You’ve accomplished a lot since your days at Western Michigan University. Whether it was raising your family, excelling in your career, serving your community, or a combination of the three, we are impressed by your accomplishments.

Thank you for being a role model to your AXΩ sisters. We are all trying to navigate through the commotion that we call life. Just because we aren’t on campus at Western Michigan University to support one another in person doesn’t mean we can’t still feel connected. And one of the easiest ways to do that is through The Lyre. As a Life Loyal member, you will be guaranteed a lifetime subscription to the newly enhanced Lyre, which means that each quarter you’ll be able to read up on your younger sisters at Iota Nu, national AXΩ news, and feature stories like “History of the Badge” that relate to the timeless traditions and heritage we value so much.

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In addition to staying connected, by joining Life Loyal you will help our youngest AXΩ sisters.

Karina, did you know that The Lyre is funded by our collegians, which means 10% of our sisters are keeping 90% of us informed about our sorority and her activities? It’s not fair to expect our collegians to bear the burden of keeping us in the loop!

By joining Life Loyal today you will help strengthen our sorority. And because of your years of loyalty and dedication to AXΩ, we are pleased to offer you a discounted rate of just $179. May we add Karina Shaver to the ever-growing list of Iota Nu Life Loyals in the upcoming edition of The Lyre?

As a Life Loyal AXΩ member, you’ll be entitled to special, member-only exclusives like a beautifully crafted lapel pin, shopping & travel discounts, a limited-edition luggage tag, and a lifetime subscription to the newly enhanced The Lyre magazine.

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