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  Alumni Dictionary Potpourri

All words beginning with alumn …

Alumni Dictionaryalumnaholics – Those alumni who judge the success of an event solely on the amount of free beer provided.

alumnanchu – Alumni from the Fourth Ming Dynasty.

alumnaplomb – Pomp surrounding special alumni events.

alumnarcs – Our security guards at reunions.

alumnaroo – (foreign) Female jumping alumna.

alumnash – Residue left from Homecoming bonfires.

alumnastics – What our alumni did when they found out we might get them tickets to the Chicago Bulls this year.

alumnasties – Alumni who always call or write or corner you with complaints.

alumnate – 1: When alumni eat all the food at an event. 2: When alumni speak nostalgically about their time on campus.

alumnatic(s) – 1: Storage facility for alumni junk 2. Alumni whose life revolves around the alma mater.

alumnats – Alumni who bug you.

alumnausea – 1: Condition afflicting some Homecoming revelers 2: Condition afflicting alumni directors after board meetings.

alumnay – Alumni who don’t ever say yes.

alumnecktie – A college tie (of course).

alumneedle – What alumni give staff when things aren’t quite right.

alumneglect – Lost alumni.

alumnegs – Variation of alumnasties, alumni who can’t say anything nice.

alumneophytes – Brand new, energetic alumni (a rare breed).

alumneigh – Those who are a horses you know what, and make us alumnuts.

alumnerds – 1: Alumni who graduated from your institution that you wish had graduated from mine. 2: Alumni who graduated from the University of Chicago (they take pride in being nerds!).

alumnesia – A disease which strikes alumni around annual fund time.

alumnets – Alumni on the internet.

alumneuralgia – The condition alumni directors contract after more than five years in the business.

alumneurosis – That feeling we all get one week before homecoming.

alumnevers – Variation of "alumnots". May also be used to refer to graduates who are the vicious types that harass the institution after leaving, and vow never to give a penny or a minute to the institution again.

alumnewts – Politically conservative alumni.

alumniary – Your brightest, most distinguished alumnus/a/i/ae.

alumniation – The act of honoring individual alumni.

alumnibbles – What we serve at receptions.

alumniece – A brother’s graduated daughter.

alumnight(s) – 1: The second half of an alumni director’s work day. 2: Those evenings spent at alumni gatherings and not at home with your family.

alumnike – Alumni who say "Just do it!"

alumniks – Alumni of the Beat Generation.

alumniomnia – When you can’t sleep before a big alumni event.

alumnipotent – All powerful alumni — SO THEY THINK!!

alumnips – Alumni who imbibe at various social functions.

alumnin – Alumni who write erotica.

alumnine – 1: Alumni who insist on adding another seat at a table for eight. 2: Alumni of German heritage who always say "no" to everything.

alumninium – Another name for an institution’s Alumni House, esp. if reservations are handled by "time share."

alumniphobia – The irrational fear of alumni from which we all suffer occasionally.

alumniscient – Alumni who know everything.

alumniweds – A (recently, or not-so recently) married alumni couple.

alumnixon – Alumni who profess they are not crooks.

alumnize – 1: To network with alumni. 2: What the administration does to students when at graduation..

alumnoala – (foreign) Small grey alumni that reside in eucalypt trees.

alumnob – A trustee.

alumnobile – Typical car driven by our alumni.

alumnocks – Derogatory remarks alumni make about their alma mater.

alumnocratics – Those alumni who are unable to make decisions unless there is a committee formed.

alumnogs – Early alumni now extinct.

alumnoids – Alumni who graduated from Tech schools.

alumnoise – 1: Everyone on the association board talking at once. 2: The sound at class reunions.

alumnolls – Those who call to tell you of the death of a classmate.

alumnology – The study of alumni.

alumnoogies – What overzealous, over-expressive alumni do to unsuspecting staff members.

alumnoomerangs – Returning alumni.

alumnoops – Mistake made by alumni professional or alumni in general.

alumnorabilia – Leftover giveaways from various events found littering alumni offices.

alumorandum – Typed communication between alumni directors and board members.

alumnosaurus – 1: Volume of alumni synonyms (not to be confused with alumnosaurus rex) 2: (Alumnosaurus Rex) – Ancient alumni on the verge of extinction.

alumnotes – An alumni choral group that sings at every reunion.

alumnots – Alumni who didn’t graduate. alum(k)nots -1: (nice version) What is tied when an alum marries another alum. 2: (other version) What you practice when alums bring their small children to events.

alumnovena – Prayer offered by catholic alumni directors and the donor who wishes to remain alumonomous?

alumNOW – Feminist alumni.

alumnoz (alumnozzie) – (Foreign-Australia) Distant alumni antipodean cousin from down-under.

alumnspy – A person who attends alumni events but is really from another institution and is just there to steal your ideas.

alumnude – A bronze of one of your important alumni.

alumnudge -What the development officer does to get alumni to pay their pledges.

alumnuisance – Need I say more?

alumnuke -What you’d like to do to alumnasties.

alumnuks – Baby alumni of less than a year.

alumnumbs – 1: Apathetic alumni. 2: Alumni who have just been asked for an extremely large gift.

alumnunition – Inspiring tidbits used by development officers to win over donors.

alumnuts – Alumni that drive you crazy.

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