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  Data Essentials 360 Records

The value of having good data to use in your revenue generating programs.

Contributed by …
Susana Gajic-Bruyea, Executive Director, Advancement Services, University Relations, University of California, Merced
Email AddressSusana is the Executive Director of Advancement Services, University Relations at the University of California, Merced.  Prior to moving to California, she was responsible for data quality and integrity for more than six hundred thousand records in the Development Information System at the university of Toronto. She managed a team of professionals and data specialists responsible for implementing the divisional strategy of accurate, reliable and available information. Susana was also a project leader for systems related development. An experienced records manager, she created and implemented numerous electronic and hard copy records management systems for Canada’s largest Advancement and Affinity programs.

Supportingadvancement.com Data Essentials 360 – The Value of Having Good Data to Support Your Revenue Generating Programs.
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