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Canadian FundraiserBoard Management
Five guaranteed ideas for managing your apathetic board
. Jane Garthson. Canadian FundRaiser.

Business Intelligence I.T. Career
Getting started in a Business Intelligence career may be the easiest way for a graduate to break into the IT industry, but it is no free lunch and a level of competency must be reached.
Part 2 - Steps to Getting Experience, Part 3 - The Only Option, Part 4 - More Options. Contributed by Jason Dove from Scry Business Intelligence. More employment.

Caller FeedbackCaller Feedback
Used to get feedback on calls from telemarketing staff. Meredith Berg.

Campaign Staffing
Presentation on Getting (& Keeping) the Right People on the Bus. Mike Westfall.

Canadian Fundraiser
Common Cause
The necessity for community-based agencies to operate on a shoestring often collides with trade unions seeking increased compensation for their members whose salaries are lower than similar jobs in other sectors.
Canadian FundRaiser.

Common Interview Questions
Asking the right questions improves your chances of finding the right employee. Familiarize yourself with the applicant’s resume and have a prepared set of questions. Mind the time but be willing to follow the natural flow of conversation rather than sticking to the order of your questions. Know what skills and qualities you are looking for, ask open-ended questions, and listen well.
Mary Prodanovic.

Tips and tricks on working with or being a consultant. Lynne Becker.

Developing Supervisors
Developing Supervisors
Tips and tricks on developing student supervisors. Devin Mathias.

Development Officer Performance
Development officer fiscal year performance measurements and metrics. Mike Westfall.

Telemarketing and Telefund
Enhance Your Telefund
How Making a Difference ... Makes a Difference. Interesting study done at the University of Michigan looking at training telefund staff in a way that improves performance. Adam Grant, PHD and Devin Mathias.

Improving Caller Retention
Improving Caller Retention
Staff retention is a good indicator of program quality. Albert Melfo.

Canadian FundraiserInterim Director
When there is a sudden departure of an executive director, regardless of whether it was a resignation or termination, the board faces many crucial decisions. Can this period be used to strengthen the organization and build capacity? Canadian FundRaiser.

We get busy, we have a pile of 100 resumes to go through, we’re down a position and we don’t really have time to do this. After looking at cover letter 100 talking about what a great opportunity --- how motivated --- pleased --- excited, during an already busy day, well --- you understand.

Interview Questions
Set of standard interview questions to help guide the interview and the interview process.

Job Descriptions
Tips on writing job descriptions and samples.
Some board and volunteer samples.

Job Posting Samples
Tips on writing job postings and some job posting samples.

Leadership Skills
Leadership skills for young advancement professionals. Devin Mathias.

Major Gift Staff Evaluation
Template focusing on five global areas of activity for major gift staff. Mike Westfall.

Managing Professional Development
Our environment is becoming increasingly complex. Today's professionals face the challenge of needing to manage with knowledge of multiple disciplines and systems and the ever changing interrelationships between them. Life-long learning is very important. Professional development keeps you abreast of changes in your field, and helps you to provide state of the art services to your institution and its constituents. Brian Dowling.

Organization Charts
Some samples of Health Care related foundation and fundraising organization charts.
More charts. Advancement Services, 2, 3, 4, Development Services, Donor Relations, University Advancement.

Performance Accountability
Creating and keeping the best advancement team with a comprehensive compensation, goal setting and achievement measurement plan. Barbara J. Dick.

Position Reclassification
Good organizations strive to ensure fair and equitable compensation of employees in relation to their duties. In order to do this, periodically the need to reclassify a position arises. Contributed by Mary Prodanovic.

The latest attack on economic and human productivity. 
Presenteeism has become a serious issue in today’s business world – both for the employee and for the employer.

Eric Saarvala.

Reading Tea Leaves
From Anguish to Opportunity. The Troubles with Leadership Change.
Presentation on resources to help you with your career.
SWOT analysis to help you determine your professional development goals. Companion piece - Managing Professional Development. Brian Dowling.

ROI With eLearning
Whether you are someone looking to learn a new skill or hoping to advance your employees' knowledge, taking advantage of online training courses can be a way to gain education easily.

Staffing and Justification Strategies
Identifying Opportunities for Growth.
Helen Brenneman.

Peer Supervision
Student Caller Supervision
Keys to the successful supervision of students. Howard Heevner.

Succeeding Without Consultants
Leveraging internal resources for maximum
results and legitimacy.
John Hostler.

Canadian Fundraiser
Success Planning
Success Planning - Don't Wait Till Disaster Strikes. Canadian FundRaiser.

Supervisor's Guideline
Supervisor's Guidelines
Supervisor's Guidelines for Handling Staff Performance. Albert Melfo.

Talent Management
Presentation with definitions, framework, challenges and other aspects of talent management.
Eric Saarvala.

Till the Headhunter Calls
What to do until the headhunter calls.

Daniel Burns.

Canadian Fundraiser
What should a nonprofit organization invest each year in training to develop volunteers and staff? The answer is at least 3% of operating expenses.
Canadian FundRaiser.

