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Contributed by ...
Larry Wong, Director of the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore
Email AddressLarry Wong was born and raised in Saskatchewan and is married and has three daughters. Larry has been an employee of the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore since 1963. He was appointed Assistant Manager of the bookstore in 1973 and Manager in 1995. Larry was a member of the Canadian Bookseller Association's Board of Directors since 2003. He has been a member of Canadian Bookseller’s Editorial Advisory Committee and currently serves on CBA’s College and University Advisory Board. He was President of the CBA 2000 - 2001. He has been active on the Board of the Western Canadian College Stores Association (WCCSA) and was on the Executive Board for 7 years and was President 1988 - 1989.

Larry has been active in and served on a number of organizations: University of Saskatchewan’s Association of Administrative and Supervisory Personnel; Canadian Forces Land Reserve (Army) from 1958 - 1997; Office of the Lieutenant Governor-Province of Saskatchewan; Corps of Commissioners (Northern Saskatchewan and the Yukon); and the Times Mirror Professional Publishing’s Bookstore Advisory Committee

Supportingadvancement.com Vitality and Flexibility: A Perfect Partnership
May Yan, Director of Retail Services at University of Waterloo
Email AddressMay Yan is the Director of Retail Services at University of Waterloo. The Bookstore, UW Shop, CampusTechshop, Techworx and Artworx are the five business units under the Retail Services administration. Additionally, May is responsible for the University's Trademark and Licensing program. In 1995, May was appointed Director and is a member of the University's 25 Years Service Club.

May served as President of Eastern Association of College Stores from 2002 to 2004. She is currently the interim President of EACS and a Board Director at Campus Stores Canada.

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Supportingadvancement.com Vitality and Flexibility: A Perfect Partnership
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