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Annual Fund and Annual Giving ...
Annual Fund & Capital Campaigns
The role of the annual fund in a capital campaign. Mike Westfall.

Annual Fund and Campaign
Presentation on annual fund in a campaign, leadership principles and annual fund strategy. Mike Westfall.

Annual Fund Facts
Fact sheet used to help market annual fund. University of Miami.

Annual Fund Planning
Annual fund segmentation plan.
Nicole Rinetti.

Advizor Solutions, Inc.
Appeal Targeting

Most fundraisers blanket their prospects with a myriad of messages delivered through a variety of media. Some of these messages connect well with certain prospect segments, some fall flat. Unfortunately, given the sheer volume of activities, untangling what worked and what didn't can often be a challenging process.

Annual Giving Direct Mail Checklist
Lindsay P. Ballenger.

Annual Giving Planning
Annual Giving Operating Plan.
Planning Calendar. Mike Westfall.

Annual Giving Staff Increase
Proposal for increasing the number of annual giving staff. Jeffrey D. Driggs.

Annual Giving Themes
Compiled by Jennifer Fisher
University of Baltimore.

Annual Giving Web Sites
Links to samples of annual giving and some telemarketing web sites.

Canadian Fundraiser
Appeal Letters
Make your appeal letters more personal with the best date format
Canadian FundRaiser.

Canadian FundraiserAppeal Letters
Create suspense in your direct mail letters using a problem, some conflict and a goal. Canadian FundRaiser.

Benchmarking Annual Giving
List of statistics and questions for benchmarking annual fund.
Lindsey P. Ballenger.

Branding Annual Giving
The value of branding your annual giving program. Dana Visocchi Rice.

Fostering CommunicationsCommunication
Between Annual Fund and I.S.
Mike Westfall

Consecutive Giving
Implementation of a consecutive giving recognition program. Devin Mathias.

Credibility Gap
Strategies for evaluating program stature.
Mike Westfall.

Internet Repositions Brand
Direct Mail Lists
How list brokers can help you with direct mail lists. Canadian FundRaiser.

Direct Mail Case Studies
New Member Acquisition, Label Pin Appeal, Magnet Appeal, Southern Methodist University, University of Denver.

Direct Mail ROI
What may be missing from your direct mail program. Some tried and true strategies to beef up your ROI. David Hazeltine.

Direct Mail Strategies
Good presentation plus supporting documentation on cutting direct mail costs while increasing revenue. Direct Mail and E-mail Solicitation Production Schedule. 4 Year Direct Mail Results Comparison, 2. Direct Mail Results by Segment. Francine Cronin.
Making Direct Mail Work for YouDirect Mail
Making Direct mail Work for You.
Robin Wray.

Direct Mail Success
By ranking the recency, frequency, and monetary returns your solicitations bring, you can increase your gifts while reducing your costs. Blackbaud.

DPTV Results
Sample email solicitation results. Email messaging and successful fundraising.

Engaging Alumni
With premiums and other tested strategies.
David Hazeltine.

Canadian Fundraiser
Envelope Tricks
Tricks that turn recipients off  and lose donations
. Canadian FundRaiser.

Canadian Fundraiser
Envelope Tricks
Tricks that turn recipients off  and lose donations
. Canadian FundRaiser.

Exploring eOpportunities for annual giving success. Lauren Steinberg.

Fact or Fiction
Fact or Fiction
Critical analysis of annual giving.
Jeffrey A. Lindauer.

Strategies for Cultivating Faculty and Staff Giving
Faculty Staff Giving
Strategies for cultivating Faculty and Staff Giving. Lola Mauer.

Faculty Staff Giving
Common concerns with faculty/staff appeals. Albert Melfo.

The "First Time Donor Kit"

First time donor kit. with copy of article on the kit. Steven Nicolet.

Golf Sponsorship
Golf Sponsorship
Invitation Letter, Sponsorship Menu
Form. Brett W. Blackwelder.

High End Annual Fund Asks
High End
Annual Fund Asks

Strategies, tips and tricks for high end annual fund asks.

Lessons Learned
Presentation on lessons learned in annual fund. Mike Westfall.

Mid Range Donors
AF's role in increasing donor value.
Christopher J. Harvey.

Non-Alumni Strategies
Strategies for increasing revenue from non-alumni. Helen Brenneman.

On-line Giving Forms
Some tips, techniques and suggestions for good on-line giving forms. More forms.

On-Line Giving Outsourcing
Outsourcing considerations for your online giving. Mike Westfall.

