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Advancement Services & SystemsAdvancement Services, Operations, Systems

  Supportingadvancement.com Acknowledgement Coordinator. Wendy L. Gasparri.
  Advancement Applications Specialist
  Advancement Services and Prospect Research Coordinator
Advancement Services Manager, 2
  Advancement Services Manager - Scott Warrington
Annual Giving and Database Manager
  Annual Giving/Raiser's Edge Specialist
Assistant Director Advancement Services
  Assistant Director Development Services
Associate Director of Document Management
Assistant Director Gift Processing
Assistant Director of Gift Services
  Assistant Director Prospect Research
Assistant Director Systems
  Associate Dir Advancement Information Systems
Associate Director, Donations Management
  Associate Director, Restricted Funds Accounting
Associate Director of Development Operations. Amy Phillips.
  Associate Director of Development Services
Associate Director Financial Accounting
Associate Director Gift and Pledge Processing
Associate Director Records
  Biographical Records Supervisor
  Chief Clerk - Kelly Esters
  Chief Financial Officer, 2
  Clerical Assistant
Coordinator of Gift Processing. Glenda L. Anderson.
  Database Administrative Assistant
  Database Administrator, 2
Database Administrator, Prospect Manager,
  Database and Support Specialist/Report Writing Associate
Database Coordinator, 2
Database Coordinator. Amy J. Phillips.
Database Coordinator/IT Support
Supportingadvancement.com Database Coordinator. Olga Marquez.
Database Manager,
2 Database Administrator, Prospect Manager,
Development Accountant - Jodi Collins
Development Data Analyst
Development Operations Manager
Development Services Officer
  Director Finance and IT Operations
Director, Gift and Donor Records
  Director of Advancement Information and Analytics
Director of Advancement Services, 2, 3,
Director of Advancement Services. Glenda L. Anderson.
  Director of Advancement Services. Scott Fendley.
Director of Advancement Services and Donor Relations
  Director of Annual Giving and Development Services
  Director of Development Services, 2
Director of Development Services and Operations
  Director of Development Services, Gift Administration
  Director of Finance and Controller
Director of Gift Accounting
  Director of Stewardship, 2
  Director Information Technology & Research
  Executive Director of Fundraising Information Systems
  Foundations Operations Administrator
  Fundraising Services Assistant
  Gift Entry and Donor Records Specialist
  Gift Processor
  Gift Recording Acknowledgment Supervisor
Gift Records Assistant. Amy Phillips.
  Information Systems Specialist
Information Technology Associate. Amy Phillips.
Manager, Gifts and Database  Administration. Susana Gajic-Bruyea.
  Manager Information Resources
  Manager of Development Research & Info Systems
  Manager of Development Services
  Manager Strategic Research and Data Analysis
  Network Administrator
  Operations Manager
  Programmer Analyst
  Project Manager, E-Revenue
Report Writer
Senior Database Manager
Senior Director Advancement Alumni Operations
  Senior Manager of Gift and Data Services. Karen Latora.
Senior Systems Training Specialist.
  Software Replacement Project Assistant
Student Worker - Data Entry and Clerical Support - Amy Phillips
Systems Administrator, 2
Systems Analyst
  Systems Analyst Coordinator
  Systems Analyst/Developer
Systems Support Analyst.
Technology and Information Systems Operations Manager
  Training Specialist
  VP Strategy Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  Web Analyst

Alumni Relations & AssociationsAlumni Relations and Associations
Administrative Assistant. Lisa Poullard-Burton.
Administrative Support Assistant. Jacquelyn Glasener.
Alumni Association Webmaster
  Alumni Coordinator
Alumni Council Member. Andrea Shirey.
Alumni Development Specialist
  Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Manager
  Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
  Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations
  Board of Directors Good Faith Guidelines. Jacquelyn Glasener.
Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations
Director of Alumni Affairs
  Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Director of Alumni Marketing and Membership. Jacquelyn Glasener.
Director of Alumni Relations, 2,
3, 4, 5
  Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Executive Director of Alumni Relations, 2

Annual Giving
Annual Giving and Telefund
Alumni Fund Officer
     Special Projects and Donor Relations

