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  Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Survey Revenue

When I was an undergrad and the Annual Fund Intern I sent out an email survey to a random sampling of donors.

The survey was focused on Alumni Relations more than Annual Giving and the project was for a marketing class; but I actually received a pretty good response and was able to share the information with my department.

I used Survey Monkey to send the survey and I had ample space for comments and opinions (of which I received plenty!).

Alysia Conklin.

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Alysia Conklin, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Creighton University
Email AddressAlysia Conklin is the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. After working as a Phonathon caller, student supervisor, and Annual Fund Intern during her four years of college, Alysia joined the Annual Giving staff fulltime; graduating with a BSBA in Marketing from Creighton in 2004.

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