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  Sample job postings and job posting tips. Employment

Advancement Services & SystemsAdvancement Services
  Advancement Applications Manager
Advancement Database Applications Consultant
  Advancement Data Specialist
Advancement Services Manager
  Assistant Director Gift Processing
  AVP for Advancement Services
  Director of Donor Relations
  Manager of Development Services
  Manager of Gift, Data & Records Services

Alumni Relations & AssociationsAlumni Relations
  Alumni Relations Associate Director
  Alumni Relations Assistant Director
  Alumni Relations Director
  Assistant Alumni Director
  Director of Alumni Affairs
  Director of Alumni Relations

Annual GivingDevelopment Officers and Related
Assistant Director Annual Giving
  Ass. Dir. Development and Alumni Relations
  Associate Director of Major Gifts
Assistant Director Reunion Giving
  Calling Center Manager
  Development Associate, Corp & Fdn Relations
  Development Coordinator
Development Officer, Donor Relations
  Director of Annual Giving
  Director of Individual Giving
  Director of Major Gifts
Director of Planned Giving
  Director of Pledge Redemption
Grant Writer
Major Gifts Officer
Program Manager Annual Fund

Prospect ResearchProspect Research
  Assistant for Advancement Records & Research
Database Manager
Development Assistant for Research
  Development Research and Systems Administrator

Prospect ResearchProspect Research (Cont.)
  Development Research Associate
Development Researcher
  Development Researcher
Director of Development Research
  Principal Research Manager
  Prospect Research Analyst
Prospect Research Assistant
  Prospect Research Manager
Prospect Researcher
Prospect Researcher
Prospect Researcher
Research and Records Analyst
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Research Associate
Research Associate
Research Officer
  Senior Strategic Analyst
Staff Assistant for Development

  Assistant for Advancement Records & Research
  Database Records Specialist
  Manager of Alumnae Records
  Research and Records Analyst

Advancement Services & SystemsSystems and Web
  Advancement Applications Manager
Advancement Database Applications Consultant
  Database Administrator
  Development Support Analyst
  Portal Systems Specialist
  Programmer Analyst
  Programmer Analyst, Senior
  Software Replacement Project Assistant
  Web Manager

  Assistant to the Vice President of Development
  Executive Director of Nonprofit
Some Tips for Job Postings

There are many thousands of job postings circulated in both the print media and on the Internet, all competing for the attention of good candidates.

Job postings are important, as these also give you a competitive advantage in selecting candidates.

Postings have to be written to attract a wide variety of candidates, but at the same time should also pre-screen those applicants that may not be qualified.
  • Try and think from your external audience’s perspective and target your audience appropriately. A posting developed for an internal audience can be substantially different than that for an external one.
  • Think strategically about including as many keywords as possible, particularly if the posting is on the Internet.
  • Make sure you post the job in the proper category. For advancement support positions, you may wish to post in more than one location since these positions may often cross organizational boundaries.
  • Try not to make the position title too specific, particularly if posting nationally since titles may vary across organizations.
  • Try to convey the description and all of the other information within 5-10 lines of the message since candidates will often scan many job postings. You can  include a web site address so the candidates have a place to go for more detailed information.
  • Try to include the standard tag line and logo of your organization. It will help to make your organization more appealing.
  • Briefly note the skills education.
  • Include a salary range and information about benefits.
  • Include your web site and email address along with traditional fax and postal address to make it easier for applicants to respond in a variety of ways.
  • Include a no phone calls line if you don’t want to be inundated with calls.
  • Include the location and whether moving costs will be reimbursed.
  • Make sure you put the closing date that applications must be received by.
  • Always carefully review your job posting before you send it to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Be a good corporate citizen. Make sure that you remove your job postings from Internet sites when the positions are filled.
  • A job posting is also an advertisement for your organization. Make sure that you also consider the marketing aspects and the character and tone conveyed about your organization.
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