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Surveys on topics of interest and links to other surveys.

Academic Costume Code
Academic costume code and academic ceremony guide. Example on alumni site.
Advancement Services

A Well Run Shop
Presentation on best practices in gift and records administration. Cathy Spickard.

Advancement Services
Discussion of advancement services as the cornerstone for advancement.
John Taylor.

Featured Advancement Support SitesAdvancement Sites
Featured advancement services and support sites.

SunGard Higher Eductation
Being an Evangelist
Strategies on being an advocate and evangelist for your system.

Benchmarking with the Best
Advancement services best practices.
Jennifer Warwick.

Best Practices in Partnership
Annual Giving and Advancement Services.
Karen Latora.

Branding Advancement Services
Many of us have come up through the information technology or finance side of the business and have limited experience with branding and marketing. However, we work with marketers daily, and can learn a few tricks from them.

Getting on the Radar
Part 1 of a presentation on branding and marketing advancement services.

Getting on the Radar
Part 2 of a presentation on branding and marketing advancement services.

Knowledge Management
Transforming advancement services through knowledge management.
John Hostler

Sample Newsletter
From Advancement Services at the University of Alberta. Good article on fundraising costs. Luanne Currie. More samples of newsletters.
Newsletter 1, 2, 3. User group newsletter.

Vocation = Avocation
A few general thoughts, musings and other information on advancement services from the opening session at the CASE Summer Institute in Advancement Services.
Brian Dowling.

Alumni Association By-LawsAlumni Association By-Laws
Lenore Junker.

Alumni Chapters
Comprehensive handbook.
Jacquelyn Glasener.

Alumni DictionaryAlumni Dictionary
All words beginning with Alumn.

Alumni Dues
The impact of association status--either dues or non dues paying alumni association--on the overall university-alumni relationship.
Philip Poe.

Alumni Engagement Matrix

Conceptual diagram showing Advancement focus areas with accountabilities.
Mike Westfall.

Alumni Segmentation
Student experiences differ widely from campus to campus and over time. It is vitally important to understand these differences when communicating with or trying to engage alumni. Philip Poe.

Board Evaluation
Set of questions for helping to evaluate your board. ABARIS Consulting.

Board Management
Auburn University - Conflict of Interest Policy
, Hudson College - Board Expectations, Lutheran Seminary - Board Expectations, Michigan State - Board Experience Survey, University of Alaska Fairbanks - Board Orientation. Ins and Outs of Board Management.

Canadian Fundraiser
Board Management
Five guaranteed ideas for managing your apathetic board
. Jane Garthson. Canadian FundRaiser.

Canadian FundraiserBoard Management
I once worked with someone who, when he found a meeting boring, would figure out the true cost of the meeting. The dollar figure was always a jaw-dropper. That old chestnut “time is money” applied. Meetings are expensive. Canadian FundRaiser.

Board Recruitment Profile
Defining a profile for board members.
ABARIS Consulting.

Canadian Fundraiser
Board/Staff Alignments
Comparing different approaches for board and staff alignment
. Canadian FundRaiser.

Communicating Change
Good, bad, or just interesting, change is always unsettling. The twelve tips are a summary of practical and commonly given advice on communicating change in organizations. Mary Prodanovic.

Corporate Philanthropy
Since I moved to Minnesota to begin my career as a fundraising consultant for non-profit organizations, I have kept in touch with Montgomery County through the Paper. Often times, I see stories about the generosity of Montgomery County residents and businesses and how they are responding to the growing needs of the community. Scott Fendley.

Credibility Gap
Strategies for evaluating program stature.
Mike Westfall

Crisis Planning
Presentation on crisis planning and business continuity for Advancement Services.
Cathy Spickard.

Critical Issues in Development
Despite fundraisers’ cautious optimism, economic concerns and flat growth in gift making continue to cloud the philanthropic landscape. This stagnation presents monumental challenges to an industry grappling with accelerating change in constituent behaviour, information technology, and business practices. Over the next three to five years, strategies, tactics, and characteristics discussed herein will increasingly define and undergird successful nonprofit organizations. John Hostler.

Customer Service
Presentation on delivering memorable customer service experiences.
Brian Dowling.

The Devil is in the Details
Customer service. Motivation for success can/is/should be a key driver for customer service. Success on a personal level is important, but the more important component of success is to transmit motivation to the whole organization so everyone on the team can also be successful in providing great customer service. Brian Dowling.

