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  Managing Scripts Reporting

Sample scripts …
Managing ScriptsA small selection of sample scripts you can use as ideas for your data warehouse or reporting environment.

Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Data Extraction – Shows variable block where values are changed and used throughout the script. Lowers maintenance for your annual fund data extractions. Standardizes inclusions and exclusions so you don’t forget. Greatly increases your flexibility when an annual fund data definition changes.

Supportingadvancement.com Assignment – Prospect management assignments with prospect and assignment names.

Supportingadvancement.com CAE – Run the standard CAE report and variations.

Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Counts Counting donors and calculating statistics for campaigns.

Supportingadvancement.com Current Fiscal Year Previous Fiscal Year Current and previous fiscal year giving.

Supportingadvancement.com Entity Statistics – Extract various entity statistics.

Supportingadvancement.com Fiscal Dates – All your fiscal dates so they don’t have to be changed within programs and reports.

Supportingadvancement.com General Annual Fund Mailing John Starritt & Bryan Mack.

Supportingadvancement.com Good Addresses – Fully formatted good addresses, phone numbers and more.

Supportingadvancement.com Outstanding Pledges – Managing all aspects of outstanding pledges.

Supportingadvancement.com Staff – Staff table to facilitate reporting on staff departments and groups.

Supportingadvancement.com State of the Database – Calculating contactable statistics.

Supportingadvancement.com 10 Year Cash – Cash totals for 10 years with a variety of descriptions and columns to group sort and exclude/include by.

Supportingadvancement.com Test IDs – Test entity ids for programmers to use in testing. We all have specific test ids we use to test scripts so why not share them so we don’t have to hard code.

Supportingadvancement.com Web – Information for deployment on the web. Special fields with special formatting.

These may be syntactically different from the language you’re using, but the concepts will be similar.

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