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  No Peeking – Privacy and Information Protection Policies Records

Some additional resources on security and privacy:

Computer Security InstituteSecurity
Supportingadvancement.com FIRST – Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Supportingadvancement.com Industry Canada – Online Security and Privacy Guide
Supportingadvancement.com Microsoft – Baseline Security Analysis Tool, newsletters and other tools. Free seminars.
Supportingadvancement.com National Cyber Security Partnership – Public private partnership to make cyberspace more secure.
Supportingadvancement.com PC Magazine Utilities – A number of free tools such as spyware detectors.
Supportingadvancement.com Software Engineering Institute – Papers
Supportingadvancement.com Threats and Countermeasures From Microsoft. A free 900+ page document on improving web security.

Sites with privacy legislation, policies and procedures:
   AFP Toronto ChapterSecurity
AFP Canadian Public Policy on Privacy
Australian Government Privacy Office
CASE – Foundation Independence and Donor Privacy
Canadian Department of Justice Policy on Access to Information and Privacy
  Direct Marketing Association. Privacy policy generator.
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) Web site
Ontario’s Consultation on Privacy Protection
Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Privacy is Your Business from CIO
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

On this site:
Data Backup and Recovery Strategies
Democracy and Responsibility. Additional security considerations given break-ins and compromises of higher ed data.
Employment Pages. Confidentiality agreements.
Privacy Architecture
Privacy Audit Questionnaire
Privacy Policy Statement
Privacy Principles
Privacy Recommendations
Releasing Alumni Information
Security Survey
Shadow Databases

Contributed by …
John Taylor
Email AddressJohn is principal for Advancement Solutions, and Vice President for Advancement Services Consulting and Education at RuffaloCODY, whose corporate headquarters are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. John operates out of Decatur, Georgia.  He assumed these new positions in December 2004. He holds a BA in Mass Communications and Socio-Political Change from Vanderbilt University, and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University. Before coming to RuffaloCODY, John was the Vice President for Research and Data Services at CASE – a position he held from its inception in late 2002. Prior to that John served as the Director of Alumni & Development Records at Duke University. In 1987, he joined Duke as the Manager of University Payrolls and assumed the advancement position in 1988. During his tenure as director, John guided Duke’s advancement services processes to an industry benchmark of efficiency and accuracy.

John is published, including being the consulting editor of the CASE Management and Reporting  (3rd edition), editor of the CASE best seller Advancement Services: Research and Technology Support for Fund Raising, a contributing editor for the 3rd edition of CASE’s Handbook of Institutional Advancement, and numerous articles in “The Major Gift Report,” “Chronicle of Philanthropy,” and “Currents,” and is consulted frequently by other authors regarding charitable gifts and gift tax-related issues. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences across the country, receiving the CASE Crystal Apple Award for outstanding teaching, and has been the Chair for the CASE Summer Institute in Advancement Services. He was the Vice Chair for the CASE Committee involved in reviewing and rewriting the CASE Management & Reporting Standards. John consults for educational institutions, foundations, and other non-profit organizations focusing on the areas of systems, policies and procedures, IRS and accounting regulations, board development, alumni relations and general advancement issues.
Advancement Solutions.

Supportingadvancement.com Accepting Nonstandard Gifts.
Supportingadvancement.com Advancement Services. Discussion of advancement services as the cornerstone for advancement.
Supportingadvancement.com ePhilanthropy Strategies. Strategies, results, analysis.
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Processing, Beginning to End

Supportingadvancement.com It’s All About the Data – The ABCs of Building & Maintaining Robust Databases
Supportingadvancement.com No Peeking – Privacy and Information Protection Policies
Supportingadvancement.com Seven Questions/Considerations for your Data Mining Efforts
Supportingadvancement.com Who Can Make a Pledge – And Who Can Pay it Off?
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