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  Matching Gifts Revenue

Matching Gifts ...
Best benchmarking and reporting practices are critical to measurement of the ongoing performance of matching gift performance processes whether or not you even have a formal matching gift program in place.

Best Fundraising Practices

Presentation with some examples of best fundraising practices for matching gifts.
Brian Dowling.

Some sample matching gift brochures. College, K12, Arts and Culture and Healthcare.

HEPIncreasing Matching Gifts
Millions of Americans give to charities in the hope that their gift will have a positive impact on their communities. However, too many charities overlook the opportunity to double, triple or even quadruple those gifts by encouraging their donors t o take advantage of their employers' very own matching gift programs. Contributed by HEP Development Services.

Matching Gifts
No Time Like the Present for Matching Gifts. Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts
Best Practices in Matching Gifts Processing.
Gail A. Ferris.

Matching Gifts & Budget
White paper on using matching gifts to stretch your budget.
We all know the old saying that it takes money to make money. But as a fundraiser, you also know that it also takes time, staff, resources, and the buy-in of your stakeholders. From HEP Development Services

Matching Gifts Efforts
Ideas for improving direct mail matching gifts. Mike Westfall.

Matching Gifts Emails
Samples of matching gifts emails from Eastern Washington University, with company names and logos imbedded in emails, email 1, email 2, email 3. Contributed by Mike Westfall.

Matching Gift Ethics
There are guidelines to which nonprofit organizations should be adhering when submitting requests for matching gifts.
Amy Phillips.

Matching Gift Fliers.
Charity, College, Cultural, Hospital, K 12

Matching Gifts Images
A couple of Matching Gifts Months images to use in your publications or web sites. From HEP Development Services.

Matching Gift Labels
Sample labels that NC State University uses to verify gifts eligible to be matched. Most companies will accept a label in lieu of completing the fields on their matching gift form. Athletics Avery 5163, Athletics Avery 5164, IBM  Avery 5366, Avery 5163, Avery 5164. (Right click and save as to download.)
Erika Roe.
Matching Gifts Practices 2006
Results. Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts Practices 2007
Results. Presentation of the results of the survey. Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts Practices 2008
Results. Podcast with Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips discussing the results.  Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts Practices 2009
Results. Thanks to everyone who participated. Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts Practices 2010
Results. Thanks to everyone who participated. Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips. Related Presentation.

Matching Gifts Practices 2011
Results. Thanks to everyone who participated. Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts Practices 2012
Results. Thanks to everyone who participated. Contributed by Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips.

Matching Gifts Practices 2012
Slides from a webinar on the results of the largest and most comprehensive matching gifts survey focusing on the 2012 results.
Brian Dowling.

Matching Gifts Survey
Matching gifts survey results.
Heather Huber.

Maximize Your Matching Gifts
"Free Money" or Matching Gifts are available today from more corporations and subsidiaries than ever before (Approximately 16,500). Maximizing the dollars your non-profit receives is more important now than ever. Presentation by Mike Westfall on how to maximize your matching gifts. Video of Presentation. Sponsored by HEP Development Services.

Meeting of the MindsMeeting of the Minds
Maximizing your matching gifts.
Brian Lacy.

Acknowledgement. Kristal Amador.
 Supportingadvancement.com Boston University's matching gift brochure.
 Supportingadvancement.com Email. Dianne Easter.
Follow Up Letter.
 Supportingadvancement.com Insert.
 Supportingadvancement.com Leaflet. Erika Roe.
 Supportingadvancement.com Leaflet for Veterinary Medical Foundation.
Erika Roe.
 Supportingadvancement.com Luggage Tag Employment Data.
 Supportingadvancement.com Mailer - Front, Reverse.
 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gift Buckslip. Trista S. Lowther.
 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gift E-Mail
 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gift Letter. Michelle Catlett.
Matching Gift Postcard.
Publication Language.
Reminder. Kristal Amador.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reminder and Thank You Emails.
    Erika Roe.

Request. Kristal Amador.
 Supportingadvancement.com Thank You. Kristal Amador.
HEPSample Fliers & Leaflets
  Custom Designed Fliers/Leaflets
  for Direct Mail Campaigns
 Supportingadvancement.com Fliers
    Charity, College, Cultural, Hospital, K 12.
 Supportingadvancement.com Leaflets

Soliciting Matching Gifts
Responsibilities for the mechanics of data maintenance and acquisition, asking for matching gifts, pledge collection and follow-up (both with individuals and organizations), corporate agents, alumni events within organizations and other aspects of matching gifts typically cross many program areas. Brian Dowling.

Tips and tricks on stewarding your matching gift donors. Amy Phillips.
More on Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts Community
You can join CASE's matching gifts community to learn more about matching gifts, view and post samples and more. Note that you don't have to be a CASE member to participate in the discussions.

Supportingadvancement.com Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Charities are working hard to compete for a smaller pot of dollars from companies that match employee donations.

There are more matching gift materials available on the Samples page.

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Best practices for matching gifts, matching gifts survey, matching gifts administration and more.

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Igive.com % of purchases to charity.
Upromise % of purchases to college savings.
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