Grass.
Reunion Script. Gonzaga University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Script. Lawrence University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Script. Stetson University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift. College of Charleston.
 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift. Lynchburg College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift. University of Dayton.
 Supportingadvancement.com Script Writing Workshop. Amber Asbjornsen
Special Gifts. West Virginia University.
 Supportingadvancement.com Telefund. University of Pittsburgh.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Script. Allison Grass.
 Supportingadvancement.com Universal Script Guide. Jim Napier.
 Supportingadvancement.com Year End Lybunt. University of Dayton.
Supportingadvancement.com Year End Pledge Fulfillment.
    University of Dayton.

Send More Information
 Supportingadvancement.com Request More Information Email. Kelli Hills.

Senior ClassSenior Class Giving
Supportingadvancement.com Asking Tips. Lynchburg College.
Bookmark as an educational piece.
Jim Napier.

Supportingadvancement.com Bricks Program - Solicitation Letter
   Karen Nichols.
Supportingadvancement.com Bricks Program - Brochure Side 1

   Karen Nichols.
Supportingadvancement.com Bricks Program - Brochure Side 2

   Karen Nichols.
Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Committee Job Description.
   Lynchburg College.
Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Keys for Success.
   Lynchburg College.
Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Steering Committee Key Points.
   Lynchburg College.
Class Gift Diploma Stuffer. Allison Grass.
Supportingadvancement.com eGiving Letter. Jane Ong.
Supportingadvancement.com Email. Lawrence University.
Supportingadvancement.com Flyer. University of Baltimore.
Gift Card.
Jane Ong.
Supportingadvancement.com Handbook, 2. Oberlin College.
Supportingadvancement.com Honoree Letter. Hamilton College.
Supportingadvancement.com Letter. Jenna White.
Supportingadvancement.com Letter. La Salle University.
Supportingadvancement.com Letter. Sweet Briar College.
Supportingadvancement.com Letter. University of Houston.
Supportingadvancement.com Questions & Answers.
La Salle University.
Supportingadvancement.com Scholarship Comments. Cal Poly.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Brochure, 2. Rebecca Bramlett.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Brochure. Jane Ong.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class E-Giving. Jane Ong.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Giving. Jane Ong.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Handbook. Rebecca Bramlett.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Campaign Letter. Sheri Hamiter.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Letter. Villanova University.
Senior Class Gift Script. College of Charleston.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Script. Lynchburg College.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Script. University of Dayton.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Letter. Villanova University.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Letter, 2.
Rebecca Bramlett.
Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Poster. Rebecca Bramlett.
Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter
. Karen Nichols.
Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter
. Lawrence University.
Supportingadvancement.com Top Ten Excuses for Not Making Your Gift
Karen Nichols.
Supportingadvancement.com Top Ten Reasons to Give.
   Indiana University-Perdue Fort Wayne
Supportingadvancement.com Top Ten Reasons to Give. La Salle University.
Supportingadvancement.com Traditions. University of Pennsylvania.
Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Brochure.
   University of Texas at El Paso.
Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Care Calls, 2.
   George Fox University.

Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Letter.
   University of Texas at El Paso.

Solicitation Letters and Pieces
 Supportingadvancement.com Athletics. Dianne Easter.
 Supportingadvancement.com Businesses. Diane Thompson.
 Supportingadvancement.com Paper or Plastic? Jennifer Schimmel.
Supportingadvancement.com Soliciting Callers. Meghan Marsden.

  Supportingadvancement.com Great Solicitation Swap
  Hundreds of pages of solicitation letters
  compiled by Lynne Wester. Additional
  resources - Donor Relations Guru Website.

  Supportingadvancement.com Healthcare, Higher Education a-b, c-e, g-i,
     k-m, n-r, s-t, u, w Independent School, 1, 2,

Supportingadvancement.com Incentives Request Letter. Faye Jennings.
 Supportingadvancement.com Scholarship Appeal. James Finkler.

Supportingadvancement.com Benefits for Giving. Pace University.
Supportingadvancement.com Invitation.
Stetson University.
Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter. Gonzaga University.
Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter.
   Matthew Flinders Foundation
Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter. SUNY Cortland.
Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter. Villanova University.

Student Caller Letter
Supportingadvancement.com Student Caller Letter. Sheri Hamiter.

Student Philanthropy
Supportingadvancement.com Brochure. Steven J. Farwick II

Student Signed Appeal Letters
Supportingadvancement.com Student signed appeal letters 1, 2, 3, 4.

Supportingadvancement.com Donor Survey: distributed with annual appeal to lapsed donors. Kurstin Finch Gnehm.
Supportingadvancement.com More examples. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Thank You Emails
Supportingadvancement.com Email Thank You. Jim Napier.
Supportingadvancement.com Telefund Email Thank You. Rendi Hahn.

Thank You Letters
Supportingadvancement.com Annual fund thank you. Kurstin Finch Gnehm.
Supportingadvancement.com Athletics thank you. Kurstin Finch Gnehm.

Thank YouThank You Postcards/Cards
Thank You. Emily Bersin.
Thank You. Corina Lynn Coles.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Corina Lynn Coles.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Dianne Easter.
Thank You. Allison Grebe.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Sara Groh.
Thank You Card. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com End of year thank you postcard to students.
    Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Earlham College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Hanover College.
 Supportingadvancement.com Minnesota State University Mankato.
 Supportingadvancement.com Otterbein College.

Thank You Scripts
 Supportingadvancement.com Fall Thank You Script. Jim Spencer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Spring Thank You Script. Jim Spencer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Sarah Case.
Thank You. David Smith.
Thank You. Iona College.
Thank You. Iona College.

 Supportingadvancement.com Valentine Card. Rendi Hahn.
 Supportingadvancement.com Valentine Response. Rendi Hahn.
 Supportingadvancement.com Valentine Card Cost Analysis
. Rendi Hahn.
 Supportingadvancement.com Valentine Card. Syracuse University.

Vendor Appeals
 Supportingadvancement.com Vendor Appeal Letter. Eric Gustafson.

 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You Letter. Santa Clara University.

Ways to Give
 Supportingadvancement.com Top 10 Ways to Give. Mike Westfall.

Year End Appeals
 Supportingadvancement.com Front, BackRehab El-Kobtan.
 Supportingadvancement.com Year End Letter.
Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Year End Letter
. Lou Randall.

Year End Thank You Letters
 Supportingadvancement.com Year End Thank You Letter. Lois Badey.

Young Alumni
 Supportingadvancement.com Banish the Blahs. Georgetown University.
 Supportingadvancement.com First solicitation mailing to new graduates
    Diane Thompson.

 Supportingadvancement.com Junior Postcards. Lola Mauer.
Senior Class Brochure. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class e-Giving. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com President's Council Card. Dori Sonntag.
 Supportingadvancement.com President's Council Letter. Dori Sonntag.
 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Postcards. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Student Postcards. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Y'all - Carolina vs. Clemson. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Y'all - Thanks. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Y'all - We're South Carolina. Lola Mauer.
 Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Brochure
. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Challenge Buckslip Insert.
    David Hazeltine.
 Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Letter. Jane Ong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Postcard.
David Hazeltine.
 Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Renewal. Carissa Sutherland.

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