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Sample FormsSample Forms

Sample forms you can use to help develop your own.

Annual Giving Staff Increase
Proposal for increasing the number of annual giving staff. Jeffrey D. Driggs.

Audit Preparation
Preparing to do an audit of an advancement services organization. Some tips and tricks.

Average Cost per Dollar Raised
Favorite topic frequently posted on listservs and asked and discussed in many other forums.

Budget Reduction Questions
Some questions to ask and think about when you are facing budget reductions.

Campaigns & Adv. Services
PowerPoint with some general ideas on how campaigns affect Advancement Services.

Common Sources of Funding
It is fiscally prudent for organizations to have diverse sources of revenue. In order to be stable and able to plan for their future, organizations need to have predictable, sustainable streams of operating revenue. Those who have a diverse base of funding are less vulnerable to fluctuations in flow or to the elimination of any one funding stream.
Mary Prodanovic.

Brian Dowling
Cost Per Dollar
Presentation on Optimizing Operating Revenue and Cost Per Dollar Raised to Ensure Sustainability. Brian Dowling.

Cost Savings
Some areas to review during your budget planning process for potential cost savings.

If you don't measure ...
Presentations: Developing a Tracking System.
James Minehart.

Gift Administration Fees
Some survey results on gift administration fees on the surveys page.

Horses, Software and Bad Art
Booking non-cash gifts and giving credit where credit is due
. Liz Landry

IRS policies procedures and gift processing.
Alan Hejnal.

Rules and Regulations
Presentations on IRS rules and regulations. Part 1, Part 2. Cathy Spickard.

IRS or CRA are not 4-Letter Words
The finer points of rules and regulations
John Ley

Lean Thinking
What is lean thinking and how can you apply these concepts in your own organization? Presentation at the AASP Summit presented by Shannon Flumerfelt. (WMA format.)

Look Within
The eight hundred pound gorilla in the room at a recent non profit conference was, of course, the economy and how charities are coping with these tough times.

More With LessMore With Less
PowerPoint with tips on doing
more with less, plus a little humor.

Nonstandard Gifts
Questions and answers on accepting nonstandard gifts. John Taylor.

Bentz Whaley Flessner
(30 mb)
Scott Fendley and Alan Hejnal, the Director of Advancement Services at the University of Richmond, discuss the rules and regulations with which the Advancement Services world must be familiar.
From Bentz Whaley Flessner.

Resource Assessment
Assessing information technology resources is increasingly necessary. Linda Fleit.

Presentation on resources to help you with your career.
SWOT analysis to help you determine your professional development goals. Companion piece - Managing Professional Development. Brian Dowling.

Selling the Annual Fund Investment
Selling the annual fund investment to decision makers. Howard Heevner.

More With LessSelling Your Budget
What is the best strategy to try and position budget growth, or at a minimum, budget retention in tough times when the optics are that we need to pull back, have off ramps, cut back and do more with less? Brian Dowling. More budgets, planning and related materials.

Should I accept this?
Should I accept this and what is it worth?
Alan Hejnal.

Staff Justification Strategies
Staffing Justification
Identifying Opportunities for Growth. Helen Brenneman.

Succeeding Without Consultants
Leveraging internal resources for maximum
results and legitimacy.
John Hostler

Telemarketing Services Vendors
Can be a cost effective way to do your telemarketing program.

Time Management Techniques
Consider the money value of time.
Zachery Weigert-Derr.

What are you tracking?
Presentation with some ideas for tracking information that you manage in advancement/development services.

What Counts
Counting of gifts for campaign and financial information. Alan Hejnal.

Who Can Make a Pledge
Who Can Make a Pledge - And Who Can Pay It Off? John Taylor.

BloggingMore more with less ...
  On the blog (More with Less).
Questions and answers on the FAQ
     (More with less).
  Questions and answers on the FAQ.
     (Gift accounting, acceptance, policies,
      processing, valuation, ).
  Advancement Services and Related
Job Postings on the Job Board

More With Less

Gift and Records Processing ...
Acknowledgement Letter
Example of acknowledgement using merge fields for custom letters. Amy J. Phillips.

Doing More with less!
How Can I Automate This Stuff?
John Ley

Enforcing Data Entry
Ways to help improve your data entry
. Amy Phillips

Finding Lost Alums
Putting together the Puzzle.
John Ley.

Follow the Gift
Presentation explaining the basics of gift processing for development staff. K. Harvey Summers.

Gift Acceptance
Should I Accept This Gift?
James Minehart.

Gift Processing

Presentation on the best practices in gift processing. Catherine Spickard.
Gift Processing
Improving efficiency and accuracy.
Scott Fendley.

Gift Processing
Samples from gift processing manual used at Rollins College in their award winning advancement services shop.
Candace Hamblin.

Gift Processing
Finding and fixing your top 10 gift processing problems. Steven Jacobson.

Gift Processing
Beginning to End. Helping to make order out of chaos
. John Taylor.

Gift Processing Flowchart
Extensive gift processing flowchart with related information. Tammy Burkhardt.

