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  Policy on Releasing Alumni Information Records

Policy on Releasing Alumni InformationLooking For Alums

1) If a person sends an email looking for another alum and they have included all pertinent information, reply with the following message.

Hi (Name here)! This is to notify you that your request has been received. There is no need to resend information. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


This message has been meticulously crafted by individuals familiar with FERPA regulations, as well as Institutional regulations.

2) If a person sends an email without all necessary information, reply with the following message.

Hi (Name here)!

Due to federal confidentiality regulations, we cannot confirm or deny the status of any individual, unless we have been given permission. As such, we also cannot give out personal information about any individual.

The Alumni Affairs Office provides a service enabling you to forward your contact information to an alumna/alumnus via our office.

Please provide the information you would like to forward and, if appropriate, we will forward it to that party.

Please also provide as much information as possible about the individual(s) you are looking for, including their full name and graduation year, so your information does not get misdirected.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

3) If a person calls looking for an alum, tell them we cannot confirm or deny the status of any individual, but we can try to process their request.

Check with the appropriate staff person on a more exact procedure.

4) Information we need to find an alum:

  • the full name of the individual they are trying to contact

  • the graduation year of the individual they are trying to contact

  • the person’s full name

  • the contact information the person wants forwarded

Rules on confirming status

If a person’s record is marked CONFIDENTIAL (it will inform you of this when you open the record) the college cannot confirm knowledge of the person’s identity.

If a record is NOT marked confidential we can acknowledge them without giving out any personal information about them (including student status and grad year).

However, it is the college’s interest to avoid confirming any constituent unless absolutely necessary.

Contributed by …
Carrie Stephens, Assistant to the Alumni Director, Evergreen State College
Email AddressCarrie has been with the Office of College Advancement at TESC since 2001. During that time she has worked in gift processing, prospect research and alumni relations, at one time being the sole interim support for the Alumni Office (FY03).

Supportingadvancement.com Releasing Alumni Information. Sample policy on releasing alumni information.
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