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  Policies, Procedures and Related More With Less
Appeal Policy
For requesting an appeal. Francine Cronin.

Awards Nomination Process. Kathy Spring

Alumni Association By-Laws
By-Laws. Lenore Junker.
By-Laws. Andrea Shirey.
Additional By-Laws, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Endowment Agreement
Sample agreement. Tamara Tesch
Endowment agreement for individuals.
Amy Phillips. University of St. Thomas – Scholarship Agreement, Selkirk College – Endowment Agreement.

Endowment Distribution
Sample of short and concise endowment distribution policy.

Endowed Scholarship
Endowed scholarship agreement.
Maureen Kloker.

Fiscal Policies and Procedures
Good fiscal policies and procedures manual with sample forms. Mike Westfall.

Fundraising Guidelines
For Corporations and Foundations.
Paul Lanning.

Gift Solicitation and Acceptance
Comprehensive example. Ryan Elliott.

Gift Acceptance Policy
Comprehensive example. John Martin.

Gift Acknowledgment Protocol
Sample campaign gift acknowledgement protocol. Scott Fendley.

Gift Agreement
Good example. Christopher M. Johnston
Gift agreement for individuals.
Amy Phillips.

Gift Agreement & Fund Language
Sample Fund Language. Sample Gift Agreement. Mark Metivier
BloggingGift "from Multiple Donors"
How to handle a gift from multiple donors.
Alan S. Hejnal.

Gift-In-Kind Acceptance Policy
Good example of Gift in kind policy.
Nancy Brown.

Gifts vs. Grants
Gifts vs. grants decision tree flowchart. Explanation. Samantha Marrs.

Grants Management
Two articles adapted from an upcoming book on grants, plus grants management samples.
Six Secrets of a Successful Grants Office.
Getting Grants – Proposal Writing Basics.
Grants Management Procedures.
Grant Registration and Approval Form.
Alexis Carter-Black.

Investment Policy Checklist
Evaluate your investment policy.
John Elbare.

Leadership Council By-Laws
College advisory board by-laws.
Tamera Rogers.

Cause related marketing guidelines.
Brenda Kappel.

Memorandum of Agreement
Memorandum of agreement for endowed funds.
Kimberly Major.

Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum between alumni association and the university. Kim Walton.

Naming Opportunities. Carolyn H. Brown.
Naming Opportunities. Mary Ann Oppenheimer.
Naming Opportunities. Larry Walsh.

More naming: Endowed Chair Process, Endowment Minimums, 2, Fundraising Guidelines, Naming Academic Entity, Naming Chairs, 2, Naming Facilities, 2, 3, 4, 5, Naming Opportunities, 2, 3, 4, Naming Student Awards, Naming Policies.

Non-Cash Gift Terminology
Understanding some terminology for non-cash gifts. Alan S. Hejnal.

Nonstandard Gifts
Questions and answers on accepting nonstandard gifts. John Taylor.

Pledge Management Policy
Concise example. Corina Lynn Coles.

Policy & Procedures Development
Policies and Procedures – Your Game Plan. James Minehart.

Prospect Management
Comprehensive prospect management policies. Paul Lanning.

Reunion Gift Counting
Policy for reunion gift counting. Paul Budlong.

Scholarship Grant
Sample scholarship grant. Maureen Kloker.

Solicitation Policy
Good example of solicitation policy.
Mike Westfall.

Sponsorship Policy
Productive Partnerships with the Private Sector. Trish Nagorski.

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Surveys. Gift administration fees.

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