Dinner With 12 Strangers
Good young alumni engagement piece centering around small events. Barbara Dick, Brendan Dellandrea and Jonathon Cheevers.

Disaster Planning
What are some of the things development staff need to be able to focus quickly on during catastrophic events? Amy Phillips.

Donor Charter of Rights
Code of donors' expected rights and links to related organizations.

Engaging Our Youngest Adults
Engaging Our
Youngest Adults

It’s the futurist’s first rule: You can’t understand the future without demographics. The composition of a society – whether its citizens are old or young, prosperous or declining, rural or urban – shapes every aspect of civic life, from politics, economics, and culture to the kinds of products, services, and businesses that are likely to succeed or fail. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

Modern DonorEngagement
Used to Allocate Marketing Budgets. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

Podcast of discussion on ethics from the
AASP Summit. (WMA format.)

A New Paradigm for a Modern Age, from a known authority on ethics, Lynne Becker.

Ethics and Accountability

The Role of Ethics and Accountability in Advancement. Catherine Spickard.

Etiquette Guide for Asia
Help for working on your international programs. Krista Slade.

Alumni event flow checklist, Event Response Card, Follow Up Event Letter. Lisa B. Fort.

Events Planning
Sample events planning checklists 1, 2.

Favorite Listservs
Listservs useful for advancement and a guide to listserv etiquette.

Canadian Fundraiser
Most fundraisers – and no doubt most executives in the nonprofit sector – don’t like to think of themselves as marketers
. Canadian FundRaiser.

Generation XGeneration X
At the stroke of midnight on Jan. 1, 2005, Generation Xers -- the generation that grew up with My Little Pony, Hot Wheels and Madonna -- began turning 40. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

Getting Better not Older" Boomers Redefine Middle AgeGetting Better
The oldest boomers, born in 1946, began to turn 60 on January 1, 2006. Baby boomers are turning 50 at an astonishing rate of one every 7 to 10 seconds. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

Gift Acknowledgment Protocol
Sample campaign gift acknowledgement protocol. Scott Fendley.

Giving in the UKGiving in the UK
Increasing Voluntary Giving to Higher Education in the United Kingdom.

Gutsy Leadership
What it takes to be a gutsy leader.
Lynne Becker.

Glossary of TermsGlossary of Terms
Glossary of commonly used terms.
Mary Prodanovic.

ICAA Presentations
Some presentations from the Independent College Advancement Associates Summer Conference. Engaging Students to Become Alumni, Steve Crawford. From Bricks to Bandwidth, Liz Boltz and Aileen Meyer. Looking Back 40 Years and the Next 10 in Advancement, Jack Miller. The Future of Alumni Associations, Jack Miller. Using Technology, Josh Smith.

It's All Common Work
Presentation from Scott Fendley on infusing donor relations throughout your institution.

Leadership Council By-LawsLeadership Council By-Laws
College advisory board by-laws.
Tamera Rogers.

Leadership Skills
Leadership skills for young advancement professionals. Devin Mathias.

Life in the Office
True stories of those 24 hours, all hands on deck, extreme work situations. Maintaining balance, perspective and knowing just when you might need to take a step back and get a little perspective.

Magazine Content
A preliminary Study of how much alumni magazine space is allocated to the topics and issues alumni say are important to them as they determine the current value of the degree they earned from their alma mater. Philip Poe.

Short information piece on some attributes and behaviors of Millennials. Mike Westfall.

Motivating Volunteers
Strategies for helping keep your volunteers motivated. Robin Wray.

Pain Points in Advancement
Pain Points
Based upon my many discussions with advancement professionals, I have identified significant pain points in the advancement market that I often refer to as "The Three Tenets." They are: Operational Efficiency, Extending Stakeholder Engagement and Institutional Accountability
. Fred Weiss from SunGard Higher Education.

Passport Asia-Pacific
Presentation on some of the cultural do's and don't when working in the Asia Pacific region from Krista Slade.

Philanthropic Quotes
Links to sites where philanthropic quotes
can be found.

Philanthropy Down UnderPhilanthropy Down Under
Philanthropy Australia conference report,
covering key issues. Krista Slade.

Pillars of Advancement
Matrix of the pillars of University Advancement at Eastern Washington University. Mike Westfall.

Implementing Document ManagementPresident to President
Views on Technology in Higher Education addressing the strategic role of technology in transforming operations. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10. SunGard President to President web site.

Rankings Up and Down
Now that we’ve entered another year of the rankings game – all of the analysis, review and discussion of rankings creates the need to formulate and craft language on the changes - whether these are negative or positive. Brian Dowling.

