Think back to 1989. Remember your excitement from pledging … reading the Jordan Standard for the first time . . . “A man of good character.” And the day you became a brother - the day the white cross was placed on your chest at Epsilon Upsilon. The swell of pride walking around Arizona State University wearing your letters for the first time. Being a Sigma Chi enriched your college experience, to say the very least.

Life Loyal Sigs are an exclusive group of brothers who reaffirm their belief that the bond of our fellowship is reciprocal and that we are called to cultivate and maintain high ideals of friendship, justice and learning. Life Loyal Sigs recognize that we have a role to play in strengthening Sigma Chi after we leave the chapter house in Tempe. Life Loyal membership fees endow our award-winning Magazine of Sigma Chi, freeing up undergraduate funds that can be used to enhance the Sigma Chi experience for our youngest brothers.

Life Loyal Sigs honor Sigma Chi.

John, you have an opportunity to honor Sigma Chi and the memories it has given you by joining Life Loyal today. Your one-time membership fee of $375 will show your continued commitment to our undergraduate brothers, our fraternity at large and the promises you made in 1989.

Life Loyal Sig members receive a lifetime subscription to our award-winning Magazine of Sigma Chi where you can catch up on the latest chapter news and learn about the accomplishments of Sigma Chi brothers around the world.