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  Featured Advancement Support Sites Potpourri
Advancement services and related support sites with resources and other unique features
 managed and run by advancement support professionals and staff.

  Duke University

Alumni and Development Records
Making a gift, matching gift company lookup using HEP Development Services and links to record updating.

Alumni and Development Systems
Submit and track report requests, system tables, training information, documentation. Good training FAQ. Privacy policy. System user group with meeting details. Moves management documentation.

  Kent State University

Advancement Services
Newsletter, monthly financial reports, annual giving reports, cumulative campaign report. Conversion planning team page.

  North Carolina State University

Advancement Services
Information on each area of advancement services including budgeting, information systems, and some non traditional areas. Research request. Prospect management.

  Southern Methodist University

DEA Operations and Communications Management
Extensive information on services provided.

  Tennessee Tech University

Advancement Services
Policies and procedures, stewardship, advancement orientation, extensive forms, faq, online fund lookup and more.

  University of Alaska

Policies and procedures and more.

  University of Alberta

Advancement Services
Organized and well designed site outlining the mission of Advancement Services, descriptions of the various organizational components of the unit, organization chart, advancement services newsletters including updates on software conversion.

  University of California Riverside

Advancement Services and Gift Administration
Tools and resources including gift policies and guidelines, training materials.

  University of Idaho

Advancement Services
Reports, report request form, other forms. Online survey. System schedules, outages. Data warehouse information.

  University of Maryland

Advancement Services
Documentation, user forms, advisory committee meetings.

Policies, procedures, forms and more.

  University of Miami

Advancement Services
Documentation, forms, and more.

  University of Washington

Advancement Services
Documentation, user forms, PowerPoint presentation on what the support area does.
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