Reading Tea Leaves
From Anguish to Opportunity. The Troubles with Leadership Change.

Presentation on some resources that are available to help you with your career.
Brian Dowling.

Canadian FundraiserRight vs. Right
By virtue of their missions, nonprofits are often held to an even higher (some might argue, a different) standard of ethical performance than for-profit corporations.
Canadian FundRaiser.

Role of Advancement
Conceptual diagram on what is the role of the University Advancement. Mike Westfall.

Secrets for Success
Here’s a collection of what I believe are nine habits of effective fundraising managers. I can’t prove these habits will lower your blood pressure, but they sure will make your service providers always want to go the extra mile for you. From Tom Hurley, DMW Worldwide LLC.

Canadian FundraiserSelf Audits
Just seeing the word “audit” can stimulate a gut wrenching reaction. Too often audits are imposed from the outside, painful, punitive, fear provoking and reactive. But what if as a board you reframed audit as “Assessment Under Direction of Intelligent Terrestrials”? Canadian FundRaiser.

Small Shop Services

Development operations in small shops can have their own sets of challenges. Presentation from Scott Fendley on what small shops need to know and provide.

Smart Communications
Smart Communications Strategy in a Down Economy, by Neil Sagebiel a freelance writer and blogger who specializes in B2B marketing communications and university fundraising and writes extensively about professional golf.
Neil Sagebiel, Copywriter + Blogger, http://headlinesfromfloyd.com, 540-745-5472.

Plannning and Managing Special EventsSpecial Events
Planning and managing special events.
Robin Wray.

Staying Ahead
Outlined here are just a few of the tactics shared by roundtable participants as they have navigated the economic downturn. These observations underscore there is no "one size fits all" solution for managing development programs in this or any other economic climate. From

Tomorrow Made Possible
Presentation on how we need to work more effectively internally, with vendors and on the web to ensure that we're able to keep pace with change. Podcast related to presentation.

Tomorrow Made Possible Version 2
Presentation and podcast (WMA format), of session on what we need to do in advancement and development services to meet the future needs of our organizations.
Brian Dowling.

Training NewslettersTraining Newsletters
Really Scary Hallowe'en Tale.
DIS Information Summer 2006 Report.
The Xmas Newsletter that Wasn't.
Chris Waller.

Canadian Fundraiser
Have you found that it is easier to recruit a volunteer to do frontline, hands-on work than one to accept a leadership position on a board of directors, advisory council, or key committee?
Canadian FundRaiser.

Modern DonorWealth & Charity
A relatively small group of truly wealthy individuals is currently responsible for the majority of giving in the United States and Canada, as well as most of the rest of the world. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

Affluence of WomenWomen & Affluence
The American Association of Fundraising Council Trust for Philanthropy estimates that women’s charitable giving has increased by more than $15 billion since 1996. Yet, most organizations still focus their fundraising efforts more heavily on men. Judith Nichols from Modern Donor.

University and College Lists
Lists of universities and Colleges US and international.

US News and World Report
Comprehensive, breakdown of US News and World Report Rankings. Devin Mathias.

Ways to Make Sure Your
Prospects don't become donors.
From The Collins Group web site.

Word on the Word AlumniWord on the Word Alumni
Definitions for Latin words most
likely to be misused.

Working Together

Internal/External Relations.
Mike Westfall.

Fostering CommunicationsFostering

Between Annual Fund and I.S.
Mike Westfall

Silos to Synergy
Cooperation and coordination on campus. Mike Westfall.

Working with Annual Fund
Annual fund and advancement services. John Starritt & Bryan Mack.

Working with
Development Officers

Working effectively with development officers. Ami Phillips.

Class Agents ...
Class Agents
Class agent handbook and recruitment letter. Lindsey Ballenger.

Class Managers Handbook
Comprehensive handbook for class managers and class whips. Dave Kelly.
Job Descriptions
Job Description. Abilene Christian.
Class agent. Lindsey Ballenger.
Class Agent. Rendi Hahn.
Class Agent. Donna Ancypa Holmes.
Class Agent. Leigh Ann Jacobson.

Fundraising Letter. Oberlin College.
Recruiting Letter. Abilene Christian.
  Thank you Letter. Abilene Christian.

Class Agent Timeline.
Kristin Ackervall.
Class Agent Timeline. Jenna Stone.

Stewardship ...
Scholarship Endowment Reporting SurveySurvey Results
Scholarship and endowment reporting is a very important facet of stewardship. Here are the results of a survey from this site.
Kathleen A. Mannion.

