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Donor Stewardship Report
Purpose: Provide a stewardship report to donors.
Frequency: Bi-annually or as requested.
Distributed to: Donors or Scholarship contact person (often a child of the scholarship originator).

A copy is also kept on file in the development office.

Once per year, the student thank-you letters are sent with this report to the Scholarship contact person as well as a cover letter.
Contributed by ...
Derek S. Ferris, Director of Advancement Services, Olivet Nazarene University
Email AddressDerek S. Ferris, MBA, has held the position of Director of Advancement Services for 5 years and has worked in development at Olivet for 11 years. He oversees gift entry, receipting, and data maintenance and personally produces all of the fund-raising reports for the institution.

Supportingadvancement.com Donor Stewardship Report

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