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  Copyright and privacy policy. Web Sightings
It is very important that every web site has a copyright and privacy policy and that this is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
  • Review your copyright and privacy policy at least annually.
  • Check for broken links at least quarterly.
  • Legally protect your organization’s Web content, ideas, logos and information.


Because of cookies, IP-address harvesting and spyware concerns, your organization needs a privacy policy to govern its collection and use of information. This policy on privacy will no doubt continue to be revised as European Union, Canadian and other cross-border laws evolve.

All primary Web pages and any page that collects user information should have a link to your privacy policy.


Copyright and Privacy PolicyTo put users on notice of your company’s copyright, all "top-level" or primary Web pages should have a copyright notice such as "All Rights Reserved, (c) 2000-2004 ABC Organization."

Every organization Web area that allows outsiders to post content must have guidelines that detail prohibited conduct and reserve your right to edit, modify or delete content as you see fit. Your legal department can tailor appropriate guidelines for your site.

For trademarks owned by your organization, the first use of any trademarks and service marks appearing on a publicly-accessible Web page should be designated with a (R) symbol for registered marks, a (TM) for trademarks or an "sm" symbol for unregistered marks, to provide specific notice to end users of your company’s rights.

Your organization’s trademark rights can also be stated in the "Legal Information" hyperlink at the bottom of a main, external Web page.


Ensure that your organization has clear license rights to use any patented technology on any internal or external site.

Such licenses should indemnify your company for the use of the technology against third-party claims of infringement.

When "posting" cryptography-related software on a server, especially any server located in the United States, get approval from your legal department.

Content and Links

Constantly update content because outdated information on your company’s Web site can expose you to liability.

If your company places time-sensitive offers on its Web page, indicate when the offers expire.

Broken links annoy potential visitors looking for information; automated link crawlers can check the veracity of your site’s links.

If your organization links to other associations or companies, don’t use these links to suggest your organization endorses the site or the site’s content or owner.

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