The Video Interview
Try revisiting all of your old VHS tapes and have a look at yourself. Every pore, every extra pound, weird coloration --- do we really look like that? Think of extending the concept to a video interview, and it won’t take long to develop a little apprehension, even dread.

Warm-Up Meetings
Warm-Up Meetings
Tips and suggestions for pre-shift warm-up meetings. Albert Melfo.

Caller Evaluation of Telefund
  Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Caller Survey. Jennifer Dunn.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Amber Asbjornsen.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Carroll College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation.
Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Diana Lygas.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Deborah Schroeder.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Ami Turner.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation.
     University of California, Riverside.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. University of Dayton.

  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Survey. Jennifer Dunn.
  Supportingadvancement.com Lead Caller Survey. Jennifer Dunn.
  Supportingadvancement.com Staff Survey. Jennifer Dunn.

  Supportingadvancement.com Activity Benchmarks. Françoise Aylmer.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Sasha Bateman.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Narrative.
     Binghamton University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation.
     California State University, Northridge.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Carroll College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Steven Farwick.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller evaluation. Mark Hanlon.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Scott Harris.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. T. Phillip Madison.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Ohio State University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Jenna Stone.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation.
     University of California, Riverside.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluation. Virginia Tech.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Monitoring Form. Jim Napier.
  Supportingadvancement.com Coordinator Evaluation. Sasha Bateman.
  Supportingadvancement.com Leadership Evaluation. David J. Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Survey Card. Sharon Ammons.
Phonathon Evaluation. Sheri Hamiter.
Quality Assurance Form. David J. Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Coordinator Evaluation. Sasha Bateman.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Evaluation. Sasha Bateman.
  Supervisor Evaluation.
     Eastern Washington University.
Supervisor Feedback. Faye Jennings.
Supervisor Self Evaluation.
     University of California, Riverside.
  Supportingadvancement.com Telefund Student Manger Evaluation.
     Virginia Tech.

  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application. Lisa Ashworth.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application.
     Broome Community College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application. Alysia Conklin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller application. Faye Jennings.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application. T. Phillip Madison.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application.
     Northwest Missouri State University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application. Rosalinda Olivares.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application, 2
     West Liberty State College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Application Questions, Key
     Alysia Conklin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Interview Questions.
     Debra Garrington.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Interview Questions.
     George Fox University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Interview Questions. Saint Mary's.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Interview Questions.
     UMass Dartmouth.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Interview Questions.
     University of Oregon.
  Supportingadvancement.com Do Not Hire Script. Sabrina Ragan.
  Supportingadvancement.com Employee Agreement. Sabrina Ragan
Exit Interview. David Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Group Interview Questions.
     Amber Asbjornsen.
  Supportingadvancement.com Hiring Callers. New Jersey City University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Hiring Consultants. Robert Weiner.
  Supportingadvancement.com Hiring Supervisors
. Vernell Clouden.
  Supportingadvancement.com Interview Guide. Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Interview Package for Callers.
     Scott Harris.
Leadership Application, 2. David Smith.
Leadership Interview. David Smith.
Leadership Interview Questions.
 Alysia Conklin.
Leadership Team Application.
 Alysia Conklin.
  Manager Application. Jenna Stone.
Mentoring checklist for new employees.
      David J. Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Organization Chart. Virginia Tech.
Personal Interview. Alysia Conklin.
Personal Interview. Rosalinda Olivares.
Phonathon Assistant Interview.
Phone Application. Leigh Ann Jacobson.
  Phone Application Packet. David J. Smith.
Phone Interview. Meredith Berg.
Phone Interview. Alysia Conklin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phone Interview. Rosalinda Olivares.

Hiring (Continued)
Phone Interview. David J. Smith.
Student Application. Sheri Hamiter.
Supervisor Application. Calvin College.
Supervisor Application. Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Hiring
     Interview Cover Sheet. Application.
     Interview Questions, Manager Questions.
     Natalie M. Rohlfs.
Supervisor Interview.
Supervisor Interview. Alysia Conklin.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Interview. Lake Forest College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Interview.
     Lebanon Valley College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Interview.
     Ohio Wesleyan University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Interview. Sabrina Ragan.
Telefund Application Form

  Callers. Daily, Weekly. Faye Jennings.
  Supportingadvancement.com Monthly Incentive Structure.
     Meghan McGeary.
  Supportingadvancement.com Telefund Bonus Structure

  Flyer 1, 2. Bethany Lutheran College.
Flyer. Bryn Mawr College.
Flyer. Rehab El-Kobtan.
Flyer. George Fox University.
Flyer. Kent State University.
Flyer. Millersville University.
Flyer. NAIT.
Flyer. Seton Hall Law School.
Flyer. St. Edwards University.
Flyer 1, 2, 3. Shippensburg University.
  Join Phonathon. Rehab El-Kobtan.
Poster. Rehab El-Kobtan.
Poster. Rehab El-Kobtan.
Recruitment Ads. Meghan McGeary.
Telemarketing Advertisement,
     Flyer, Poster. Faye Jennings.
Tele-Relations Associates. Lanita Monroe.
Telemarketing Ads - 1, 2, 3
     Web Advertisement. Jenny Szewiel.
Things you Learned at Telefund.
     Meghan McGeary.

