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  Faculty Staff Flyer Revenue

We had what we called a $100,000 Grand Campaign for staff and administrators last year. We had a very conscientious committee that went personally to every office on a payday and visited the employees with balloons and a PayDay candy bar. Employees were also given a $100,000 grand campaign flier (attached) and pledge form). It was so successful we are about to kick off the same campaign next week.

Thought we could stretch another year out of our success because its now familiar to our employees.

Periodically the group would revisit the employees with other candy bars highlighted on the flier. At the end of the year everyone who donated was given a Kudos bar with a special thank you note and balloons.

Our staff giving went from 27% to 63% and a lot more took advantage of payroll deductions.

We did solicit our faculty - but it was done on a more traditional basis, but more personal and frequent than previously and that giving went from 18% to 64% as well.

Contributed by ...
Diane Thompson, Assistant Director of Development of the Annual Fund at Albany Law School
Email AddressDiane Thompson is the Assistant Director of Development of the Annual Fund at Albany Law School.

She began her development career at her alma mater, The Sage Colleges, where she served for seven years, first as assistant director of annual giving, then as associate director, and finally as director of annual giving before moving to her current position.

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