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Remember joining the brothers of Gamma Phi when you were pinned an ATO in 1961. You were proud to wear our letters as Gamma Phi dominated the intramural fields and raised money for philanthropy. Remember the sense of accomplishment as you were elected Chapter President. Being an ATO enriched your college experience to say the very least.

Fast forward to Carmichael, CA 2010.

While you may be removed from your time on campus, you have an opportunity to show your continued dedication to our Fraternity through Life Loyal Tau. As a Life Loyal Tau member, you will show your fellow brothers that remaining engaged after leaving campus will keep our Fraternity strong.

For a limited time for just $15/month you can join Life Loyal Tau to reconnect with your fellow Taus, lead by example, foster the spirit of brotherhood, and enjoy exclusive member privileges like:

Lifetime subscription to and recognition in the ATO Palm - keeping you connected to more than 150,000 ATO brothers
Preserving the legacy of Alpha Tau Omega for future generations
Discounts and/or upgrades at car rental agencies, on travel packages and with several other companies
Showing your leadership to other alumni and being a role model for younger brothers
Exclusive member only gifts: Lapel pin, personalized wallet card & a limited edition gift

Karina, by joining Life Loyal Tau you will help strengthen our brotherhood and enjoy exclusive member benefits along the way. A one-time payment of $299, $29 per month for one year, or for a limited time $15 per month for 2 years will lead the way for your ATO brothers.

As a Life Loyal Tau, Karina, your continued commitment to ATO will help foster future generations of brothers as they become leaders on and off campus.

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