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  Data integrity links. Records
StrategyData integrity is an integral component of all successful advancement programs.

Here are some links you can use to find addresses and phone numbers and help improve your data integrity. A number of the organizations listed also provide prospect qualification and screening services to assist you in segmenting your database.

Great resource for tracking down lost alumni. No contracts, although you are required to sign a lengthy permitted use certification form. Basic address searches are 25 cents each. You can search by several criteria, including name, previous address, birth date, age, SSN. Also provides more extensive searches for people at work, property assessments, liens, judgments, divorces, etc. for $1.00 each.

Screens potential donors against US Census and other demographic data.

American Medical Association
Find doctors.

Largest collection of family history records on the web.

Information management, marketing services, direct to consumer, commercial and authentication businesses.

Assessment and benchmarking consulting engagement that provides insights to enable targeted positioning,
messages and marketing strategies

Grenzebach Glier and Associates Inc.
Prospect builder plus a full range of consulting services.

HEP Development Services
Helps non-profit fundraisers recognize the value of accurate data. We specialize in data enhancement – focusing in the areas of Prospect Research, Matching Gift Identification and Address/Phone Updates.

Find businesses and people.

Find a lawyer by name, location/area of practice, by firm or for lawyers in corporations, agencies, the US government or law school faculty.

Marts and Lundy
Prospect screening and analysis plus a full range of consulting services.

Credit reports.

Canadian Specific Sites

Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Law List – Find a Lawyer
Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Telephone & Address Directories
Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Universities and Colleges
Supportingadvancement.com Obituary Daily Times Web Site

Address Update and Maintenance Software

QAS QuickAddress

Impact of Data Integrity
Worksheet showing the estimated impact of data integrity on fundraising efforts.
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