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  Endowed Chairs, the Essence of Implied Stewardship - Part 3 Potpourri

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Terry Burton, Founder, Dig In Research
Email AddressTerry began working in the area of research in 1989 as co-founder of Rainforest Publications Inc. in Vancouver, BC. Over an 11 year period he was directly involved in development and marketing of more than 20 research products and services for the non-profit sector.  Most notable in that group, PRO – Prospect Research Online launched in 1995. PRO and related online services are still offered today by the company that bought out Rainforest Publications in 1999, see iWave.com.

Over the last few years Terry turned his attention to the area of donor relations and stewardship. He has written and published three books on stewardship related topics and issues including numerous discussion papers with industry leaders.

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