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   Free resources for those supporting fundraising. Samples, white papers, best practices, job
    board and more. Sustained by your enthusiasm, expertise and contributions of content.


Job Postings

  Home Research home. Research
Asian Prospecting
Prospect Identification in Asia.
Krista Slade and Natasha Vasiliou.

Best Practices in Research
WealthEngine's report dealing with best practices in Prospect Research in Higher Education Fundraising.

Best Practices in Research
WealthEngine's report dealing with best practices in Prospect Research in Healthcare Fundraising.

Blogs, Feeds, Trackbacks, Pings. Learn about these  terms. Steven Hupp.

Boosting Giving and Research
With competition for donor dollars at an all-time high, nonprofit organizations are increasingly turning to prospect research to help them identify their best prospects, as well as to strengthen their donor relationships and fundraising programs. Blackbaud. More Prospect Research.

Critical Issues
Critical issues in fundraising research. Sargeant Associates.

SunGard Higher EductationDonor Profiling
Donor profiling Best Practices.

Google and Beyond
Making the most of search engines for research. Steven Hupp.

Knowledge Management
Integrating and sharing research data beyond development.
Amy Wilson.

Brian DowlingManaging Prospects
Presentation on using your fundraising software to effectively manage your prospects. Brian Dowling.

Moves Management
The actions you take to bring in donors, forge relationships and keep the contributions coming are known as Moves, and Moves Management, simply put, is the system of policies, procedures and practices that directs these actions. Blackbaud.

Peer ScreeningPeer Screening
Conducting effective peer screening sessions. Jennifer Cooper.
Bentz Whaley FlessnerPodcast
Pamela Poland talks with Randy Lakeman, Deputy Director of Development at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, about the future of prospect development in fundraising.

From Bentz Whaley Flessner.

Power Tools
Good comparison of different research tools. Both a PDF and an Excel version. Sarah Hull.

Project Tracking Database
Presentation explaining
workload tracking database which shows the amount of work that comes through the office and provides a mechanism to accurately track time spent on various types of projects. It also gives better time estimates to development officers. Contributed by Matt Morneault, Research Associate from Advancement Services at Miami University. More research.

Internet Repositions BrandProspecting Info
Variety of Internet resources for prospect research  in Canada.
Canadian FundRaiser.

Prospect Management
Before, During and After the Campaign
Scott Fendley

Prospect Management System
Congratulations! You have just been assigned a prospect pool. Maybe your organization did a wealth screening, a peer screening or internal data mining on your fund raising database. Now a group of prospects has been identified and needs to be cultivated. You want a method to keep track of these prospects as you go through qualifying, cultivating and eventually asking them for a gift. You need a prospect management system.
Provided by Jennifer Filla, President of Aspire Research Group LLC. More Research.

Prospect Research Simplified
For development officers and a limited research staff. Jennifer Ramirez.

Prospecting in Hong Kong
Notes, reference books and links.

Real Estate Valuation
NYC Co-ops, listing that highlights some of the most expensive/luxurious co-ops.
Joyce Newton

Research Fundamentals
Responsibilities Research must assume.
John Hermans.

Real Estate Valuation
Spreadsheet to help you calculate real estate values
. Joyce Newton.

Research & KM
The role of prospect research in a knowledge management environment. Part 1.

Research & KM
The role of prospect research in a knowledge management environment. Part 2.

Role of Prospect Research
Role of Prospect Research in a KM Environment. John Hostler

Rules of Thumb
Steven Hupp's rules of thumb for prospect research. This is a summary from the Prospect Research Blog that Steven created and managed. Steven Hupp.

Screening for GoldScreening for Gold
Overview on prospect screening.
Steve Frick and Sandy Johnson.

BloggingMore research ...
  On the Blog.
Jobs on the Jobs Board.
Questions and answers on the FAQ
  Research Request Forms.

Research's Placement in the
Heidi Gillis.

Research Profile Templates
Template 1, Template 2, Template 3,
     Template 4, Template 5, Template 6,
     Template 7, Template 8, Template 9,
     Template 10. Collected and
     forwarded by Emily Tedeschi,
     Senior Research Analyst at Meridian
     Health Affiliated Foundations.

Profiles provided by
     Debbie Menoher.
     Vice President, Assessment.

Supportingadvancement.com Research Profile Template

    Good example of a comprehensive
    research profile template. Provided
    by Jennifer Filla, President of Aspire
    Research Group LLC.

Individuals, Organizations, Consultants and Vendors Maintaining Research Resources ...
NetworkingThe research community has a rich and ongoing tradition of professional association.

Check associations and chapters for networking opportunities and the web sites for resources, job postings and more. The research related listservs are worth subscribing to.

Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement.

Yahoo group for Research and other staff using Banner as their primary database tool.

Electronic mail list provided as a forum for discussion of prospect research issues.

David Lamb's Research Page
David's recommendations for sites that should be useful to a prospect researcher.

Independent Info. Professionals
Members are owners of firms providing information-related services.
New England Development Research Association.

Northwestern University
Prospect research links.

Northwest Research
Prospect research blog provided from Maryrose Larkin.


Collection of web resources for advancement professionals.

Prospect-Research UK
Open to all researchers in development and fundraising roles in the UK.

Updates on search engines, browsers, compendiums of information, Web directories.

Resource Shelf
Daily electronic newsletter with resources of interest to the online researcher.

Stanford University
Development research. Prospect research engine with which you can search for links.

Tax Assessor Database
Comprehensive links to various tax assessor databases. Christine Pulawski.

USC Development Research
Many links for prospect research organized by category. Conference presentations.

Waltman Associates
Research tips with some explanations.

Wealth Lists
The Helen Brown Group. Also a good listing of prospect research links.

Women in PhilanthropyWomen in Philanthropy
Information on women in philanthropy and a tribute to Ann Castle.

An electronic mail list provided as a forum for discussion of prospect research issues. In fact, the number one place to discuss all aspects of prospect research. Highly active list with large subscription base.

Highly active, lots of discussions and great information.

Whether you're new to the field, highly experienced or just want to improve and develop yourself as a professional researcher, this is the place to go.
  Prospect Research, Screening & Other Research Services Vendors
On-line searching, score by wealth.

Screens prospects against demographic data.
The Factary
Custom research.

The Freelance Prospect
Research Network

Connecting non-profits with researchers.
Detailed prospect research information.

Prospect tool and data mining services.
HEP Development Services
HEP development helps non-profit fundraisers recognize the value of accurate data. We specialize in data enhancement - focusing in the areas of Prospect Research, Matching Gift Identification and Address/Phone/email appending. With more than 4,000 customers and 15 years experience, HEP has developed proven tools to help you improve your constituent data and increase donations.

Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gift Fliers -
Charity, College, Cultural, Hospital, K 12.

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