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   The Practical Side of List Management Revenue

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Contributed by ...
Larry Filler, Partner, Boire Filler Group
Email AddressLarry is a partner with the Boire Filler Group, a company he co founded in 1999 that provides datamining, database analytics and consulting services to organizations that are looking to enhance their marketing strategies and improve organizational profits. Larry has more than 17 years of relationship and database marketing experience. During this time he has developed the ability to bridge the gap between complex and mathematical data mining techniques and the need to build more effective marketing/business solutions

Supportingadvancement.com Practical Side of List Management
Enna Kaplun, Relationship Manager - Affinity Markets, Manulife Financial
Email AddressEnna Kaplun has over 12 years' experience in the direct marketing of insurance products. During this period Enna has acted in a marketing management and business development role and her responsibilities have covered the full range of products offered by Affinity Markets, Manulife Financial.  Enna is responsible for the management of the alumni account portfolio that includes 36 alumni partners

Supportingadvancement.com Practical Side of List Management
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