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   Free resources for those supporting fundraising. Samples, white papers, best practices, job
    board and more. Sustained by your enthusiasm, expertise and contributions of content.


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ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc.

  Favorite reports. Reporting
Favorite report samples for you to use to develop your own reports.
ReportingFinal Campaign Report
A final campaign report for institutional governance requires special considerations. By providing direction and ideas to advancement management on the format and structure, you can help plan the development and implementation of this important strategic document. A document like this can also be used to form the basis of much of your regularly monthly reporting. Brian Dowling.

Annual Giving
Annual Fund Comparison. Alexendra Agostino.
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Actuals Vs. Projections
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Totals by Division
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Dashboard
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Graph. Paul Budlong.
 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving vs. Annual Fund by Gift Range
 Supportingadvancement.com Average Gift Graph. Paul Budlong.
 Supportingadvancement.com College Overview
 Supportingadvancement.com Direct Mail Results.
Supportingadvancement.com Donor Loyalty Report. Julie Ripper.
Used to help plan annual fund activities
    and build a gift range pyramid.
End of Year Statistics. Stephen M. Rodriguez.
 Supportingadvancement.com Four Year Comparison.
Four Year Comparison Graphs.
 Supportingadvancement.com Fulfillment by Effort.
 Supportingadvancement.com Fund Report. Stephen M. Rodriguez.
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge by Effort.
 Supportingadvancement.com Reporting Packet
   Sample college reporting packet for
   all aspects of annual fund with large
   number of statistics and analysis.

 Supportingadvancement.com Weekly Donors by Program.
 Supportingadvancement.com Weekly Pledges by Program
 Supportingadvancement.com Weekly Results

Appeals and Solicitations
 Supportingadvancement.com Appeal Statistics

Charts & Graphs
 Supportingadvancement.com Cost per Dollar Raised. Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Net Income Per Fiscal Year.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Status by Rating.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Progress Level by Rating.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Donors Per Rating Level.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Prospects by Rating.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Dollars Raised per Fiscal Year.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Personal Visits and Contacts.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Totals by Rating Category.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Giving by Source.
Scott Fendley.

Data Backup and Recovery
 Supportingadvancement.com Backup and Copy Worksheet
 Supportingadvancement.com Monthly Record Counts
Data Mining
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Travel Programs and Giving
 Supportingadvancement.com Graduate Solicitation Analysis
 Supportingadvancement.com Volunteers and Giving

Demographic Reports
 Supportingadvancement.com Addressable by Record Type
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Counts by Major Market
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Distribution by Major Market
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Distribution by Major US Market
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Event Demographic Profile
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Event PRIZM Profile
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Statistics by Unit
 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Travel PRIZM Profile
 Supportingadvancement.com Demographic Profile by College
 Supportingadvancement.com Demographic Profile by Faculty
 Supportingadvancement.com Demographic Profile by Gift Club
 Supportingadvancement.com Demographic Profile by Travelers
Supportingadvancement.com Donor Demographics. Donna Marino.
 Supportingadvancement.com U.S. News and World Report

Donor Stewardship
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Financial Report Survey
 Supportingadvancement.com Donor Stewardship Report. Derek Ferris.
 Supportingadvancement.com With Adjustments
 Supportingadvancement.com With Partial Matching.

 Supportingadvancement.com E-Analysis
. Richard Kellar
 Supportingadvancement.com E-mail. Dashboard SummaryTed Schaefer.
 Supportingadvancement.com E-mail. Distribution of Campaign Info to PDA.
    Ted Schaefer.
 Supportingadvancement.com E-mail. Tracking E-mail Signers. Ted Schaefer.

 Supportingadvancement.com E-solicitation
 Supportingadvancement.com E-solicitation Analysis. Daisy Valdez.
 Supportingadvancement.com E-solicitation Analysis. Pam Mauldin.

Campus Engagement Summary.
    Alexendra Agostino.

Restriction Counts. Alexendra Agostino.

 Supportingadvancement.com Capital Projects Summary

 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Gifts. Scott Fendley.
Campaign Overview. Candace Hamblin.
Campaign Overview - CASE Standards.
Candace Hamblin.
Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Pyramid. Vanessa Rae Silva.
 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Summary
 Supportingadvancement.com Cash Flow
 Supportingadvancement.com Cash Flow.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Cost per Dollar.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Dollars and Counts by Area
Fundraising Overview. Candace Hamblin.
Fundraising Overview by Campaign.
  Candace Hamblin.
 Supportingadvancement.com Individual Giving Summary
 Supportingadvancement.com Pattern for Success
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Flow
Pyramid. Candace Hamblin.
 Supportingadvancement.com Summary by Case.
Scott Fendley.
 Supportingadvancement.com Top Donors

Planned Giving
 Supportingadvancement.com Planned Giving Summary. Scott Fendley.

 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Errors
 Supportingadvancement.com Pledge Fulfillment Statistics. Scott Fendley.

Prospect Detail. Candace Hamblin.
Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Summary. Scott Fendley.
Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Visits.
Scott Fendley.
Supportingadvancement.com Research Profile

Receipt Printing
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year Cumulative
 Supportingadvancement.com By Payment Date
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year Pyramid.

 Supportingadvancement.com Degrees by College
 Supportingadvancement.com Graduates by Region

Report Running Monitoring
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year by Month
 Supportingadvancement.com Web by Fiscal Year by Month
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year by Division by Dept. by User
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year by User

Scanned Documents

 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Month
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year Across Month
 Supportingadvancement.com By Fiscal Year by Document Group.

Telemarketing and Direct Mail
 Supportingadvancement.com Monthly Report. Kathleen Madonna.
 Supportingadvancement.com Nightly Caller Report. Kathleen Madonna.
 Supportingadvancement.com Projections. Kathleen Madonna.
Shift Comparison.
 Supportingadvancement.com Telefund Weekly Planner
 Supportingadvancement.com Three Year Projections. Kathleen Madonna.
 Supportingadvancement.com Weekly Fulfillment.
 Supportingadvancement.com Weekly Overall.

 Supportingadvancement.com Monthly Training Summary

Transactions Processed

 Supportingadvancement.com Batches Processed
 Supportingadvancement.com Transactions by Department
 Supportingadvancement.com Transactions by User Summary
 Supportingadvancement.com Transactions by User Detail
 Supportingadvancement.com Number of contacts entered

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