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  Conference 360 Revenue

Conference 360Conference 360 was the CCAE Midwinter Professional Development Workshop for Canadian university, college, CEGEP and independent school professionals with responsibilities in the area of non-philanthropic revenue generating programs.

The conference was hosted by the University of Toronto and orchestrated by Kyle Winters, Executive Director of University Advancement Partnerships.

Attendees engaged in group sessions, team discussions and creative exercises that challenged traditional notions of affinity programming.

A unique meeting opportunity between CCAE members and existing/potential partners allowed interactions with colleagues and introduced everyone to the latest concepts in university to business partnerships.

The conference covered vital and timely issues affecting affinity, sponsorship, travel and trademark programming. Attendees were invited to consider such fundamental topics as why we run affinity programs, how to negotiate the strongest possible contracts or make the most of the revenue you have generated. There were breakout sessions to address topics in Alumni Travel, Sponsorship and Trademark & Licensing.

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