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   Free resources for those supporting fundraising. Samples, white papers, best practices, job
    board and more. Sustained by your enthusiasm, expertise and contributions of content.


Job Postings

  Sample forms. More With Less
Accounting and Financial
  Supportingadvancement.com Adjustment Request
  Supportingadvancement.com Summary Sheet

Appeal request form. Francine Cronin.

  Supportingadvancement.com Count Me In. Used to help board members
     to give and engage. Holly Harrison Fiala.

Call and Contact Reports
  Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Contact Form. Dave Kelly.
Call Report. Mark Stewart.
  Supportingadvancement.com Contact Report
  Supportingadvancement.com Contact Report. Dana Futrell.
  Supportingadvancement.com Development Call Sheet. Dave Kelly.
Parents Contact Report. Jodi Gup.

  Supportingadvancement.com Commitment Form. Christopher J. Praul.

Data and Information Requests
Data request form. Nancy Bryant.
  Supportingadvancement.com Data request form. Debby Charron.
Data request form. Request form glossary.
    Jonathan Lindsey.
Data request form. Kristofer Pitman.
Supportingadvancement.com Data Request Form. Christopher J. Praul.
  Supportingadvancement.com Data request form. Rob Saunders.
  Supportingadvancement.com Report Request. Joseph Calger.
  Supportingadvancement.com More
report request 1, 2a, 2b, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
     8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Donor and Gift Cards
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Card. Megan Kula.
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Card. Meredith Berg.
Gift form. Francine Cronin.
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Card. Trish Nagorski.
 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Card. Jennifer Spuehler.

Supportingadvancement.com Performance Plan and Evaluation.

Faculty/Staff/Payroll Deduction
Supportingadvancement.com Payroll deduction form, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Gift and Pledge Processing
  Supportingadvancement.com Credit Card Deduction Authorization.
  Supportingadvancement.com Donations Processing.
  Supportingadvancement.com Gift Processing. Kate Goldberg.
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Transmittal, 2, 3, Instructions.
     Amy Phillips.
  Supportingadvancement.com Payroll Deduction. Alexandra Nguyen.
Supportingadvancement.com Stock Gift Receipt Template. Amy Phillips.

Gift in Kind
  Supportingadvancement.com Bequest Intention Worksheet
  Supportingadvancement.com Gift in Kind

Gift in kind. Joe Don Bradley.
  Supportingadvancement.com Gift in Kind. Nancy Brown.
  Supportingadvancement.com Gift in Kind. Ryan Elliott.
  Supportingadvancement.com Gift in Kind. Alexandra Nguyen.
Gift in kind. Cheryl Wiescamp.

Grant Management
  Supportingadvancement.com Grant Registration and Approval Form.
     Alexis Carter-Black.
  Supportingadvancement.com Faculty Staff Pledge Form.
    Rhode Island School of Design.
  Supportingadvancement.com Football Pledge Card. Meghan McGeary.
 Supportingadvancement.com Generic Gift Card. Mike Westfall.
Pledge card. Francine Cronin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Card.
James Finkler.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Card. Meghan McGeary.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Form. Bemidji State University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Form. Peace College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Form.
Stetson University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Form. Susan Clough.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Form. World Learning.
  Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Form (Letter of Intent). Lin Roberts.
  Women's Basketball Pledge Form.
     Meghan McGeary.

Peer Screening
Supportingadvancement.com Peer Screening

Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Referral Form

Telemarketing & Annual Fund

  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application

  Supportingadvancement.com Caller application. Faye Jennings.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application. Rosalinda Olivares.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Calendar
  Caller Confidentiality Form
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Steven Farwick.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Scott Harris.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Deborah Schroeder.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Caller Monitoring. Jim Napier.
  Supportingadvancement.com Daily Production Sheet. Kathleen Madonna.
  Supportingadvancement.com How did we do?. Rachel Meuser.
Exit Interview. David J. Smith.
Faculty Staff Gift Form. James Finkler.
Gift Record Sheet. Diana Lygas.
Incentives. Daily, Weekly. Faye Jennings.
  Supportingadvancement.com Leadership Evaluation. David J. Smith.
Leadership Interview. David J. Smith.
Nightly Summary Sheet. Diana Lygas.
Personal Interview. Alysia Conklin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Personal Interview. Rosalinda Olivares.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Application. Leigh Ann Jacobson.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Interview. Meredith Berg.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Interview.
Alysia Conklin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Interview. Rosalinda Olivares.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Interview. David J. Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Survey Card. Sharon Ammons.
  Supportingadvancement.com Probationary Shifts Completed

  Supportingadvancement.com Quality Assurance Form. David J. Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Referral Tracking

  Supportingadvancement.com Student Application
  Supervisor Application. Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Time Checkpoint.
     Kathleen Madonna.
Tally Sheet. Sarah Case.
Tally Sheet. Sarah Groh.
Tally Sheets 1, 2, 3, 4. Joshua Liss.
  Supportingadvancement.com Tally Sheet. T. Phillip Madison.
  Supportingadvancement.com Telefund Tally Sheet
  Supportingadvancement.com Telemarketing Results. Kathleen Madonna.

  Supportingadvancement.com Weekly Attendance. Kathleen Madonna.
Research Request
  Supportingadvancement.com Research Request. Joseph Calger.
Research Request. Cheryl Edwards.
Research Request. Heidi Gillis. 
Research Request. Mary Heller.
  Supportingadvancement.com Research Request. Mary Kay Kidwell.
Supportingadvancement.com Research Request Guidelines.
     Mary Kay Kidwell.

Research Request. Jim Klasinski.
  Supportingadvancement.com Research Request. Gina Rich.
  Supportingadvancement.com Research Request. Cara Rosson.
  Supportingadvancement.com Research Request. Sabine Schuller.
Research Request Individuals.
     Melissa Wolfe.
  Supportingadvancement.com Research Request Project.
     Melissa Wolfe.

  Supportingadvancement.com Others:
1, 2, 3

Tracer Card
  Supportingadvancement.com Tracer Card.
     Good example of a tracer card to collect
      information from constituents. Note contest
      on bottom. Robb Drury.

  Supportingadvancement.com Add a Proposal. Joseph Calger.
  Supportingadvancement.com Add a Prospect. Joseph Calger.
  Supportingadvancement.com Foundation Check List. Linda Freed.
  Supportingadvancement.com Foundation Prospect Research Checklist
     Laurie Staton.
  Supportingadvancement.com Foundation Strategy Worksheet.
     Laurie Staton.
  Supportingadvancement.com Foundation Web Research Check List
    Laurie Staton.
  Supportingadvancement.com Major Gift Form

  Supportingadvancement.com Parent Council RSVP Form. Jodi Gup.
  Supportingadvancement.com Parent Information Form. Meredith Berg.
  Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Screening Checklist.
    Jennifer Cooper.
  Supportingadvancement.com Stewardship Activities Checklist
       Kathy Ruvolo.


Sample FormsMore sites with forms ...

  Supportingadvancement.com LawDepot.Com - Automated legal forms.
  Supportingadvancement.com MegaDox.Com - Legal and business documents.
Microsoft Office - Form design templates.
  Supportingadvancement.com University of Miami Advancement Services Pages.
  Supportingadvancement.com USLegal. Various forms including links to free forms.

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