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  Gift Processing Manual - Introduction More With Less

Links to other sample sections.

Section 1 - Gift Processing Introduction

Section 2 - Initial Preparation
Section 3 - Determining the Donor's R Number
Section 4 - Constituent/Organization Record Update
Section 11 - Designation Setup
Section 12 - Pledge Documentation
Section 13 - Protecting Constituent Information
Section 14 - Online Giving Site Documentation
Section 15 - Gift Acceptance Guidelines
Section 16 - Giving History 101
Section 17 - Procedure for Annual Pledge Review
Section 18 - Deferred Gift Matrix
Section 19 - Gift Receipting Memorandum
Section 20 - Gift Receipt Reviewing
Section 22 - Non-gift/gift Portion Documentation

Contributed by ...
Candace L. Hamblin, Coordinator of Data Systems, Advancement Services, Rollins College
Email AddressI am mainly responsible for reports and records management at Rollins College, and I have been at Rollins since 2000.  We converted to SCT Banner in May 99, which we use in conjunction with MS Access for reporting & data maintenance.  Our Director of Advancement Services is Wendy Gasparri, who handles campaign data presentation and distribution.

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