Wow, adulthood!
A real job, bills to pay,
laundry to do. New responsibilities for some, a change of lifestyle for others. One of these responsibilities is giving back to your alma mater.

So right now you may be recalling the words of Alanis Morissette, ‘I’m young and I’m underpaid.’ Well, also remember the line, ‘I’m poor but I’m kind.’ I think the Emory experience helped many of you with the ‘kind’ part of that line. Gifts from alumni help to support: scholarships and financial aid for students, faculty initiatives, technology upgrades, and special academic lectures and programs.

We’re not suggesting you make a huge gift, but simply a gift. It’s ok to give $25… it all helps.

Whether it’s giving up one CD, an evening at the movies, or that extra business shirt, you’ll feel better knowing you helped your alma mater.

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