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Average Cost per Dollar Raised
Favorite topic frequently posted on listservs and asked and discussed in many other forums.

Getting Better not Older" Boomers Redefine Middle AgeBranding for Growth
How to brand your organization for sustained growth. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

Campaigns & Major Gifts
Capital Campaigns and Major Gifts - Summary Case Study - University of Toronto. Krista Slade.

Canadian Campaign Gifts
Lead gifts from Canadian campaigns.
Compiled by Kevin MacDonell.

Case for Enhanced Marketing
Enhancing your marketing efforts for more effective outreach and revenue generation. Mike Westfall.

Class Agent Materials
Note, there are some class agent materials on the sample job descriptions page.

Conference 360
CCAE conference proceedings for those in affinity and other revenue generation programs.

Creating a Culture
Creating a culture of philanthropy on your campus. Lauren Steinberg.

Direct Mail Case Studies
Monclair State University Alumni Association New Member Acquisition, U.T. Austin Texas Exes Label Pin Appeal, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Magnet Appeal.
David Hazeltine.

Evolving Direct Mail
Is your direct mail program evolving - this is not your father's #10 envelope. Presentation from David Hazeltine presented at the AGPN conference.

Fundraising Guidelines
For Corporations and Foundations.
Paul Lanning.

Gifts with Strings Attached
Article by Ann C. Logue. Courtesy of University Business, the Magazine for College and University Administrators.

Canadian FundraiserGiving Circles
Giving circles continue to increase in numbers and impact on the
voluntary sector.
Canadian FundRaiser.

Giving in the UKGiving in the UK
Increasing Voluntary Giving to Higher Education in the United Kingdom.

Getting Grants
Grant Partnership Etiquette
Excerpted from the book, “Getting Grants: The Complete Manual of Proposal Development and Administration” by Alexis Carter-Black.

Major Gift Samples
Action Cultivation Plan, Estate Planning Assets Inventory, Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures, Gift Valuation Standards, Making the Ask, Multi-Part Gift Strategy,
Preparing for the Ask, Reunion Giving Model, Stewardship Plan, Suspect Research Rating. Provided by Dan Shephard.

Mobile Giving
The mobile experience may become the next mass medium; the principal way for millions of people to communicate, browse the Web, access entertainment, shop, do business and interact with their favorite charitable causes. Contributed by artezinteractive. More revenue.

Monthly Giving
For those of you who have already started a monthly giving program, congratulations! I’m sure you are very pleased to see money you can plan on pouring in on a regular basis. For those of you who are still thinking about it, let me ask you a question: “What are you waiting for?”

Nurturing Alumni Relationships
Improving the ways that you manage your alumni touch points. Mike Westfall.

On the Blog
One Gift "from Multiple Donors".
Alan S. Hejnal.

Online Donors
Who are our online donors? How are they different? Are online donors better givers, more generous and reliable—than other donors? A statistical analysis provides answers.
Peter Wylie.

On-Line Giving Outsourcing
Outsourcing considerations for your online giving. Mike Westfall.

Planned Giving
Is starting a planned giving program a priority item on your organization’s strategic plan? Has it been on your plan for more than two years? What are you waiting for? Blackbaud.

Planned Giving
Comprehensive paper. Creating a legacy - Building a planned giving program from the ground up
. Blackbaud.

Planned Giving
Planned giving strategy that has worked well for a "younger" school. Scott Warrington.

Canadian FundraiserPlanning
on profits just testing the waters of planned giving need to develop a work plan to guide them as they go forward. Canadian FundRaiser.

Prospect Management
Before, During and After the Campaign
Scott Fendley
Prospect Management
Comprehensive prospect management policies. Paul Lanning.

Reboot of Philanthropy
Presentation on some of the new considerations in the current philanthropic environment. From Mike Westfall at Eastern Washington University.

Reunion Planning
Comprehensive “how-to” guide to assist alumni in planning reunions. This resource is intended to alleviate some of the time staff has used in the past in helping with reunion coordinating as we move to a volunteer driven, staff supported approach in alumni work. Shanay Heurta.

Reunion Solicitations
Reunion: A Time to Solicit "Spike" Gifts from Alumni. Ann L. DiStefano.

Save Our Scholarships
Interesting approach by the Foundation at Eastern Washington University to raising money in challenging financial times playing on reductions in endowment payouts for scholarship. Press release from the Foundation to put the piece in context. Image of web site. Video from web site and YouTube.

Scholarship Proposal
Endowed scholarship proposal.
Jeffrey Driggs.

Science and Art
An ROI report may open the door to greater and more meaningful conversations about the fundraising work in which you and your team are engaged. Paper contributed by Carrie M. Collins.

Presentation on how to do segmentation in Raiser's Edge contributed by Tamara Wojdylo, Raiser's Edge Database Manager for the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

PoliciesSponsorship Policy
Guidelines for productive partnerships.
Trish Nagorski.

UK Fundraising
Review of Philanthropy in Higher Education in the UK. 2012 Status Report and Challenges for the Next Decade. Thanks to Krista Slade for forwarding.

Working With Prospects
Guide to working with a prospect.
ccBeard and Associates.

Major Gifts Reports
Supportingadvancement.com October 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com September 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com June 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com May 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com May 2012 Canada.
Supportingadvancement.com April 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com February 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com February 2012 Canada.
Supportingadvancement.com January 2012 US.
Supportingadvancement.com December 2011 US.
Supportingadvancement.com October 2011 Canada.
Supportingadvancement.com October 2011 US.
Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
More resources ...
Annual FundAnnual Fund
Young Alumni, Reasons to Give, Direct Mail, Engaging Alumni ...
Annual Fund Job Postings

The next frontier in soliciting. Compelling cases with sound, music and photos.

E-mail broadcasts, newsletters.  Additional policies,  procedures, analysis and more are available on the Web Sightings page.

Hiring materials, caller & supervisor evaluations, staff policies, training manuals, incentives ...
Matching GiftsMatching Gifts
Best practices for matching gifts, matching gifts survey, matching gifts administration and more.

Samples of materials used in fundraising and advancement. 

Appeals, direct mail, scripts, telemarketing, parents, young alumni, senior class, thank you, reminders ...

Telemarketing and Telefund
Telemarketing & Telefund
Call Center Design, Training, Telefund Games,  Managing Callers ...
Telemarketing Jobs
BloggingMore revenue ...
On the blog.

Forms on the Sample Forms Page.
     Tally sheets, donor cards ...
Jobs on the Job Board.
Questions and answers on the FAQ.
Planning and calendars.
     Pyramids, operating plans ...
     Stewardship. Class Agents.
     Working Together ...

Reporting and Data Mining.
     Analyze and increase revenue ...
     Alumni relations, giving, matching
     gifts practices, reunion ...
American Marketing Association. Articles and reports, best practices, newsletters, more ...
Association of Internet Marketing and Sales. Archives with information on doing business online.
Capital Quest, Inc. Resources on campaign from start to finish including a guide for hiring consultants.
INC.com. Free newsletters, business tools, more ...
MarketingSherpa.com Marketing articles and resources.
Seth Godin: Marketing Guru. Email updates, blog.
Web Marketing Today. Wilson Internet Services. Q&A, extensive links, searchable database.

Affinity Marketing Programs
Igive.com % of purchases to charity.
Upromise % of purchases to college savings.
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