Anatomy of Donor Relations
The Anatomy of a Donor Relations System - a comprehensive overview. Lynne Becker.

Donor Stewardship Reports
Strategies for preparing and managing these important reports for donors.

Donors Like the Tunes
Donors like the tunes as endowment grows. The 59% solution and strategy for a stewardship program that starts with education, and ends up with on-on-one asks for major gifts. Terry Burton.

Entitlement or Need

$100 million naming rights. Mile high expectations or just a fishing trip
Terry Burton.

Evolving Naming Strategies
Stock markets have been tumbling. For those of us who have been involved for more than a twenty years, we know that the pendulum of life and current financial dilemma will eventually cease its’ current track, run out of steam and head in another direction. Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Going Forward With Asks
2009 will be an interesting year. As economists in the private sector shudder every time they mention the “R” word, recession, we can take solace in our own versions of the letter R. 2008 has left the global village and the nonprofit sector in particular, shaken, unsettled and uncertain of the future. For those that determined to stay the course here are a few notions to hang your hat on.
Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Introduction to Stewardship
Terry Burton.

Million Dollar Donors
Good presentation on developing stewardship plans for major donors. Shelly Henry, Debbie Meyers, Kristin Sullivan.

More Than a Thank You Letter
Not  too long ago, people in the fundraising community, would peg stewardship as the thank you letter that was sent to a donor upon receipt of a gift.  A form letter with an unrecognized signature, stuffed into a #10 standard envelope and run through the postage machine. Terry Burton.
Motivating the Money Givers
When you meet with a prospective donor what do you think about? Do you have a game plan? Having an idea of what is likely to motivate your donor gives you an edge, perhaps even a sense of confidence with which to pursue the discussion. But how do you know? Terry Burton.

Named Gifts Activity Surging
Summer is here, the stock markets are trending upwards and philanthropists are leading the way. Yes, leading the way. While many nonprofit organizations have been content to ride the “….woe is me bandwagon of despair…” many others have seized the moment, engaged their donor community with tales of stewardship and visions of what is to come. Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Named Gifts Report
Premier issue of the NAMED GIFTS Report, scheduled for publication on a quarterly basis. In this issue you will find a collection of named gifts from January to April 2009. Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Business school to go unnamed after receiving $85 million gift. Terry Burton.

Naming and Competition
Telecom business rivalry heats up with $30 million Bell Lightbox naming deal.
Terry Burton.

Naming Rights
Naming rights have become a powerful strategy for fundraisers. Naming rights deals—and the amount of money that comes with them—have the power to transform an organization forever. Good overview of a new book by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Naming Trends
Presentation on some emerging trends in naming opportunities. Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

$100 Million Dollar Gifts
Just when the DOW Jones average was beginning to look a little unsettled and talk of inflation began to take up more space in the daily financial news, along comes several generous philanthropists to get people thinking about something good. Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Principles of Stewardship
Building effective stewardship programs though coordination. Mike Westfall.

Spreading the Wealth
The year 2008 appears to have picked up right where we left off at the end of 2007, a year that may go down in history as the most generous expression of philanthropy known to mankind. By my estimations there were more than $4 billion in named gifts made in the last calendar year. That’s amazing!
Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.

Stay Connected
Graduates giving to annual fund.
Texas Christian University

Stewarding Matching Gift Donors
Tips and tricks on stewarding your matching gift donors. Amy Phillips.

A fundamental of naming opportunity policy statements is stewardship. Terry Burton.

Building a foundation for stewardship.
Devin Mathias.

Thanks to Donna Marino from the Valencia Foundation for contributing the following stewardship samples. Stewardship Plan. Donor Contribution Summary.

Stewardship Rebuilding Program
Stewardship plan. Scott Fendley.

Stewardship: A Global View
Stewardship as a cultivation strategy.
Mike Westfall.

Stewardship Checklist
Sample checklist to help ensure you've completed all activities. Kathy Ruvolo.

Stewardship Plan
Good example of a stewardship plan.
Jennifer Bowers.

The Endowed Chair
For universities and colleges, the endowed chair brought flexibility into the revenue stream that allowed diversity in the curriculum, support and retention of professors and financial assistance to students. Part one, part two.
Terry Burton.

International Philanthropy
An historic week for international philanthropy has just concluded. Two very generous gifts have landed on the doorsteps of higher education, but this time not in the USA. Provided by Terry Burton from Dig in Research.


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