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  Branding and Marketing Advancement Services Potpourri
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Branding and Marketing Advancement ServicesOverview

Many of us have come up through the information technology or finance side of the business and have limited experience with branding and marketing. However, we work with marketers daily, and can learn a few tricks from them.

Users have come to expect fast turnaround time and have high expectations for everything we do. We are under a substantial amount of pressure to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Most advancement activities depend on our ability to deliver. We typically deliver consistently on time and within budget. We need to capitalize more on our successes. Branding and marketing advancement services can help us do this.

What is a Brand and What Does a Brand Do?

“Brands are not simply products or services. Brands are the sum total of all the images that people have in their heads about a particular company and a particular mark.” Scott Bedbury, President of Brandstream.

Top of mind. Branding brings advancement services to the forefront of thought and helps you get that regular seat at the table. It’s essential that you should participate in strategy and planning since your team will be responsible for carrying out the practical implementation of a lot of advancement tasks.

Branding increases the perceived value of the organization. Always useful when lobbying for budget, special projects or system conversions. The luxury car market … although most of them don’t go faster then regular cars we pay a premium price. Somehow the leather is just better.

Branding eliminates the misunderstandings of what advancement services does. As technology, business processes and operations have become more complex, we’ve taken up a larger space on the organization chart both in numbers of positions and in our share of the budgets. Branding improves the understanding of our responsibilities with other program areas.

Advancement services is a one stop shop. Branding positions you as the only, and the best solution for advancement staff. Advancement services will meet your needs.

A brand is about making and keeping promises. Advancement services is bound by deadlines and accuracy. Keeping both of these intact when delivering services does a lot for your brand. The brand conveys culture, history and stories that reinforce the promises you make and the promises you keep.

Vision is Everything

Branding involves leadership and vision. Take the initiative on new projects, new reports and new services. If you don’t lead, you end up being a promoter. Understand the development business and anticipate needs in advance. Take risks. Do before being asked.

Branding is about everything you do from making promises to anticipating needs. Remember to set the good example. Fight the good fight.

Branding is creating a strategy and seeking ways to fulfill it in every way possible.

Branding and Marketing SamplesBranding and Marketing Samples
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