Dear Lindsay,

To meet the Neenan Challenge, we needed commitment. We needed action. And we got it from you and 26,346 of your fellow Eagles. Lindsay, thank you again for your challenge support last year.

But we are not alone in our gratitude. The four Neenan Scholars featured above represent hundreds of appreciative students whose lives you’ve changed with Neenan Challenge financial aid dollars.

Now, we are standing at an exciting crossroads. The anonymous donor behind the Neenan Challenge has offered us another opportunity. The Alumni Participation Challenge will be a six-year effort with dramatic potential: $3 million to support student financial aid.

Lindsay, last year you came forward with your first gift to BC and opened doors of opportunity for students like Kim, Eddy, Alexandra, and Robert. Today, you are among the first to know about the Alumni Participation Challenge. Can we count on you to be among the first to support this year’s challenge goal of 29,000 donors?

Your early action will spark momentum, just as it did last year. And by renewing your support, you’ll become a founding member of the Neenan Society, setting another new precedent for alumni participation. Please, act now.

With thanks,
Team Neenan


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