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Electronic Imaging

Electronic Imaging OverviewDocument
Imaging Overview

What's, how's and why's.

Implementing Document Management

Implementing document management systems.

Going Paperless
Good presentation in implementing and setting up a paperless office. Planning and implementing a digital scanning project. Melissa Mencotti and Josh Tysiachney.

Imaging Assessment
A set of questions to help you assess your environment prior to the initiation of a document imaging project.

Series on Electronic Imaging
Part 1
, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Ursula Shail.

Estimating space requirements for scanned documents. Thomas Tran.

What to Do After "Yes"
Preparing for your new imaging system.
Jennifer Warwick.

Best Practices: Compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act by Steve Hafner.

Community Outreach
As we engage prospects throughout our organizations, in a variety of ways, we need to utilize information they willingly share to build our databases and prospect pipelines. Growing our databases is a key element in establishing ourselves as venture philanthropists – by being creative and persistent in data acquisitions. Leveraging everything we know. Looking for hidden opportunities to capitalize on. Brian Dowling.

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeData Challenges
What are some of the data challenges related to fundraising that you are facing in the healthcare sector?
Brian Dowling
. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

Brian DowlingData Cleanup Reporting
Example of a data cleanup and maintenance reporting strategy that can be employed on an ongoing basis to give some ideas as to how to implement this in way that tracks global and individual user performance on key business rules and data elements.

Data Essentials 360
The value of having good data. Susanna Gajic.

Data Integrity Plan
Sample data integrity plan.
University of Michigan.

Data Integrity Schedule
Best times to schedule data integrity procedures. Karen Latora.

Data Management - Overarching
An encompassing approach to data management is critical to fundraising success. Effective data management gives us a strategic advantage and if we don’t have our “ducks in order and in a row and appropriately updated” we lose our competitive edge.
Brian Dowling.

Data to Information - Part 1
Part 1 of presentation done at APRA International Conference on strategies for changing your data to information. Part 1 looks at data challenges and opportunities, inventorying and then measuring your data to determine how effective your data management is
. Brian Dowling.

Data to Information - Part 2
Part 2 of presentation done at APRA International Conference on strategies for changing your data to information. Part 2 looks at creative data acquisition strategies and some of the newer tools for managing data
. Brian Dowling.

Deceased Individuals
Locating information on deceased individuals.

Many organizations are doing electronic imaging, but fewer have implemented electronic content management software (ECM). This should be a consideration in the next stage of your imaging strategy. Brian Dowling.

ECM Lessons Learned
Implementing enterprise  content management systems. Gayemarie Brown.

Enforcing Data Entry
Ways to help improve your data entry
. Amy Phillips.

File PlanFile Plan
Organize your advancement files.
Susanna Gajic. Mary Ellen Caskenette.

Finding Lost Alumni
Tips for helping to find and locate your lost alumni.

Finding Lost Alums
Putting together the Puzzle. John Ley

Impact of Data Integrity
Worksheet showing the estimated impact of data integrity on fundraising efforts.

Information Acquisition Strategies
Presentation on creative information acquisition strategies.
Brian Dowling. Creative Acquisition Strategies (updated for Joint CASE and AASP programming for advancement services.)
Additional presentation from Mike Reopell on a great idea for employment updates: Automagic Data Mining.

Mailing Lists Best Served Fresh
It is important to remember a few things when sending out a mailing. Chris Waller.

Meeting of the Minds
Maximizing your matching gifts. Brian Lacy.

Bentz Whaley FlessnerPodcast
Scott Fendley talks with Joseph Calger, the Associate Chairman of Development Services at the Cleveland Clinic, about record management and data maintenance. From Bentz Whaley Flessner.

Records Management Policy. Records Retention Schedule. Debbie Menoher.

Proactive vs. Reactive
Proactive strategies for enhancing your information. Alan Hejnal.

Retention ScheduleRetention Schedule
Retention and disposition schedule.
Susanna Gajic. Mary Ellen Caskenette.

Shadow Databases
Institutions need to be aware of shadow databases and how to resolve their use.

Standards and Conventions
Standards and conventions for names and addresses. Alan Hejnal.

Standards and Conventions
Standards and conventions for all your other information. Alan Hejnal.

Value of Collecting Email AddressesValue of Email
Statistics on the value of collecting email addresses. Duane Jasper.

Privacy and confidentiality ...
No Peeking Allowed
Privacy and Information Protection Policies.
John Taylor.

Privacy Architecture
An information systems structure to manage privacy of information.

Privacy Audit Questionnaire
Auditing privacy aspects of your information.
Mary Ellen Caskenette & Ursula Shail.
Privacy Policy StatementPrivacy Policy Statement
Use to draft your own policy statement.
Mary Prodanovic.

Privacy Principles
To assist you in all aspects of privacy.
Association Xpertise Inc.

Privacy Recommendations
Recommendations for advancement.
Mary Ellen Caskenette & Ursula Shail.
Releasing Alumni InformationReleasing Information
Sample policy for releasing alumni information. Carrie Stephens.

Security Survey
Questions to consider when evaluating your IT or records security.

Privacy and Security

Data integrity ...
Coding and Decoding
Coding and Decoding the Database Puzzle: Keeping Constituent Information Current and Accurate.

Do Not Contact
Postcard to send to "Do Not Contacts."
Andrea Shirey

It's All About the Data
The ABCs of building and maintaining robust databases. John Taylor and Brian Dowling.

Managing Records
Records Production Statistics Template.
Records Statistics Template.
Candace Hamblin.

One per Household
Eliminate duplicate magazine mailings.
University of Toronto.

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Supportingadvancement.com Addresses.com
Supportingadvancement.com Melissa Data
Supportingadvancement.com NANPA. North American Numbering Plan
Address and other lookups (Cont.)
Supportingadvancement.com U.S. Postal Service Lookups
Supportingadvancement.com ZIP and Area Code Lookup.
   Jay Computer Services.

International links:
Supportingadvancement.com Mailing Address Formats
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Supportingadvancement.com EmbassyWorld
Frank's Compulsive Guide to
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Supportingadvancement.com StylishAddressing

Tracer Card

Good example of a tracer card to collect information from constituents. Note contest on bottom. Robb Drury.
More sample forms.

Zip code finders and lookups:

Supportingadvancement.com Paweb.com
Supportingadvancement.com Zipinfo.com

More data Integrity links.

More records resources @
ARMA International
Members include records and information managers.

Data Management Association. For data professionals. Resources, conferences ...
Institute of Certified Records Managers. Newsletters with archives, jobs, more ...

Int. Records Management Trust
Set up in to help develop new strategies for managing public sector records.
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Records Management Programs
Links to college and university records management programs.
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