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Challenge for Buffalo State

If something is easy, everyone will do it. It’s the hard work – the challenge – that makes success worthwhile. Friendly competition makes things even more interesting.

At Buffalo State, we pride ourselves on making high-quality education available to students from all walks of life. Who helps us do that? Alumni like you. Are you up for the challenge?

Buffalo State is in the midst of its first-ever comprehensive fund-raising campaign. We’re raising $20 million that will transform the lives of everyone in our community by funding scholarships, enhancing the student experience and the campus, and supporting faculty teaching, research and service. And we want you involved. As part of our campaign, we’re going to raise at least $25,000 online for the Fund for Buffalo State by July 2014, and all of that will go to current students.

We’re inviting alumni from a variety of programs and backgrounds to help transform the lives of our students right now, and we’re adding a little friendly competition to make it interesting.

Which group will give the most to the Fund? That’s up to you.

Next summer, after all the gifts have been counted, the winning team will be honored at reunion, on Buffalo State’s website, Facebook, Twitter and over email. Make your hard work pay off— make your gift today!

Transforming Lives