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University of Toronto - Modifiable Template Example

Designed with a modifiable template that allowed customization of each solicitation to speak to the individual priorities of 24 distinctive colleges & faculties within the University of Toronto. Mailed to 74,000 alumni and friends. Here's one example out of the 24 separate solicitations that were mailed out. Statistics and analysis show clear differences in click through rates for the different schools and divisions. Email that was sent out with link. Click through report for e-solicitation.


Thanks are due to Cathy Marostica and Adam Smith of the Annual Fund, our donor Marvin Katz and student Rahma Mohamed, John Hryniak for the photography, Tim Regan (a U of T student and telefund caller) for the music and Ryan Payne of Lush Productions for turning around a great product on time and with artistic flair.

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