  Annual Campaign Program Manager
Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Manager
  Annual Fund Chairs
  Annual Fund Development Intern
  Annual Fund Director, 2
Annual Fund Manager, 2
Annual Fund Officer
  Annual Fund Officer
  Annual Giving Manager. Luanne Currie.
Annual Giving and Database Manager
Annual Giving Program Coordinator
  Annual Giving/Raiser's Edge Specialist
Annual Giving Officer
Assistant Director Annual Fund and Reunion Giving
  Assistant Director of Annual Giving, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Special Events
  Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Reunion
  Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Young Alumni
Assistant Phonathon Training Manager
Assistant Promotional Manager
  Assistant Recruiting Manager
Associate Director of Annual Giving
  Associate Director, Parents Projects
Director, Annual Giving Programs. Susana Gajic-Bruyea.
Director of Annual Giving. Molly Williams.
Director of Annual Giving and Development Services
  Class and Reunion Giving
  Coordinator of Class Giving
Development Director for Annual Fund
Dialogue Center Supervisor
  Direct Mail Manager
Director Baylor Fund
  Director for Annual Giving, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs
  Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
  Director of Annual Programs
Director of Development, Annual Giving
  Fund Officer. Elizabeth Dollhopf-Brown.
  Lead Caller
Leadership Annual Giving
  Manager Annual Programs & Alumni Relations
  Phonathon Assistant
Phonathon Intern. Laura Teliha.
Phonathon Manager
Phonathon Manager. Melinda Mosier.
Phonathon Supervisor, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Phonathon Supervisor. Meredith Berg.
Phonathon Supervisor Duties. Meredith Berg.
Phonathon Supervisor. Sheri Hamiter.
Phone Program Coordinator
  Phone Program Coordinator. Devin Mathias.
  Program Manager - Phone Center. John Glover.
Shift Manager -
Faye Jennings.
  Shift Supervisor - Faye Jennings.
  Student Caller. Jen Castellani
  Student Caller. Sheri Hamiter.
Student Caller -
Faye Jennings.

Annual GivingAnnual Giving and Telefund (Cont.)
  Student Caller Team Leader
Student Caller Training Manager, 2
Student Communicator
  Student Phonathon Manager
Student Phonathon Representative 
Supportingadvancement.com Student Supervisor.
  Telefund Assistant Director
  Telefund Manager
  Telefund Program Supervisor
Telefund Senior Caller
Telefund Supervisor
Telemarketing Coordinator
  Telephone Outreach Program Coordinator
  Young Alumni Coordinator

Annual Giving
Development and Fundraising
  Assistant Director Corp and Foundation Relations, 2
  Associate Director Corp and Foundation Relations
  Associate Director Corporate Relations
  Assistant Director of Development
  Associate Director, Corporation and Foundation Relations
  Campaign Director
College Development Associate. Amy Phillips.
Coordinator Fundraising & Volunteer Support
Development Assistant
Development Director for Strategic Initiatives. Molly Williams.
  Development Officer. Amy Phillips.
  Development Officer, College of Arts and Letters. Molly Williams.
  Development Officer, College of Business Administration.
     Molly Williams.
  Development Officer, College of Education. Molly Williams.
  Development Officer, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
     Molly Williams.
  Development Officer, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
     Molly Williams.
  Development Officer, Consortium of Professional Schools &Colleges.
     Molly Williams.
  Development Writer
  Director Corporate and Foundation Relations
Director of College Relations
Director of Corporate Relations. Amy J. Phillips.
  Director of Development, 2
Director of Individual Giving
  Director of Major Gifts,
Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Director of Philanthropy
Director of Planned Giving. Amy J. Phillips.
  Executive Director of Foundation
  Grants and Research Manager
Director of Strategic and Direct Marketing
Supportingadvancement.com Grant Writer. Olga Marquez.
Major Gifts Officer
Major Gifts Officer - Scott Warrington
Regional Director of Major Gifts
  Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator
  Special Gifts Officer
  Stewardship Officer
  Vice President Membership and Volunteerism

Prospect ResearchProspect Research and Management
  Advancement Services and Prospect Research Coordinator
Assistant Director Prospect Research
  Assistant Director Research & Operations
Associate Director of Prospect Management. Amy J. Phillips.
Campaign Director,. Amy J. Phillips.
  Development Officer and Prospect Researcher
  Development Research Analyst
  Development Research Analyst
  Director of Development Research
  Director of Prospect Management and Research
Director of Research, 2, 3
  Director of Research and Prospecting Services
  Fundraising Assistant/Researcher
  Fundraising Researcher
  Grants and Research Manager
  Manager of Development Research & Info Systems
Manager of Prospect Management
  Manager of Prospect Research
  Manager Research and Database
  Principal Research Manager

  Prospect Analyst
  Prospect Research Officer
Prospect Research Specialist. Susana Gajic-Bruyea.
Prospect Researcher
Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Researcher. Olga Marquez.
Records Technician
Research Associate
  Researcher and Events Organizer
  Research Associate
Research and Prospect Manager
  Research Manager

  Associate Director Records
Data Integrity Manager
  Document Imaging Systems Analyst

StewardshipStewardship and Donor Relations
Supportingadvancement.com Acknowledgement Coordinator. Wendy L. Gasparri.
  Associate Director of Stewardship
  Coordinator Stewardship and Donor Relations
Director of Donor Relations. Amy J. Phillips.
Director of Stewardship, 2
Donor Stewardship and Prospect Research
  Staff Assistant
  Stewardship Coordinator, 2, 3
  Stewardship Program Manager