PoliciesStaff Policies
  Supportingadvancement.com Attendance Policy. Sabrina Ragan.
Attendance Policy. David Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Attendance Policy. Jenny Ziegler.
  Supportingadvancement.com Attendance and promptness. Gloria Morgan.
Caller Confidentiality Form.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Contract. Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Contract. Brad Neathery.
Code of Ethical Conduct. David Smith.
  Supportingadvancement.com Confidentiality Agreement
    Good example of confidentiality agreement
    with volunteer section. Lea Ann Gross.

Confidentiality Agreement. Jennifer Liskow.
Confidentiality Agreement.
     Meghan McGeary.
Confidentiality Agreement. Jenny Ziegler.
Confidentiality and Conduct Policy.
     David Smith.
Supportingadvancement.com Confidentiality Statement. Laura Palmer.
Phonathon Caller Contract. Jen Castellani.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phonathon Confidentiality Agreement.
    Jen Castellani.

  Supportingadvancement.com Phonathon Representative Contract
     Sarah Abbott.
Phonathon Staff Policies. Jenna Stone.
Phonathon Staff Policies.
     La Salle University.
Phonathon Staff Policies.
     University of Southern California.
Racer-Thon Caller Policies and Procedures
     Jim Napier.

  Supportingadvancement.com Scheduling Calling Shifts. John Foster.
  Supportingadvancement.com Shift Cancellation Policy
Student Manager Personnel Policies.
     Kelly M Brant.
Student Manager Checklist. Kelly M Brant.
Telefund Staff Policies University of Toronto

Supportingadvancement.com Call Center Manual.
     Christopher Short.

  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Certificates. Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Manual.
     Colorado State University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Manual1, 2,
     Jim Napier.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Manual.
     Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Manual.
     Regan Remulla.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Manual, 2. Wheaton College.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Manual.
     Willamette University.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training Part 1, Part 2. Emily Bourke.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training. Sheri Hamiter.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training.
Courtney Hankins.
  Supportingadvancement.com Caller Training. Laura Palmer.
  Supportingadvancement.com Etiquette and Protocol. Rachel Lindgren.
  Supportingadvancement.com Elements of a Perfect Call.
     University of South Florida.
  Supportingadvancement.com FERPA quiz for telemarketing staff.
     Meghan McGeary.
  Supportingadvancement.com Mock Phone Calls 1. Scott Harris.
  Supportingadvancement.com Mock Phone Calls 2. Scott Harris.
New Caller. University of Dayton.
New Caller. University of Texas at El Paso.
New Caller. West Virginia University.
New Caller Orientation Outline.
     University of Southern California.
  Supportingadvancement.com Phonathon Survival Guide.
     Amber Asbjornsen.
  Supportingadvancement.com Script Writing Workshop.
     Amber Asbjornsen.
Student Mentor Handbook.
     Kathleen Madonna.
Student Supervisor Handbook.
     Kathleen Madonna.
Student Worker Manual. D'Youville College.
Supervisor Training Manual. Jim Napier.
Supervisor Training Manual.
     University of Southern California.
Train the Trainer 1, 2, 3.
     Kathleen Madonna.
Training Manual. T. Phillip Madison.
  Supportingadvancement.com Training Manual. Meghan McGeary.
  Supportingadvancement.com Training Manual. Alexandra Nguyen.
  Supportingadvancement.com Training Manual. Ami Turner.
  Supportingadvancement.com Training Materials 1, 2, 3. Pomona College.
Training Schedule, (and exercises)
     Ask Ladder Exercise
     Fund Description Exercise
     Rapport Building Exercise, John Foster.
Telefund Training VideosSupportingadvancement.com Telefund Training Vides
     On the Call Center Page.

Web Form Samples
  Payroll Deduction for Gifts
Student Communicator
Student Data Entry Assistant

BloggingMore employment ...
  On the blog.
Jobs and job postings.
Questions and answers on the FAQ.

Revenue and sample forms for more staffing materials, training, employment forms, etc.

More Employment Resources @
Careers in Finance
Career information and salary surveys.

Career Journal
Wall Street Journal

CASE Salary Survey
Searchable salary survey.

Chronicle of Higher Education

Pay and benefits - private college presidents.

Chronicle of Philanthropy Forums

Discussion forums & careers page.
College and University Association for HR.

Data Entry Testing Software
Evaluate your applicants.

Human resource tools.

Jobstar Central

Salary and other Information.

Salary survey information.
Riley Guide
Salaries and other information.

What are you worth?

Executive recruiter directory, HR resources.

U.S. Department of Labor
National Compensation Survey.

U.S. Govt. Office of Personnel
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