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For many alumni and current students, attending Emory University has become a family tradition – a tradition that in many families spans generations. To honor the legacy of our alumni who have passed on Emory’s tradition and help celebrate this special relationship, the Emory Alumni Legacy Award was established last year. The Emory Alumni Legacy Award program gives small monetary awards to help offset the rising cost of textbooks.

The awards are granted to incoming freshman legacy students and are to be used exclusively for the purchase of textbooks and educational materials, including software. Currently, first year students spend about $1,300 on books and supplies. Last year, we were able to grant 73 freshmen legacy students a $250 stipend, and we are hoping to increase the number of students receiving the award this year. We would need to raise approximately $40,000 in order to offer an award to all freshman legacy students.

As a member of Emory’s legacy community, you have a unique opportunity to take an active role in the future of freshman legacy students by contributing to the Emory Alumni Legacy Award program today! Your gift will help us recognize the unique bond these students and their families share with Emory while enhancing their first year educational experience.

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