Volunteers and Boards
Volunteers and Boards
  Advisory Board Member
  Alumni Board - Christine Brown
Alumni Chapters Handbook. Jacquelyn Glasener.
  Alumni Council Member. With Giving Expectations. Andrea Shirey.
Alumni Council/Annual Giving Committee Vice President
From the FAQ. Giving Expectations for Board Members.
Annual Fund Chairperson, 2

  Class Agents
Supportingadvancement.com Class Agent - Lindsey Ballenger
Class Agent - Rendi Hahn
Class Agent - Donna Ancypa Holmes
Class Agent - Leigh Ann Jacobson

  Fundraising packet.
Cover Letter - Alexandra Nguyen
Pre Call Solicitation Card - Alexandra Nguyen
Volunteer Description - Alexandra Nguyen

  Recruitment packet
Recruitment Letter - Alexandra Nguyen
Volunteer Description - Alexandra Nguyen

Supportingadvancement.com Class agent handbook. Lindsey Ballenger.
Supportingadvancement.com Class Managers Handbook - Dave Kelly

Faculty StaffFaculty Staff Campaign Job Descriptions
Faculty Co-Chair - Robin Wissink
Staff Co-Chair - Robin Wissink
Team Leader - Robin Wissink
Volunteer - Robin Wissink

Other Volunteer and Board
Development Committee - Pauline Hechler
Leadership Council - Misty Farmer
Leadership Council Manual Table of Contents - Misty Farmer
Parent Council Responsibilities
Parent's Job Description, 2.
  Supportingadvancement.com Parent's Fund Council Job Description.
     Ohio Wes
leyan University.
Parents Fund Committee Handbook.
     Alfred University
Volunteer Call for Committee Membership
     Example ad for volunteers. Wendy Baverstock

  Alumni and Advancement Coordinator
Assistant Director of Electronic Communications
  Assistant VP for University Relations
Campaign Events Coordinator
Communications Manager. Amy Phillips.
Coordinator Stewardship and Donor Relations
  Development Writer
  Director of Finance and Operational Services
  Director of Internet Marketing
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Public Relations
  Events Coordinator
  Grant Writer
Grants and Special Projects Coordinator
Grants Specialist
  Project Manager, E-Revenue
  Senior Manager, Online Presence
  Stewardship Coordinator
Supportingadvancement.com Special Events and Banquets Assistant. Olga Marquez.
University Relations Assistant - Scott Warrington
Vice President Organizational Planning
Vice President Resource Development

  Web Analyst
  Web and Digital Media Manager
More Job Descriptions and Ideas @
Supportingadvancement.com BoardSource
  Job descriptions and other board management information.

CASE (Membership id and login required) CASE also publishes "Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions", and "The Unit Development Officer's Handbook".

Supportingadvancement.com Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies
  Job descriptions and other resources.

  Good section on volunteer job descriptions and more ...

  Resource library with articles on hiring and employment.

  Job descriptions and other resources in the downloads area.
Job Description Template
   For creating job descriptions.

National Service Resource Center
  Do a search for job descriptions using the search bar.

Sample Job Postings from this site

  Use the sample postings to build your own job descriptions.

Supportingadvancement.com SupportingAdvancement.com Job Board
  Use the postings to develop your  own job descriptions.

What are descriptions for nonprofit board members?

Supportingadvancement.com Where the Jobs Are
  Links to sites with job postings where you can get ideas for your own job descriptions.
Preparing Job Descriptions

Preparing Job Descriptions
Employment decisions and review normally begin with job analysis which is a basic activity in human resource management.

Accurate information on jobs is necessary to efficiently direct and/or control the operations of an organization, and job descriptions result from job analysis. In many institutions job descriptions are a mandatory requirement and managers should  have current and systematized information on jobs. The myriad of laws, guidelines, and court decisions concerning employment opportunity make this even more necessary.

Comprehensive job descriptions can be used in selection, training, performance appraisal, compensation and to defend employment practices. Review job descriptions on at least an annual basis and update. Review and revise them whenever you're hiring a new position or transferring/moving someone from another position.
  • Involve Human Resources from the onset. They often have good suggestions and preparation tips and will typically have a great array of resources you may not be aware of such as subscriptions to journals and other pay services.

  • Involve the employee when appropriate and solicit their ideas and input for changes in the job description.

  • In identifying essential functions, be sure to consider whether employees in the position actually are required to perform the function, and whether removing that function would fundamentally change the job.

  • List all the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the job; divide them into requirements and preferences.

  • The requirements listed on the job description must support the essential functions, and serve as the primary criteria for selecting/rejecting candidates.

  • Don't lock yourself into strict requirements that may prevent you from considering qualified candidates. Consider substitutions (ex., 4 years of professional experience or a bachelor's degree).

  • Forward for review and approval to all appropriate parties and get signoff.

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