Preauthorized Gift Program
Steps in creating a preauthorized gift program. Frank Chudnow.

Production Schedule
Example of an annual fund production schedule contributed by Stephen M. Rodriguez.

Recent Graduates
Encouraging recent graduates to maximize their giving. Lauren Steinberg.

Rivalry in Fundraising
How rivalry in fundraising is used to increase results. Devin Mathias.

Selling the AF Investment
Selling the annual fund investment to decision makers. Howard Heevner.

Solicitation Code Matrix
Organize your solicitation codes.
Mike Westfall.

Solicitation Code Matrix Proposal
Ensuring that your solicitation codes have adequate information imbedded in them.
Amy J. Phillips.

Solicitation Policy
Good example of solicitation policy.
Mike Westfall.

Solicitation Results
Email messaging and successful online fundraising.

Solicitor Information & Instructions
Tips and instructions for volunteer solicitors.
Broome Community College.

Stay Connected
Graduates giving to annual fund.
Texas Christian University

Staying Connected
Presentation to senior class leadership seeking their involvement. Emily Lane.

Building a foundation for stewardship.
Devin Mathias.

Taking Control
Almost every nonprofit has an annual gift fund and these funds are the building blocks for major and planned giving success. Annual giving is the name given to solicitation efforts that are designed to achieve five aims ... Blackbaud.

Targeting International Alumni
Strategies for targeting international alumni.
Mike Westfall.

10 Reasons to Give
10 reasons to support the annual fund.
Mike Westfall.

Top Reasons to Make a Gift
Reasons to Make a Gift, Summary Reasons. Jennifer Dunn.

20 Great Ideas
To generate giving from parents, grandparents and families. David Hazeltine.

Variable-Data Printing
Gives Personalization a Whole New Meaning.
David Hazeltine.

What Do We Mean by Annual Fund?
A comprehensive definition of what annual fund is. Alan S. Hejnal.

What's Your Perspective?
Improving your direct mail pieces.
Jeffrey D. Driggs.

Which Year to use?
Discussion on whether to use calendar or fiscal year. Mike Westfall.

Working With Annual Fund
Annual fund and advancement services.
John Starritt & Bryan Mack.

Perceptions, myth & reality of annual fund on the Internet. Mike Westfall.

Young Alumni Strategies
New Young Alumni Strategies: Welcome to the Pipeline. Helen Brenneman.

AFIStrategic Partner

Annual Fund Inc. (AFI) is one of our strategic partners, sharing content and providing other resources for the development community.

AF's selection of newsletters from a few years back, still some good information. Issue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
More resources ...
Annual FundAnnual Fund
Young Alumni, Reasons to Give, Direct Mail, Engaging Alumni ...
Annual Fund Job Postings

The next frontier in soliciting. Compelling cases with sound, music and photos.

E-mail broadcasts, newsletters.  Additional policies,  procedures, analysis and more are available on the Web Sightings page.

Hiring materials, caller & supervisor evaluations, staff policies, training manuals, incentives ...
Matching GiftsMatching Gifts
Best practices for matching gifts, matching gifts survey, matching gifts administration and more.

Samples of materials used in fundraising and advancement. 

Appeals, direct mail, scripts, telemarketing, parents, young alumni, senior class, thank you, reminders ...

Telemarketing and Telefund
Telemarketing & Telefund
Call Center Design, Training, Telefund Games,  Managing Callers ...
Telemarketing Jobs
BloggingMore revenue ...
On the blog.

Forms on the Sample Forms Page.
     Tally sheets, donor cards ...
Jobs on the Job Board.
Questions and answers on the FAQ.
Planning and calendars.
     Pyramids, operating plans ...
     Stewardship. Class Agents.
     Working Together ...

Reporting and Data Mining.
     Analyze and increase revenue ...
     Alumni relations, giving, matching
     gifts practices, reunion ...
American Marketing Association. Articles and reports, best practices, newsletters, more ...
Association of Internet Marketing and Sales. Archives with information on doing business online.
Capital Quest, Inc. Resources on campaign from start to finish including a guide for hiring consultants.
INC.com. Free newsletters, business tools, more ...
MarketingSherpa.com Marketing articles and resources.
Seth Godin: Marketing Guru. Email updates, blog.
Web Marketing Today. Wilson Internet Services. Q&A, extensive links, searchable database.

Affinity Marketing Programs
Igive.com % of purchases to charity.
Upromise % of purchases to college savings.
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