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  Data backup strategies. Systems
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Data Backup StrategiesReporting and Monitoring

The following are some suggested reporting and worksheet formats to help you monitor your backups.


Backup and Copy Window Worksheet
Purpose: Setting up your backup and copy window. Also list any batch jobs, pre or post backup sql or other tasks so you can accurately keep track of processing windows and available time windows. Very useful to develop this matrix especially if you have multiple servers databases, etc.
Frequency: Monthly or as required.
Distributed to: Internal, systems administrators, network support, backup operators.
Time: Production Server: Backup Server:
09:00 Export all tables  
11:00 Copy table to backup server Copy tables from production server
12:00 Backup production database to tape Restore tables from copies
02:00   Backup backup database to tape
Monthly Record Counts
Purpose: Counts of records in related tables, run on a monthly basis. These should be summarized and graphed over time to monitor growth of tables and number of records, and to also ensure that records are not accidentally deleted. Helps plan network space growth, future network and records maintenance activities. Ideally stored in a table that retains a monthly snapshot.
Frequency: Monthly or as required.
Distributed to: Internal, systems administrators, network support.
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