Gift Processing Workshop
Presentation from a gift processing workshop used to help train and inform unit development and financial staff. Catherine Spickard and
Maria A. Zampierollo.

Gift Transmittal Process
Mapping of gift processing transmittal process. Ted Haegele.
Improving Gift Processing
10 key points for improving the accuracy of your gift processing. Eric Saarvala.

IRS is Not A 4-Letter Word?
IRS, Processing and more ...
John Ley.

Managing Donations
Help train business officers on managing donations
. Semere-ab Abiyo
Year End ProcessingYear End Processing
Some suggestions on planning for the impact of year end transactional volumes on your  staff.

Memos, Emails Other Samples
Sample year end memo.

Stock transfer procedures memo.
Stock transfer fax transmittal sheet. Sample year end e-mail. Amy Phillips.

Annual Date of Gift Message. John Taylor
Planning ...
Alumni Objectives Matrix
Alumni objectives matrix showing strategies, timeframe and resources required.
Mike Westfall.

Annual Fund Planning
Annual Fund Business Plan.
Annual fund segmentation plan.
Nicole Rinetti.

Annual Giving Planning

Annual Fund Operating Plan. Stacy Mara.
Annual fund Plan. Stephen M. Rodriguez.
Annual Giving Operating Plan.
Planning Calendar. Mike Westfall.

Annual Giving Plan. Molloy College.
Annual Giving Plan.
University of Detroit Mercy.

Annual Giving Pyramid
Annual Giving Pyramid. Tracking annual giving solicitations. Heather Riddle.

Annual Giving Pyramid
Annual Giving Pyramid. Corina Lynn Coles.

Campaign Planning
Comprehensive campaign planning timeline contributed by Mike Westfall.

Creating an Action Plan
Presentation and two spreadsheet samples of plan: Action Plan, Action Plan Worksheet. James Minehart.

More Pyramid Links
Alexander Macnab & Co.
Campagne Associates
Metropolitan Group

Business Plan Outline
Outline for creating a comprehensive business plan. Amy Phillips.

Annual Fund. Sharon Ammons
Annual Fund.
Dianne Easter.
Annual Fund. University of Detroit Mercy.
Annual Fund. Virginia Tech.
Phonathon & Direct Mail. Sheri Hamiter.

Campaign Communications Plan
Campaign communications plan for WVU's $250 million campaign which eventually raised $336 million. These are challenging plans to put together, and this is a good example. Pam Fronko.

Change Management
Conceptual diagram on some of the elements inherent in managing change.
Direct Mail Checklist
Lindsay P. Ballenger.

Direct Mail Worksheet
Worksheet to help manage direct mail.

Donor Loyalty Report
Used to help plan annual fund activities and build a gift range pyramid. Julie Ripper.

Financial Planning AssociationFinancial Planning
Journal of Financial Planning Association has articles, links ...

Goals and Objectives
Planning for the annual fund.
Sheri Hamiter.

Operating Plan
Sample operating plan for annual giving.
Paul Budlong.

Planning Calendar
mproving your planning techniques with a  Cyclical Calendar to plan upcoming projects. Kate Goldberg.

Planning Cycle
Organizations with agile planning, budget and forecasting capabilities are best positioned to weather uncertain economic times. By instituting a standardized planning system, an organization will have a clear vision of where it wants to be in future and a blueprint to readily improve, adapt, and monitor progress toward goals
Mary Prodanovic.

Bentz Whaley Flessner
Scott Fendley talks with Jon Thorsen, Director of Advancement Services at The Nature Conservancy, about strategic planning for advancement services. From Bentz Whaley Flessner.

Planning Materials
Business Plan, Weekly Activity Report, Goals. Kathleen Madonna.

Project Management
Good overview presentation on the ins and outs of project management.
Mary Prodanovic.

Reporting Packet
Sample college reporting packet for all aspects of annual fund with large number
of statistics and analysis.

Reunion Giving Pyramid
Analysis of reunion giving.
Jennifer Krouse.

Solicitation Calendar
Jim Napier.

Strategic Plan
Comprehensive annual giving strategic plan. Midwestern State University.

Strategic Plan
Strategic technology plan.
Susan Restad.

Strategic Planning
Effective strategic planning is critical to your organization's success. Have a look at this paper from Abaris Consulting and see if your strategic plan is what it needs to be

ACASAStrategic Planning
Frequently asked questions.
Alliance for Nonprofit Management.

Strategic Planning
, 2
Putting together your strategic plans.
Mike Westfall.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning: Tools to Take Home with You. Lynne Becker.

Status Reporting
What is a status report and what should the report include?
Mary Prodanovic.

Student Giving Planning
Fiscal year operating plan for student giving program. Rebecca Bramlett.

Brian DowlingThe 100 Day Plan
The 100 day plan is a planning exercise designed to accelerate outcomes in a short time frame which will then lead into a longer term (typically annual) plan. The plan can provide a clean slate so the organization can innovate quickly and where the traditional planning cycle may be too far out, too complicated or too time intensive to foster innovation in the short term.
Brian Dowling.


More resources ...
Supportingadvancement.com Business Performance Management Magazine - Good articles on measuring business performance.
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