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Contributors"I hold every man a debtor to his profession; from the which as men of course do seek
to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves by way
of amends to be a help and ornament thereunto."

Francis Bacon.1561-1626, Maxims of the Law. Preface.

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Misty Farmer, Development & Alumni Relations Officer for the UAB School of Dentistry
Email AddressMisty serves as Development & Alumni Relations Officer for the UAB School of Dentistry. Prior to that, she held the position of Annual Giving Coordinator for two years at UAB. She came into her career in higher education after working for the National Alumni Association for four years at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Supportingadvancement.com Job Description - Leadership Council Roles and Responsibilities, Council Manual Table of Contents
Steven J. Farwick II, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, University of South Carolina
Email AddressSteven Farwick II serves as Assistant Director of Annual Giving at the University of South Carolina and began his tenure managing the institution’s call center. He currently directs the University’s first ever young alumni and student philanthropy campaigns as well as the 50th reunion giving program.

Supportingadvancement.com Caller Evaluations

Supportingadvancement.com SPURS is the University of South Carolina’s new student philanthropy education program and this brochure was utilized to help incoming freshman make their way around campus while learning about philanthropy.
Scott Fendley, Principal, SF Consulting
Email AddressScott Fendley is the Principal of SF Consulting. Scott Fendley was previously a senior associate at Bentz Whaley Flessner, and the Director of Advancement Services at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a position he has held since August 2000. Before then, he had worked in the publishing industry as a financial analyst, project manager, operation manager, and data integrity manager for various firms in the Indianapolis area.

Scott has been active in the Datatel User’s Group, serving on the Benefactor Track Team for the 2004 User Group Conference, and is the Agenda Chair for the Great Lakes User Group Conference in 2004. At the Datatel User Group, he has presented on Prospect Management, Campaign Reporting, Campaign Forecasting, Audit Preparation and Business Office / Advancement Relationships.

Scott earned a bachelors degree in Mathematics from Wabash in 1988 and received an MBA from Indiana University in 1996. Scott has also been the PA announcer for the Wabash football and basketball teams.

Supportingadvancement.com Corporate Philanthropy.
Supportingadvancement.com Final Countdown. Presentation on campaign reporting with a number of sample reports, charts and graphs.
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Acknowledgment Protocol Sample campaign gift acknowledgement protocol.
Supportingadvancement.com Gift Processing: Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's: How to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy!
Supportingadvancement.com It's All Common Work. Presentation on infusing donor relations throughout your institution.
Supportingadvancement.com Job Description - Director of Advancement Services

Supportingadvancement.com Prospect Management Before, During and After the Campaign
Supportingadvancement.com Rebuilding a Stewardship Program
Supportingadvancement.com Samples - Receipt
Supportingadvancement.com Small Shop Services. Development operations in small shops can have their own sets of challenges. Presentation on what small shops need to know and provide.
Supportingadvancement.com Stewardship Plan - A New Season of Stewardship
Derek S. Ferris, Director of Advancement Services, Olivet Nazarene University
Email AddressDerek S. Ferris, MBA, has held the position of Director of Advancement Services for 5 years and has worked in development at Olivet for 11 years. He oversees gift entry, receipting, and data maintenance and personally produces all of the fund-raising reports for the institution.

Supportingadvancement.com Donor Stewardship Report
Gail A. Ferris, Director, Development Systems, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Email AddressSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Best Practices
Holly Harrison Fiala, Vice President of Advancement, Wheat Ridge Ministries
Ms. Holly Harrison Fiala joined Wheat Ridge Ministries in January 2007 as Vice President for Advancement. In this position, she directs the development functions, including major gifts, planned giving, donor relations and special events.

Harrison Fiala has authored several articles including, "Landmark Churches Preserving a Legacy of Faith and Community," "Conservation of Surplus Schools" and co-authored "Conservation of Urban Religious Properties," which was distributed nationally by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

