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  The PIPEDA Privacy Principles Records
Good guide to privacy based on 10 overarching principles with responsibilities, to do's, tips and other information.

Some additional resources on security and privacy:

Computer Security InstituteSecurity
Supportingadvancement.com FIRST - Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Supportingadvancement.com Industry Canada - Online Security and Privacy Guide
Supportingadvancement.com Microsoft - Baseline Security Analysis Tool, newsletters and other tools. Free seminars.
Supportingadvancement.com National Cyber Security Partnership - Public private partnership to make cyberspace more secure.
Supportingadvancement.com PC Magazine Utilities - A number of free tools such as spyware detectors.
Supportingadvancement.com Software Engineering Institute - Papers
Supportingadvancement.com Threats and Countermeasures - From Microsoft. A free 900+ page document on improving web security.

Sites with privacy legislation, policies and procedures:
   Supportingadvancement.com AFP Toronto ChapterSecurity
Supportingadvancement.com AFP Canadian Public Policy on Privacy
Supportingadvancement.com Australian Government Privacy Office
Supportingadvancement.com CASE - Foundation Independence and Donor Privacy
Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Department of Justice Policy on Access to Information and Privacy
  Supportingadvancement.com Direct Marketing Association. Privacy policy generator.
Supportingadvancement.com Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) Web site
Supportingadvancement.com Ontario's Consultation on Privacy Protection
Supportingadvancement.com Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia
Supportingadvancement.com Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Supportingadvancement.com PrivacyInfo.ca
Supportingadvancement.com Privacy is Your Business from CIO
Supportingadvancement.com Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

On this site:
Data Backup and Recovery Strategies
Democracy and Responsibility. Additional security considerations given break-ins and compromises of higher ed data.
Employment Pages. Confidentiality agreements.
Privacy Architecture
Privacy Audit Questionnaire
Privacy Policy Statement
Privacy Principles
Privacy Recommendations
Releasing Alumni Information
Security Survey
Shadow Databases

Contributed by ...
Association Xpertise Inc.
Email AddressAssociation Xpertise Inc. (AXI) is a Calgary-based company serving the Canadian association community.

Launched by association expert Wayne Amundson, AXI delivers a wide range of services to meet
the needs of associations a non-profits across Canada.

Supportingadvancement.com Privacy Principles. To assist you in all aspects of privacy.
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