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  Business Intelligence for Fundraisers Reporting

Contributed by ...
Advizor Solutions, Inc
ADVIZOR Solutions is a leading provider of easy-to-use business analysis software. From the desktop to the enterprise, business managers and analysts can easily load data, do analysis, and share results within minutes - and all they need is a mouse!

ADVIZOR frees both business managers and IT staff from the headaches of traditional business intelligence software platforms. With ADVIZOR there is no expensive platform to purchase, and if you've already paid the price, ADVIZOR will enhance your existing business intelligence investment at a fraction of the cost.

ADVIZOR combines award winning data visualization software with in-memory-data-management and predictive analytics to provide simpler and more intuitive problem solving capabilities than Excel Pivot tables or advanced tools such as SPSS, SAS, or BI front-ends, such as Business Objects and Cognos.

In the fundraising sector ADVIZOR has helped numerous clients improve their operations and giving levels by focusing on Prospect Identification, Staff and Prospect Performance Management, Email and Phone Appeals Targeting, Campaign Gift Analysis, Alumni/Member Relations, and ad hoc analysis. ADVIZOR can be implemented quickly, and leverages existing investments in core systems - such as Advance, Banner, Raiser's Edge, Datatel, Millennium, Jenzabar, and others.

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