A member of the Association for Fund Raising Professionals, and serving on the Chicago Chapter Board of AFP Harrison Fiala graduated from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, with a bachelor's degree in education and earned a master's degree in art history from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She holds a certificate in non-profit management from the University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, and certificates in fund raising planning and major gift development from The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Supportingadvancement.com Count Me In. Sample form used to helping to encourage board members to give and engage with the organization. We've been using it for 3 years and have found we now have 100% participation, not only in annual giving but in supporting the organization's development in other areas. We send this out prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and then send out quarterly reports to the board to give them a progress report. It's been working well and we have board members telling about their experience in hosting events, results from signing end of the year solicitation letters etc.
Larry Filler, Partner, Boire Filler Group
Email AddressLarry is a partner with the Boire Filler Group, a company he co founded in 1999 that provides datamining, database analytics and consulting services to organizations that are looking to enhance their marketing strategies and improve organizational profits. Larry has more than 17 years of relationship and database marketing experience. During this time he has developed the ability to bridge the gap between complex and mathematical data mining techniques and the need to build more effective marketing/business solutions

Supportingadvancement.com Practical Side of List Management
James Finkler, Annual Giving Officer, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Email AddressJim Finkler is the first Annual Giving Officer at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, Pennsylvania's premier technical college and an affiliate of Penn State University. Jim joined the Institutional Advancement Office in January 2001, after nearly 5 years as an admissions representative at Penn College, and nearly 11 years as a radio news reporter/anchor. He manages all annual giving programs at Penn College, which also counts as alumni the graduates of predecessor institutions Williamsport Technical Institute (1941-1965) and Williamsport Area Community College (1965-1989); serves as information coordinator for the Institutional Advancement Office; and assists the Alumni Relations Office by conducting the national/international search for about 10,000 lost alumni of Williamsport Technical Institute.

Supportingadvancement.com Sample Forms - Faculty Staff Gift Form, Pledge Card
Supportingadvancement.com Samples - Faculty Staff Solicitation, Teaser Email 1, 2, 3, Faculty Staff Renewal Letter, Friend Annual Fund Letter,
   Scholarship Appeal, Faculty Staff New Employees Letter
Jason Fisher, Senior Counsel, Advancement Solutions Consulting, A Division of RuffaloCODY
Email AddressSupportingadvancement.com Phonathon in the Age of Economic Turbulence
Linda H. Fleit, President, EDUTECH International
Email AddressLinda H. Fleit is the President of EDUTECH International, a management and technology consulting firm for colleges and universities, a position she has held since 1985. She has been in the field of higher education computing since 1970, having held positions at Tufts University, Boston College, the Harvard Business School, and the University of Hartford.

In addition to her extensive consulting, Mrs. Fleit publishes, edits, and does a major portion of the writing for The EDUTECH REPORT, a monthly newsletter read by thousands of higher education faculty and administrators all over the world.

Supportingadvancement.com Institutional Resource Assessment - Assessing an institution’s information technology resources is increasingly necessary.
Lisa B. Fort, Director of Alumni Affairs, Brevard College
Email AddressSupportingadvancement.com Alumni event flow checklist, Event Response Card, Follow Up Event Letter.
John Foster, Development Officer - Phone, UBC Annual Giving, University of British Columbia
Email AddressJohn has worked with the UBC Annual Giving Phone Programs since December 2005. For more than 10 years John has been involved in non-profits with roles ranging from development coordinator to executive director. He has also held consulting positions with private sector firms supplying integrated non-profit solutions dealing with mobile payment solutions (www.auctionzoom.ca), high efficiency credit card processing, web and email solutions and donor databases and has worked with over 100 organizations to help them improve efficiency and accuracy in their fundraising efforts.

Supportingadvancement.com Employment - Telefund - Training Schedule, Ask Ladder Exercise, Fund Description Exercise, Rapport Building Exercise

Supportingadvancement.com Employment - Telefund - Scheduling Calling Shifts
Linda S Freed, Director of Grants and Faculty Development, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Email AddressLinda Freed, Director of Grants & Faculty Development, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, has worked in university research and grants administration for nearly 20 years.

Supportingadvancement.com Sample Forms - Foundation Checklist
Steve Frick, Program Coordinator, University of Georgia
Email AddressSteve Frick has been a Program Coordinator for the University of Georgia's Advancement Research Department for three years, and he has been responsible for UGA's peer screening effort for the past two years. His other areas of focus are currently prospect identification and research.

Steve is also the Treasurer for the Georgia Chapter of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement.

Supportingadvancement.com Screening for Gold in Two Different Mines
Pam Fronko, Director of Publications & Information Services, West Virginia University Foundation
Email AddressSupportingadvancement.com Planning - Campaign Communications Plan
Dana Futrell, Director, President Inner Circle, Trinity University
Email AddressSupportingadvancement.com Sample Forms - Contact Report

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